Planetary Movements


The Sun

Averages 1 degree a day, 30 days in each sign, 365 days to travel the entire zodiac.

The Moon

Averages 13.5 degrees a day, 2.5 days in each sign, and 28 days to travel the entire zodiac.


Mercury retrogrades, meaning its journey is not the same for each sign. Mercury travels through each sign an average of 14-30 days and takes around one year to make its way through the zodiac.


Venus has an interesting orbit as well, she travels 1 degree or less a day and also retrogrades. She spends anywhere from 23 days to 2 months in each sign and takes 8 years to travel the entire zodiac.


Mars moves less than one degree a day, stays in each sign around 1 and a half months (depending on retrograde) and takes about 2 years to travel throughout the entire zodiac.


Jupiter travels anywhere from 0-14 minutes a day (depending on retrograde), spends about 1 year in each sign, and makes it through the entire zodiac in about 12 years.


Saturn travels under 8 minutes a day, stays in each sign about 2 and a half years, and travels the entire zodiac on average every 29.5 years. (29.5 is average for a person’s Saturn return which is a big deal!)


Uranus travels under 4 minutes a day, stays in each sign around 7 years, and takes about 84 years to travel the entire zodiac.


Neptune travels under 3 minutes a day, stays in each sign around 14 years, and goes through the entire zodiac every 165 years on average.


Pluto travels under 3 minutes a day, spends 14-30 years in each sign, and travels through the entire zodiac about every 248 years.

Moon square Pluto



Free flowing ideas on Moon square Pluto:

I have many ‘difficult’ aspects in my chart, and Moon square my Pluto is one of them. When you add the nurturing and emotional nature of the moon with the death, intensity and regeneration of Pluto, you get a lot of emotional transformations. Lots of upheaval. It’s an every day struggle to balance my mind, emotions, and the undercurrents of the unconscious with each other. Giving up the struggle would cause a downward spiral into the dark abyss, meaning, attention is necessary. For those with this placement- you are truly blessed with a bittersweet predicament. Bitter will come first- you will be thrown obstacles consistently through out your life involving emotional areas. You will fall to the depths and then use your hidden power to rise up when you feel all is lost. Then comes the sweet- this placement, when overcoming hardships, feels stronger than ever before (and they are!). They can take the punches and roll through them victorious. They are the warriors of human emotion, passion, and depth. It’s a bumpy road and the road won’t stop until one has learned the lesson. And in this case, it’s all or nothing. Learning to be one with your emotions and the dark side of life is not an easy task. It gets exhausting and many people tend to give up after awhile and live unfulfilled emotional lives, or even kill themselves. But the ones who trek through will keep building their reserves of power and can spread these reserves to help others in need. Developing compassion is the goal for this combination. Once found and integrated, this person can change the world with their experience and help soothe the wounds of the world. Nowhere is too deep for them to travel, nothing too dark, they will go where no one else is willing to go in order to accomplish great good.

To add, I wrote this excerpt awhile ago and happened upon it again which inspired me to publish it to this blog. I want to say that working with this aspect, as well as any other aspect, takes a more in depth look at your chart. What energies flavor your Moon and Pluto, what signs/houses are they in? What other aspects do they make? What sign rules the house cusp they reside inside of? Take all these things and mesh them into a plan toward healing and bringing out the best side of this combination. And, of course, my advice on everything, meditate! Take time to listen to silence, and the answers will arise.

Venus and the Moon


Both Venus and the Moon in astrology are emotion based planets. Venus mainly rules love, also what attracts us and makes us feel beautiful. The Moon is the basis of emotion, how we feel cared for and nurtured and what we do to care for others. They are both dealing with comfort and ‘taking care’ of others and ourselves. They are important regarding relationships and shouldn’t be overlooked. Though Mars might be physical attraction, Venus is the heart’s attraction. Though Mars might confidently go after what it wants, the moon sits patiently and feels whether the option is right or not.

If the natives Moon is in a water sign- it is almost necessary for the other partner to have water somewhere in their chart. This is not necessarily so for Venus. Granted, there are exceptions, but the understanding and feeling needed to connect deeply with a water Moon is almost out of reach of those without water in their charts. Water is deep, emotional, intense, intimate, heartfelt- they need someone who understands those depths and have experienced them and does so on a daily basis like they do.

Venus can be said to represent what we ‘want’ and the moon can be said to represent what we ‘need’. If the two are in discord because of aspects, houses, or signs, it can cause the native confusion. The native must learn to compromise and figure out what is truly important to them in order for them to feel loved and emotionally secure. Finding a partner that can compliment both sides is ideal. When a partner is found that doesn’t fit exactly where they need to (this is most of the time) it is up to the native to make sacrifices. For example:

A native with their Venus in Sagittarius and their Moon in Taurus has a fire/earth combination. The earth tends to suffocate the fire or the fire scorches the earth. They WANT freedom, acceptance, adventure. They NEED security, loyalty, comfort. A partner that gives them too much freedom will threaten their security and leave them wondering whether they truly care about them, but a partner that they know will never leave them and provides a place them to stay and be comfortable in will make the native feel suffocated and unable to express their true self and freedoms. A happy medium would be a loyal partner that enjoys adventure and isn’t jealous but makes them feel they are still special to them. If the native is with someone that doesn’t fit this exactly, they must learn to see both sides of themselves and where the repulsion (if any) is coming from. What need isn’t being met? What want is going unfulfilled? The native may be able to get one of these sides from a different source (honestly and openly) but the trick is NOT to repress either side. Let the earth grow and the fire burn in their own expression rather than having one suffocate the other.

Those who have their Moon and Venus in the same sign- congratulations! You are quite lucky. You feel nurtured and loved from the same source. This is beautiful. Those who have their moon sign in the house their Venus rules or vice-verse, same for you! It is much easier this way. Even with clashing elements the house placements can add a lot of ease. For example:

A native with their Venus in Virgo and Moon in Leo in the 6th house would seem to clash up front. The Venus Virgo needs stability, practicality, and loves by doing things for others. The Moon in Leo feels nurtured by others feeding their ego, praising them and making them feel special. BUT, that same Leo Moon in the 6th house not only enjoy praise but needs to nurture others in return- the 6th house is ruled by Virgo and servitude. Doing nice things for the one they love makes them feel just as good and fulfilled.