Venus into Sagittarius Horoscopes


Yesterday, December 1st, Venus entered into Sagittarius! She’s now transiting through Sagittarius, gifting each of us a new way to observe how we love and what we love. What does this mean for each sign?

Aries, Venus is hitting your house of expansion. It’s time to explore! Travel, expand your mind, focus on higher learning, discover new things that excite you. Venus is feeling very happy here and wants to bring you on an adventure.

Taurus, Venus is delving deep inside you. It’s time to take a deeper look at yourself- take your time navigating your inner world. Avoid ignoring issues you know need to be explored. You can make great strides if you listen to your heart.

Gemini, Venus feels quite at home in your 7th house of relationships. This is a great time to focus on your relationship and do extra romantic things. If single, it’s an optimistic time of new budding romances.

Cancer, you are focusing on your body and health while Venus is transiting Sagittarius. You may be extra focused on becoming more healthy, and if you aren’t, you should take steps to care for yourself on a day to day basis. Perhaps start a yoga routine, eat some extra leafy vegetables, and drink more water. That’s just a start!

Leo, you’re feeling extra sassy and flirty now! You might have a boost in creativity and desires to go out and let a little loose. Have some fun, connect with your inner child.

Virgo, your home life is extra important. You might want to redecorate or clean up a bit around the house. Add something special to your home that makes it more beautiful. Now is a great time to cozy up with yourself or your loved ones and simply appreciate what you have.

Libra, Venus might make you more chatty than normal. Talk to your siblings or neighbors, find some friends, talk about what you love and what they love. Share gratitude for what you have in your life. Write and read! Something might be revealed to you that you’ve been trying to figure out for awhile now.

Scorpio, now is a time to truly love and take care of yourself. Think about your values and what is most important to you. If you stay true to yourself, this time will be filled with cozy feelings. If you have been straying from your true self, you need to reevaluate and start listening to and loving yourself for who you truly are.

Sagittarius, Venus in your 1st means it’s time to let your personality shine through! Being yourself won’t be hard and you’ll likely feel confident this month, sharing beauty with those around you.

Capricorn, this time is about looking inside yourself. Meditating can be helpful, but Sagittarius in your 12th will illuminate how you treat love and beauty in your life and demand you take steps to harvest true love in your life.

Aquarius, you want to spend more time with your friends and so you should! You find a sense of loving connection when with those you love. Write down hopes and wishes and steps to manifest those into your life!

Pisces, you might be focused on how others view you or your career. This is a good time to map out what you want to do with your life, or how you want to put your mark on the world. You’ll be feeling optimistic about the future.

11th and 12th house dance


The cusp between the 11th and the 12th is the line into infinity and many get lost as they teeter back and forth. Many say that the 12th, home of Pisces, is where the Christ energy sits in its full glory. I believe this to be true. The 11th is connection with absolutely everything on this earth, but once one travels beyond the earth, the line appears, the fog rises, and the ground becomes slippery as the Pisces water rises. Slip and fall the wrong way and you might get lost forever. Slip and fall another way, and you’re back into the 6th, struggling your way toward the 7th, learning how to teeter better in the 8th, and so on. It’s better than falling into the gap forever. It’s just a lot of work. With one foot in earthly connections of the 11th, and one in the impossibility of the 12th, one can easily go mad. But taking the leap has to be done at some point. You can either fall back, or jump forward, but that crevice will betray you if you sit in it long enough. Finally diving into the abyss of the 12th you are reminded of all the 8th’s nightmares, and all the 4th’s pain, but you transcend them all. You see the beauty of the terror and the perfection of the agony and you cry tears of joy. You’ve made it to the beyond and are finally cradled in the arms of God.

Mercury Retrograde, February 6-28th

Though I knew the Mercury retrograde was coming up, I just now realized that I am going to be traveling through the thick of it! I leave the 11th for Arizona and Colorado and return the 22nd! I shall name this trip one for immense self discovery. It’s going to be a wild ride but I’m pleased to be out there in the midst of the energies, exploring other areas, people, etc. In fact, my solar return has Mercury retrograde in it, so I have a feeling that this period is going to be more fruitful and inspiring than a normal retrograde for me. You can look up your own solar return at

Those who have 12th house planets, planets in Pisces, or a Gemini sun or Virgo sun will be most intensely affected by this period, though everyone will be affected in some way.

Now for the fun part! What exactly do we have in store for the coming month with Mercury turning retrograde?

This Mercury retrograde, starting officially February 6th (though you’ll feel waves of it now), is in Pisces. I am personally excited by this because Pisces is the emotion traveler, the diver into the depths, the dreamy siren. Anywhere you go, there will be psychic undercurrents. For those not familiar with these, it can be a confusing time. You may feel like you’re losing your sanity, or perhaps just discovering a whole new layer of existence. GOOD. This is the point. You cannot just idly sit by curled up in your covers waiting for Mercury to turn direct again, you will be thrust into the collective unconscious, and even your covers will turn into bustling waves filling your lungs and forcing you to sit up and cough out all the old to make way for the new. This is the time where the invisible world is very close to our physical world, almost overlapping, which is why communication can get muddled or things we thought were set in stone can dissolve in front of our eyes. The key is to go with the flow. Sometimes it will be rough storms, but other times it will be a steady flowing river. Flow with any of this weather and OBSERVE. This is not the best time to make decisions, but it is a good time to gather information and mull it all over. When flowing down the river, trying to grab onto rocks to steady yourself will just end up spinning you into chaos and leaving you spotted with bruises. You’ll be licking your wounds and miss the wonders that the waters have placed on your path so lovingly. Neptune rules this retrograde, emotions are high. Neptune is sensitive, you will be highly sensitive, but there’s a shield you can pull out any time to keep away from the downfalls. That shield is compassion. Keep yourself equipped inside an aura of compassion for everyone, every circumstance, and yourself. Things aren’t going to go as planned, you have been warned, take that warning and protect yourself from unneeded frustration. Taking advantage of the situation during the Mercury retrograde will bless you with fantastic new insights that will bloom when the retrograde ends on February 28th. By helping others keep their heads up, explaining intentions loud and clear, and utilizing a creative outlet for all that heightened sensitivity, you will be just fine!