Planetary Movements


The Sun

Averages 1 degree a day, 30 days in each sign, 365 days to travel the entire zodiac.

The Moon

Averages 13.5 degrees a day, 2.5 days in each sign, and 28 days to travel the entire zodiac.


Mercury retrogrades, meaning its journey is not the same for each sign. Mercury travels through each sign an average of 14-30 days and takes around one year to make its way through the zodiac.


Venus has an interesting orbit as well, she travels 1 degree or less a day and also retrogrades. She spends anywhere from 23 days to 2 months in each sign and takes 8 years to travel the entire zodiac.


Mars moves less than one degree a day, stays in each sign around 1 and a half months (depending on retrograde) and takes about 2 years to travel throughout the entire zodiac.


Jupiter travels anywhere from 0-14 minutes a day (depending on retrograde), spends about 1 year in each sign, and makes it through the entire zodiac in about 12 years.


Saturn travels under 8 minutes a day, stays in each sign about 2 and a half years, and travels the entire zodiac on average every 29.5 years. (29.5 is average for a person’s Saturn return which is a big deal!)


Uranus travels under 4 minutes a day, stays in each sign around 7 years, and takes about 84 years to travel the entire zodiac.


Neptune travels under 3 minutes a day, stays in each sign around 14 years, and goes through the entire zodiac every 165 years on average.


Pluto travels under 3 minutes a day, spends 14-30 years in each sign, and travels through the entire zodiac about every 248 years.

Mars, Reporting for Duty



Mars can be seen as an active force the sun uses to bring about its desires. The Sun decides something and Mars works to achieve whatever that ‘something’ is. Mars and the Sun need to work together in our charts in order for us to be successful in our endeavors. Keep in mind that success is subjective.

Our charts can hinder this energy exchange between our Sun and Mars or it can allow it to flow easily. Take a look at the aspects in your chart between your Sun and your Mars. Easy aspects, such as a trine or a sextile, can show free flowing energy exchanges. The houses can point to where the energy is likely to focus around.

‘Difficult’ aspects, such as a square or an opposition can hinder this energy exchange. They can make it difficult for both planets to agree with each other. Mars might rebel against the Sun’s orders- this is because Mars has a different agenda than the Sun. An opposition can be remedied easier than a square because both agree on certain terms and they need to come to a happy medium, no one side of the teeter-totter gets more pull, and both sides are equal, creating harmony. A square needs to be sorted out more carefully. This sorting can be done through checking other aspects your Sun and Mars have and finding commonalities. Be creative with the houses and signs they hold and figure out how they can work together.

If Mars and the Sun don’t hold any aspects, problems arise by both operating independently. You may feel torn on what actions to take. Mars might be in overdrive and ignore the wishes of the Sun, driving through projects but not feeling like have much success or feeling like your actions don’t actually represent who you are. Sun might go into overdrive, ignoring the wishes Mars, lowering desire and passion, finding you have little drive to carry out tasks. When brought to your attention, you can see the wishes of both planets and give them both the attention they need, and in turn, they will work together, allowing you to thrive.

Conjunctions of the Sun and Mars create a ton of energy, mental and/or physical, and can be used for an infinite amount of energy working toward goals. It can also burn out quickly if other planets aren’t given proper attention. Mars teamed with the sun in a conjunction often overpowers the rest of the chart, so make sure to nurture your other planets and let them in on the plan so you don’t fizzle out.

When Mars and the Sun are working together, we will feel clean energy on our life path. When they are not working together, or working together in the wrong direction, we will feel sapped of energy despite great efforts. Listen to your energy levels- Mars will tell you if you’re on the right path or not. What energizes you? What sparks your passion? What makes you feel tired and weak? Follow your energy.

Progressed Retrograde Mars



Looking beyond our natal chart and into secondary progressions can be eye-opening. It can show us things we didn’t catch during real-time transits. Progressed planets are SO important when furthering your astrological studies and delving into your own psychological development.

Any major change in a progressed chart is life-altering. It isn’t a simple moon transiting mars for a couple days event, it’s a matter of years, and even sometimes, a lifetime. Retrograde plants in a progressed chart are crucial time stamps for mapping out our personal development. Retrograde planets in general point at internal functions.

Before Mars turns retrograde, it stations. This period of time doesn’t last very long in real-time, but in the symbolic realm of secondary progressions, it lasts years. If you have a retrograde mars in your progressed chart, go back and check when it was stationary and revving up (if you can even use revving in relation to a retrograde motion, ha!) to hit retrograde. When mars is stationary in your progressed chart, it is a beautiful time of swirling energy. It’s a powerful time when all types of energies swirl around in your consciousness and allow you to use them to their full potential, bridging between the past, present and future. They connect, break apart, throw ideas at you- an overwhelming yet exciting time to collect. Take those years to serve your higher self, work with the energies you want and leave the ones no longer serving you, because when retrograde hits, you will delve deep inside yourself.

When finally hitting retrograde, you’re officially in it for the long-haul. Mars will likely stay retrograde for the rest of your life, or at least the majority of your life, depending on how old you were when it first turned. This is nothing to fear, but instead, something to embrace. Mars retrograde in a progressed chart shows an individual deeply invested in their personal energy, someone who reflects on their actions and their life. When used positively, it breeds mystics, astrologers, healers, and lovers. This internalized mars energy is incredibly potent, it has the power to manifest in ways others may think impossible. Life gave these natives a tool for bringing new beauty into the world.

Mars retrograde, whether in a natal or progressed chart needs to be aware of the positives as well as the negatives. The sign Mars is in can dictate the type of energy felt and therefor the type of actions manifested and internalized. When Mars is in a fire sign, this energy can be aggressive if not nurtured in the correct way. When retrograde fire, it can turn to self-hatred and self-aggression. If nurtured in the correct way, fire retrograde can create immediate manifestations. If has the potential to inspire and spread like wildfire. It has the ability to bring light and excitement to their lives and others’ lives. Air and earth mars signs, when retrograde, are slightly easier to deal with as they are less reactive than the fire element. Air can say exactly what needs to be said to inspire change, they can use communication and action to truly change the world. Earth Mars retrograde has a never ending supply of endurance, they can use their energy to create things that will last. Water Mars retrograde can be difficult if the emotional energy turns depressive or too caught up in the past. Mars retrograde naturally deals with the past, it re-works things it’s tried before until success. The positive potential for water mars retrograde shows a deep love and unconditional nurturing of themselves and others. They are introspective and intuitive and can use those skills to heal those around them.

Mars retrograde in the progressed chart shows a lifetime of dedication to harnessing potential energies and breathing life into them.

Mars in Sagittarius


Considering that Mars is the planet of action, when we apply it to our personal charts it becomes how we take action. With Mars in Sagittarius, action is almost constant. These people have high energy levels and tend to move around a lot. They are excited by anything ‘new’ which means that they are continuously starting new projects, meeting new people, traveling to new places, learning new things, etc. Mars in Sagittarius does not care much for reputation but they do not want to be viewed as lazy or unintelligent. They are extremely invested in their own personal morality and can talk passionately about it for long periods of time given an ear that listens. They do not do well to criticism toward their belief system and will defend it vehemently. When they find others that agree with them, they tend to become instant friends and can create close bonds with others extremely quickly. This can also end very quickly, as Sagittarius is used to hopping from one thing to the other without much afterthought. They need to be stimulated physically and mentally in order to stay interested in an activity or a person. This means that they may not have many long-term relationships because they may get bored of the same person for too long. If their significant other can satisfy them sexually and mentally, they may stay in the relationship long enough to develop a true emotional connection. There is fine line with these people though- they tend to get scared when others are emotionally investing in them, or when they start to emotionally invest in someone else. They usually leave for fear of commitment, but again, if satisfied enough to stay, and if an emotional connection is shared, then the Sagittarian lover will be loyal and doting. Those with their Mars in Sagittarius thrive off of new experiences. They treat everything they encounter as something they can put in their learning bank. They like to talk about things they’ve done, but they LOVE to talk about things they are planning to do. They tend to be able to make friends wherever they go because they are very interesting people. They know a lot about a variety of subjects (because they love to learn!) and have a good sense of humor. They can be a little loud and quirky, but people are drawn to them because of this. They are super fun to be around and tend to be the life of the party, or at least the highlight of someone’s night. Mars in Sagittarius is optimistic and otherworldly- they are not known for being super realistic but think that anything is possible so what’s the point of limiting yourself! They usually have a unique and infectious laugh and are good at making other people laugh. They are inspired by invention, generosity, grandeur, and motion. They are impressed by those who never tire, who are strong, fast, and innovative. They tend to be body-conscious and want to look lean, or at the least, healthy. They enjoy excelling and don’t like to be in second place. Sometimes these people can get a ‘god-complex’ which is normal for Jupiter-ruled people, but it can be offset with plenty of outlets to let out their energy, both mental and physical. Mars in Sagittarius is one that likes to share their knowledge with others, to teach others, but does not like to be called out for being wrong or preachy. When called preachy, Sagittarius tends to then GET preachy, if they weren’t before. They want you to have their same opinion and it pains them when you don’t at least admit to seeing their side of things. They are generally pretty open-minded despite this and forgive transgressions quickly and easily. They don’t like to have people on their ‘bad side’ or to be on someone else’s.

Mars in our Natal charts

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. It is seen as a rusty red color, looking like a giant ball of blood. Volcanoes and valleys cover the surface. It has far reaching mountains and deep valleys cutting a deep gash in its side about a fifth of the size of the whole planet. This is all appropriate for what Mars symbolizes- the god of war!

In astrology, Mars is the warrior planet. It is the planet of action, and quick reaction. It is determination and motivation. It rules what riles us up, angers us, drives us. Mars is masculine in identity and rules our instincts and sexuality. Mars is usually ego-ruled. It goes along with the sun in this way, but it tends to be more selfish in its actions. It doesn’t like to let the moon have its say or Mercury pipe in, it prefers to act on its own accord and for its own accord. Mars is the warrior after all. He does the bidding of the ego and can even be slightly manipulative in of itself. This is not to say Mars is bad! Mars can be tamed, and needs to be tamed in order to integrate it healthily into our lives.

Many people don’t give Mars the credit it deserves in the makeup of our natal charts. When reading someone’s natal chart, I always take a quick peak at Mars and what house and sign it is in and if it is in conjunction with any other planets or asteroids. The sign it is in will show how one takes action in their every day lives. This is huge! We make decisions and take action every day. The house that it is in shows what part of the native’s life they are most focused on transforming or acting upon. With a repressed Mars, the house will show what one tries to avoid and has anger issues about. The house/sign can also show us a lot about what riles us up. For example, a person with their Mars in Cancer will feel quick aggression toward anything done or said negatively regarding their family or those they love and care about. Another example, someone with Mars in the 2nd house may aggressively react towards anyone trying to control their finances/possessions or even commenting on them.

Mars also rules our sexuality. It’s a huge part of our lives and must be explored and not repressed. I will do a separate post regarding Mars and sexuality at a different point in time since it is an important subject and one a lot of people are interested about.

Mars in Earth Signs

When your Mars is in Capricorn, Virgo, or Taurus you act with caution and precision. You are not very quick to anger. You may try to repress feelings of rage because you don’t believe you should be feeling them or expressing them but this must not be done. Do anything physical to release the aggression instead. You are quite sensual and practical. You are motivated through materialistic gain, physical gain, or gaining anything of value to you. You show your appreciation through giving people things they can use practically and enjoy receiving things of use. You are strong, determined, and earthy.

Mars in Fire Signs

If you were born with your Mars in Sagittarius, Aries, or Leo than you are spontaneous and quick reacting. You tend to act before you think. This may get you into trouble! You may have an explosive temper or feel offended quickly, but get over it just as quickly. You don’t like to be told what to do and barely have time to listen to someone tell you anyway. Experience is a must, but sometimes you don’t slow down to think about what you’ve learned. Make sure to self-reflect often and don’t put other people’s emotions to the side. You may be inspired often and love being active whether its in your mind or with your body.

Mars in Air Signs

If you were born with your Mars in Aquarius, Libra, or Gemini then you have a very active mind. You may over-analyze to the point of confusing yourself and then give up and just fling yourself into a situation. You must learn to balance your mind and not over think things. You have the ability to make rational choices. You enjoy mental stimulation, conversation, and connecting with others. You may try to rationalize everything but it’s important to realize that not everything can be rationalized. You are motivated by gaining insight and knowledge.

Mars in Water Signs

If you were born with your Mars in Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio than you are emotionally driven. You react emotionally to situations and find yourself becoming most aggressive when someone hurts your feelings. You are probably very creative and have sensitivity that allows you to know how to react to others on an emotional level. Your are motivated by being emotionally secure or helping others feel good emotionally depending on what kind of person you are. These natives tend to need more rest than other Mars signs and can be slightly introverted. It’s important to learn how to make yourself feel good rather than manipulating others into making you feel good.

What is a Quincunx?

A quincunx, also known as an inconjunction, is around a 150 degree angle. In astrology, this angle can go about 2 degrees either way. This means anywhere from 148 degrees to 152 degrees give or take depending on how lenient you are in your reading. I stay strictly within 2 degrees.

Not everyone has an inconjunction in their natal chart. Some people have multiple. Understanding its energy is the key to interpreting it. Quincunx energy is not to be ignored in a natal chart. It is important to take note of because of its nature. Two planets that are quincunx each other don’t ever see eye to eye. They never see any part of each other, in fact. They completely miss the others’ energy. It’s like two people living in the same town their whole lives yet never meeting and never catching glimpses of each other despite shared friends and contacts. One is a mystery to the other. They don’t work together, they don’t work against each other, they just work inside themselves and can’t use the others energy to help grow or learn.

A native with an inconjunction will separate the two planets involved sometimes consciously but always unconsciously. Bringing the realization that you’re separating the energy up to the surface can help- knowing your weakness is the first step to overcoming it. There is debate as to whether or not an inconjunction can be overcome in the first place; easing it is a more likely alternative. In order to ease an inconjunction, one must recognize the energies involved, point out to themselves what fulfills each energy and how it contradicts the other, and how to compromise with each need. There must be sacrifices. Here is an example in case you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with information:

There is a native with a Venus and Mars quincunx. Venus represents love and beauty, Mars represents action, assertion, and sex. The native’s sense of what makes them feel loved and beautiful is completely different than what turns them on or allows them to feel independent and assertive. This can manifest as the native constantly doing what others want them to do in order to be well-liked, or it can manifest with the native constantly expecting others to do things for them. Physically, this person may be sexually attracted to a partner that they do not have romantic feelings for, and romantically attracted to someone that they don’t have sexual feelings for. This is usually unconscious and can frustrate the individual and make it hard for them to make decisions. When in love, they may find it hard to assert themselves. When in a dominant position, they may find it hard to love others or find enjoyment in life. This gives the native a lot of confusion concerning what they truly want. Venus doesn’t understand Mars’ need to control. Mars doesn’t understand Venus’ need to love. The native will feel most likely that their needs are never being met no matter what they receive from their partner.

To relieve this Venus/Mars inconjunction- the native must recognize what makes them feel loved and what makes them feel strong. Both are important. Both need to be compromised. They then need to point out what blocks they have set on themselves in regards to both of these things and why they feel the need to separate the two. If on one side they feel strong through being nurtured but feel loved by being allowed to be free- they must recognize this in themselves so someone nurturing them doesn’t seem to be suffocating their freedom and someone giving them freedom doesn’t seem to ignore their need for comfort and security. Once the native can distinguish this they can always look at where their feelings are coming from and not project this inconjunction on another. One partner can be enough for this native as long as they keep themselves in check.

Other inconjunctions work the same way but a more detailed report can be done by taking into account the houses of the two planets, other aspects they have to other planets, as well as their signs and the house rulers/sign rulers.