Venus in the 1st house


Venus is the planet of beauty and love. Wherever it is placed in your chart tends to denote what you find attractive or what you truly love. Venus has different temperaments depending on the sign, house, and aspects.

Venus in the first house is a very fortunate aspect. The first house goes hand in hand with your ascendant. It is your personality, how others see you, who you are on a humanly level, your ego, etc. With Venus in your first house, love and beauty is prominent. You will have definite ideas about what you find beautiful. These are unique from person to person, but the commonality is that it’s important to you. You may care too much about how others see you. This can be remedied by learning how to love yourself, which should be easy when you try, since your Venus is in your house of self. There’s a fine line here between feeling not worthy enough and feeling that no one is worthy enough for you. This can denote a big ego, but that is with a lower evolved person. With a higher evolved Venus in the first house, the person will be very loving towards everyone they meet. They will be charming and exude a beautiful vibe that attracts people to them. Others tend to fall in love with this person easily because their Venus in the first house reflects the other person’s beliefs on love right back at them. It mostly has nothing to do with them, but their mirror others see them as is full of beauty. They are mostly physically beautiful, but if not, others still find them beautiful in their mannerisms or their personality. They tend to make an impression on others that isn’t easily forgotten. It can be difficult for a Venus in the first house that has a compassionate nature to let others down with ease because they want to be able to fulfill others wishes. Those who aren’t as concerned with others’ emotions take this to their advantage in not so nice ways. The maturity of the person affects this position A LOT. Ones with a lower maturity level will be self-centered, egotistical, selfish, and expect things to come to them easily without any effort. Ones with a higher maturity level will be a light unto others, showing them how to love themselves and how to see and appreciate the beauty around them. These people are truly inspirational when they let go of selfishness. They can be somewhat lazy at times or adamant in getting what they want . This is because they find it hard to be happy if things they feel are necessary aren’t met. This doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t do these things for themselves because they definitely will.  When in love, they are fully committed and adore making their lover happy. They can almost fuse into their lover and need to learn how to keep clear boundaries between their own personalities and their lover’s. They adore making others happy. Beauty, in any way, is appealing to them. Whether it is the arts, nature, emotion, physical, etc. They tend to be open and honest about how much they care for others and aren’t shy about expressing their love. Venus in the first house has some Aries influence, so their love may be quick reacting and quick receding. A Venus in Aries in the first would make this doubly true. In other signs, the Aries influence isn’t as strong, but still gives that gift of attracting others immediately with a sort of exciting innocence or upbeat determination.

Of course all of this varies depending on aspects and what signs their Venus is in, but overall, this is the influence. If you have this position let me know what resonates with you!