Planetary Movements


The Sun

Averages 1 degree a day, 30 days in each sign, 365 days to travel the entire zodiac.

The Moon

Averages 13.5 degrees a day, 2.5 days in each sign, and 28 days to travel the entire zodiac.


Mercury retrogrades, meaning its journey is not the same for each sign. Mercury travels through each sign an average of 14-30 days and takes around one year to make its way through the zodiac.


Venus has an interesting orbit as well, she travels 1 degree or less a day and also retrogrades. She spends anywhere from 23 days to 2 months in each sign and takes 8 years to travel the entire zodiac.


Mars moves less than one degree a day, stays in each sign around 1 and a half months (depending on retrograde) and takes about 2 years to travel throughout the entire zodiac.


Jupiter travels anywhere from 0-14 minutes a day (depending on retrograde), spends about 1 year in each sign, and makes it through the entire zodiac in about 12 years.


Saturn travels under 8 minutes a day, stays in each sign about 2 and a half years, and travels the entire zodiac on average every 29.5 years. (29.5 is average for a person’s Saturn return which is a big deal!)


Uranus travels under 4 minutes a day, stays in each sign around 7 years, and takes about 84 years to travel the entire zodiac.


Neptune travels under 3 minutes a day, stays in each sign around 14 years, and goes through the entire zodiac every 165 years on average.


Pluto travels under 3 minutes a day, spends 14-30 years in each sign, and travels through the entire zodiac about every 248 years.

Venus into Sagittarius Horoscopes


Yesterday, December 1st, Venus entered into Sagittarius! She’s now transiting through Sagittarius, gifting each of us a new way to observe how we love and what we love. What does this mean for each sign?

Aries, Venus is hitting your house of expansion. It’s time to explore! Travel, expand your mind, focus on higher learning, discover new things that excite you. Venus is feeling very happy here and wants to bring you on an adventure.

Taurus, Venus is delving deep inside you. It’s time to take a deeper look at yourself- take your time navigating your inner world. Avoid ignoring issues you know need to be explored. You can make great strides if you listen to your heart.

Gemini, Venus feels quite at home in your 7th house of relationships. This is a great time to focus on your relationship and do extra romantic things. If single, it’s an optimistic time of new budding romances.

Cancer, you are focusing on your body and health while Venus is transiting Sagittarius. You may be extra focused on becoming more healthy, and if you aren’t, you should take steps to care for yourself on a day to day basis. Perhaps start a yoga routine, eat some extra leafy vegetables, and drink more water. That’s just a start!

Leo, you’re feeling extra sassy and flirty now! You might have a boost in creativity and desires to go out and let a little loose. Have some fun, connect with your inner child.

Virgo, your home life is extra important. You might want to redecorate or clean up a bit around the house. Add something special to your home that makes it more beautiful. Now is a great time to cozy up with yourself or your loved ones and simply appreciate what you have.

Libra, Venus might make you more chatty than normal. Talk to your siblings or neighbors, find some friends, talk about what you love and what they love. Share gratitude for what you have in your life. Write and read! Something might be revealed to you that you’ve been trying to figure out for awhile now.

Scorpio, now is a time to truly love and take care of yourself. Think about your values and what is most important to you. If you stay true to yourself, this time will be filled with cozy feelings. If you have been straying from your true self, you need to reevaluate and start listening to and loving yourself for who you truly are.

Sagittarius, Venus in your 1st means it’s time to let your personality shine through! Being yourself won’t be hard and you’ll likely feel confident this month, sharing beauty with those around you.

Capricorn, this time is about looking inside yourself. Meditating can be helpful, but Sagittarius in your 12th will illuminate how you treat love and beauty in your life and demand you take steps to harvest true love in your life.

Aquarius, you want to spend more time with your friends and so you should! You find a sense of loving connection when with those you love. Write down hopes and wishes and steps to manifest those into your life!

Pisces, you might be focused on how others view you or your career. This is a good time to map out what you want to do with your life, or how you want to put your mark on the world. You’ll be feeling optimistic about the future.

Venus in the 2nd house


Those born with Venus, the planet of love, in the 2nd house come in two different modes. The first is a material driven person. The second is a value driven person. I will go into both of these, and some may not be in one category or the other and may mesh, but others are extremely one way rather than the other.

Those born with Venus in the 2nd house do share commonalities though. These people are attachment prone. They desire greatly, and own greatly, whatever it is that they have their hands on. The 2nd house is ruled by Taurus, and Taurus are known to become obsessive over what is theirs. They are beauty loving and appreciate the surroundings they find themselves in. They are willing to work hard to create a life that pleases them. With the planet of love here, love becomes possessive, and if the native doesn’t learn to deal with this in a productive way, it can lead to a lot of heartache. With a lover, this native may think that if they let themselves love them, then they must be fully devoted and the other must be as well. No shortcuts, no ways around it. Love means ‘we belong to each other’. This is because they place a high value on love. With air signs, this need may not be as intense. Fire signs can be adamant of this one second and flexible on it the next. Water and earth signs, these are the ones that feel this more intensely and can find it hard to detach themselves from it. Earth signs tend to be more prone toward the attachment to money side out of all the other elements.

Venus in the 2nd house love to take care of their loved ones. They want to make you feel secure and for you to make them feel secure. Love can bring out the sensual nature in them and the protective caretaker, the hard worker that brings the family food to eat, the one with strong values that they refuse to break or bend on.

Those with a more materialistic side of the 2nd house are possibly too realistic as they could be workaholics or have no morals that aren’t able to be broken if gain is involved. That may be a little intense, but for some with this position, it is true. They can be ruthless in their drive to make their life exactly how they want it, or to make the lives of their loved ones perfect. They may find themselves falling in love with someone that can bring them more success. They may gravitate towards wealthier partners to ensure their own success. They need to feel financially secure to be happy.

Those with a more value geared side of the 2nd house are extremely honorable people. They have strong values that they’ve made for themselves and uphold their self-worth with these values. Other people breaking these values can bring harsh judgement. Whatever it is that they value, they value it immensely and it is the forefront of their lives. This can be multiple things, a single thing, or simply just who they see themselves as. It’s a very wide area.

The important thing for a Venus in the 2nd house native to learn is the need for broadening their horizons. Being open minded and possibly even letting new views shape their own if they feel themselves stubbornly clinging onto old ideas. To not judge those who don’t uphold their sense of morality, or to not disregard their need for treating others nicely just to get ahead. To not attach themselves so readily, or give of themselves too much to wear they are empty. Life is about letting go, life is all about changes, and with the planet of love clinging to everything it adores, it can get messy. Appreciate what you have when you have it. For those who are too focused on money, open up your eyes and realize where that’s going to get you when it truly comes to love.

Venus in the 12th house


When your Venus, the planet of love, resides in your 12th house, the way you love is complicated. You are in the house of Pisces, the fish that swims deeper and deeper into the abyss looking to get nowhere at all. Just enjoying the ride. Appreciating the surroundings and enjoying the feelings. You love things that touch your soul. You are sensitive and compassionate when it comes to love. You are one of those partners that will sacrifice all of themselves to the person they love. This can go too far, however, and you must learn to set boundaries. When in love, you need to distinguish between yourself and your lover on a regular basis. It’s too easy to blend into them and leave out your own wants and needs. There comes an unconscious feeling of unworthiness that you need to come to terms with before being in a serious romantic relationship. You are worthy of love, you are worthy of devotion, and you should not settle for less than what makes you feel happy and content. 12th house Venus natives tend to settle and live out their love through fantasy rather than face the dull reality of it (if it is dull). They can easily get wrapped up in lost love or unrequited love or long-distance love. They are the poets, and even though some may not be gifted in this area, their emotions are poetic enough. They are highly romantic. They may have high ideals in love and feel like those ideals are never satisfied with reality. This can disappoint them often if they don’t get settled back into reality (though, depending on the sign it’s in, this can be intense or almost nonexistent). Venus in the 12th house has the ability to love everyone around with the utmost compassion. This is an evolved trait, though, and lower maturity levels can lead to more a love of addiction or chasing fantasies that will never come true. With a more evolved type, the feeling of unconditional love comes easy to them and they may even be able to feel the universe sending that love back towards them. Self love is the key to dealing with Venus in the 12th house, because though it’s easy to sacrifice yourself if you care little for yourself, you can do much more good by thriving, loving yourself, and loving others than draining yourself constantly to try and comfort others.  Those with this placement also may feel the need to repress their need for love since it can cause a lot of pain for them. This is the worst thing a Venus in the 12th house can do. It doesn’t just stunt their progress, but sends them backwards, and it’s a slow process of gaining that progress back. Once you repress your ability to love, it’s uncomfortable trying to open yourself up and become vulnerable again and people can go their whole lives avoiding that. Be open, love freely, love yourself.

Venus in the 1st house


Venus is the planet of beauty and love. Wherever it is placed in your chart tends to denote what you find attractive or what you truly love. Venus has different temperaments depending on the sign, house, and aspects.

Venus in the first house is a very fortunate aspect. The first house goes hand in hand with your ascendant. It is your personality, how others see you, who you are on a humanly level, your ego, etc. With Venus in your first house, love and beauty is prominent. You will have definite ideas about what you find beautiful. These are unique from person to person, but the commonality is that it’s important to you. You may care too much about how others see you. This can be remedied by learning how to love yourself, which should be easy when you try, since your Venus is in your house of self. There’s a fine line here between feeling not worthy enough and feeling that no one is worthy enough for you. This can denote a big ego, but that is with a lower evolved person. With a higher evolved Venus in the first house, the person will be very loving towards everyone they meet. They will be charming and exude a beautiful vibe that attracts people to them. Others tend to fall in love with this person easily because their Venus in the first house reflects the other person’s beliefs on love right back at them. It mostly has nothing to do with them, but their mirror others see them as is full of beauty. They are mostly physically beautiful, but if not, others still find them beautiful in their mannerisms or their personality. They tend to make an impression on others that isn’t easily forgotten. It can be difficult for a Venus in the first house that has a compassionate nature to let others down with ease because they want to be able to fulfill others wishes. Those who aren’t as concerned with others’ emotions take this to their advantage in not so nice ways. The maturity of the person affects this position A LOT. Ones with a lower maturity level will be self-centered, egotistical, selfish, and expect things to come to them easily without any effort. Ones with a higher maturity level will be a light unto others, showing them how to love themselves and how to see and appreciate the beauty around them. These people are truly inspirational when they let go of selfishness. They can be somewhat lazy at times or adamant in getting what they want . This is because they find it hard to be happy if things they feel are necessary aren’t met. This doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t do these things for themselves because they definitely will.  When in love, they are fully committed and adore making their lover happy. They can almost fuse into their lover and need to learn how to keep clear boundaries between their own personalities and their lover’s. They adore making others happy. Beauty, in any way, is appealing to them. Whether it is the arts, nature, emotion, physical, etc. They tend to be open and honest about how much they care for others and aren’t shy about expressing their love. Venus in the first house has some Aries influence, so their love may be quick reacting and quick receding. A Venus in Aries in the first would make this doubly true. In other signs, the Aries influence isn’t as strong, but still gives that gift of attracting others immediately with a sort of exciting innocence or upbeat determination.

Of course all of this varies depending on aspects and what signs their Venus is in, but overall, this is the influence. If you have this position let me know what resonates with you!

Venus and the Moon


Both Venus and the Moon in astrology are emotion based planets. Venus mainly rules love, also what attracts us and makes us feel beautiful. The Moon is the basis of emotion, how we feel cared for and nurtured and what we do to care for others. They are both dealing with comfort and ‘taking care’ of others and ourselves. They are important regarding relationships and shouldn’t be overlooked. Though Mars might be physical attraction, Venus is the heart’s attraction. Though Mars might confidently go after what it wants, the moon sits patiently and feels whether the option is right or not.

If the natives Moon is in a water sign- it is almost necessary for the other partner to have water somewhere in their chart. This is not necessarily so for Venus. Granted, there are exceptions, but the understanding and feeling needed to connect deeply with a water Moon is almost out of reach of those without water in their charts. Water is deep, emotional, intense, intimate, heartfelt- they need someone who understands those depths and have experienced them and does so on a daily basis like they do.

Venus can be said to represent what we ‘want’ and the moon can be said to represent what we ‘need’. If the two are in discord because of aspects, houses, or signs, it can cause the native confusion. The native must learn to compromise and figure out what is truly important to them in order for them to feel loved and emotionally secure. Finding a partner that can compliment both sides is ideal. When a partner is found that doesn’t fit exactly where they need to (this is most of the time) it is up to the native to make sacrifices. For example:

A native with their Venus in Sagittarius and their Moon in Taurus has a fire/earth combination. The earth tends to suffocate the fire or the fire scorches the earth. They WANT freedom, acceptance, adventure. They NEED security, loyalty, comfort. A partner that gives them too much freedom will threaten their security and leave them wondering whether they truly care about them, but a partner that they know will never leave them and provides a place them to stay and be comfortable in will make the native feel suffocated and unable to express their true self and freedoms. A happy medium would be a loyal partner that enjoys adventure and isn’t jealous but makes them feel they are still special to them. If the native is with someone that doesn’t fit this exactly, they must learn to see both sides of themselves and where the repulsion (if any) is coming from. What need isn’t being met? What want is going unfulfilled? The native may be able to get one of these sides from a different source (honestly and openly) but the trick is NOT to repress either side. Let the earth grow and the fire burn in their own expression rather than having one suffocate the other.

Those who have their Moon and Venus in the same sign- congratulations! You are quite lucky. You feel nurtured and loved from the same source. This is beautiful. Those who have their moon sign in the house their Venus rules or vice-verse, same for you! It is much easier this way. Even with clashing elements the house placements can add a lot of ease. For example:

A native with their Venus in Virgo and Moon in Leo in the 6th house would seem to clash up front. The Venus Virgo needs stability, practicality, and loves by doing things for others. The Moon in Leo feels nurtured by others feeding their ego, praising them and making them feel special. BUT, that same Leo Moon in the 6th house not only enjoy praise but needs to nurture others in return- the 6th house is ruled by Virgo and servitude. Doing nice things for the one they love makes them feel just as good and fulfilled.

What is a Quincunx?

A quincunx, also known as an inconjunction, is around a 150 degree angle. In astrology, this angle can go about 2 degrees either way. This means anywhere from 148 degrees to 152 degrees give or take depending on how lenient you are in your reading. I stay strictly within 2 degrees.

Not everyone has an inconjunction in their natal chart. Some people have multiple. Understanding its energy is the key to interpreting it. Quincunx energy is not to be ignored in a natal chart. It is important to take note of because of its nature. Two planets that are quincunx each other don’t ever see eye to eye. They never see any part of each other, in fact. They completely miss the others’ energy. It’s like two people living in the same town their whole lives yet never meeting and never catching glimpses of each other despite shared friends and contacts. One is a mystery to the other. They don’t work together, they don’t work against each other, they just work inside themselves and can’t use the others energy to help grow or learn.

A native with an inconjunction will separate the two planets involved sometimes consciously but always unconsciously. Bringing the realization that you’re separating the energy up to the surface can help- knowing your weakness is the first step to overcoming it. There is debate as to whether or not an inconjunction can be overcome in the first place; easing it is a more likely alternative. In order to ease an inconjunction, one must recognize the energies involved, point out to themselves what fulfills each energy and how it contradicts the other, and how to compromise with each need. There must be sacrifices. Here is an example in case you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with information:

There is a native with a Venus and Mars quincunx. Venus represents love and beauty, Mars represents action, assertion, and sex. The native’s sense of what makes them feel loved and beautiful is completely different than what turns them on or allows them to feel independent and assertive. This can manifest as the native constantly doing what others want them to do in order to be well-liked, or it can manifest with the native constantly expecting others to do things for them. Physically, this person may be sexually attracted to a partner that they do not have romantic feelings for, and romantically attracted to someone that they don’t have sexual feelings for. This is usually unconscious and can frustrate the individual and make it hard for them to make decisions. When in love, they may find it hard to assert themselves. When in a dominant position, they may find it hard to love others or find enjoyment in life. This gives the native a lot of confusion concerning what they truly want. Venus doesn’t understand Mars’ need to control. Mars doesn’t understand Venus’ need to love. The native will feel most likely that their needs are never being met no matter what they receive from their partner.

To relieve this Venus/Mars inconjunction- the native must recognize what makes them feel loved and what makes them feel strong. Both are important. Both need to be compromised. They then need to point out what blocks they have set on themselves in regards to both of these things and why they feel the need to separate the two. If on one side they feel strong through being nurtured but feel loved by being allowed to be free- they must recognize this in themselves so someone nurturing them doesn’t seem to be suffocating their freedom and someone giving them freedom doesn’t seem to ignore their need for comfort and security. Once the native can distinguish this they can always look at where their feelings are coming from and not project this inconjunction on another. One partner can be enough for this native as long as they keep themselves in check.

Other inconjunctions work the same way but a more detailed report can be done by taking into account the houses of the two planets, other aspects they have to other planets, as well as their signs and the house rulers/sign rulers.