Wash It Away

“We are part of something special. It’s a crack in time-a wrinkle. Fallen from the nest, young eagle. I will pull my feathers out, stay humble. Uncle Mana taught us like an elder, took asunder older brother, he said this is powerful country, we felt like we were returning to our land rebels, and the shepherds in the sea. Takers are taking what the leavers will leave so grieve me the black prince cicada- such a loud voice for a tiny creature. Teach me to let go of all of my pain. I do forgive, I don’t forget these things.

We burn the bluegum for a safe passageway, drink of the earth, smoke of the dirt and my warpaint was red ochre clay. Our prayers igniting, cast out into the shire, and the song of our struggle came straight from the fire. It goes:

Holy, holy grandmother, we sing! Wash us clean of our pain and suffering. Give us strength for our new beginnings. From my deepest grace I sing- wash away, it will wash away.

In my dreams a whirling aboriginal man gave me your hat and your past in one hand. He said, you’ve come to be with rainbow serpent, red hands, red land, red worship- just then I heard bush mama crying in the chasms for the stolen generation and the children who haven’t come home, come home stay home.

My bullets are my words and my words are my weapons, so chain me to the pipeline for our rivers and mountains we sing!

Today’s a good day for my ego to die. Spirit live on in my heart, in my body, my mind. Then sister crow came with the murder that day, so he tattooed the bird nation onto our faces. She said we sing to let go of all of our pain. We dance the story to remember when things changed

We danced the ghost dance in two separate countries to this old song so familiar to memory. The road will teach you how to love and let go. It can be lonely but it’s the only thing that we’ve ever known. Our mommas told us- let go of jealousy. And for vagabonds and vagrants, that won’t come so easy. We’ve come from nothing.

I traveled halfway across the country and back only to find love undefined and I’m OK with that cause I’m gonna be a guardian, be a man among men.

Be my friend. Teach me to love you in a different way. Same cuts, same guts, same crazy. It’ll wash away, it will wash away- lift them up.”

This song speaks for itself. Nahko Bear is truly spreading medicine throughout humanity. Giving us hope and walking with us in our quest for ascending beyond our limitations.

“Know that peop…

“Know that people are doing the best they can from their level of awareness. Accept people for who they are and always be ready to forgive.”
-Deepak Chopra

Another great reminder to those on a spiritual journey.

I often get frustrated with humanity. The incessant judgement, the shallow conversations, and the unneeded cruelness. The way that people talk to and about each other. I am even a part of this, I will admit. But I do try. The fact is- everyone is on a different level of awareness. The key to compassion through frustration and annoyance is to understand that. Forgive easily- do not let ego hold you back from loving. I have a tendency to want to cut those out of my life that bring negativity. But the truth is, everyone is going to bring it at some point because it is your own self reacting to it. Forgive them for evoking it, forgive yourself for providing the mirror, and move on from it. There are lessons to learn from everyone and that is from every level or awareness, not just the one you are on or ones seemingly higher than yours. Accept and love.

I am going to put this into action immediately: to be more tolerant and understanding and loving.

Musing from a Scorpio with Venus in Sagittarius

My insides are inconsistent. They create essences and destroy feelings and operate in covert ways to elude the ego and flow through life in a steady wave. It pours out passions through my pores and sinks my skin into yours, no survivors from the suffocation, death in the slow choking and dissolving of boundaries — new birth in our bodies as one. It’s like the level of awareness we were on before rises toward the heavens in exaltation. We can see what we were missing before. Awake the new level of life you’ve immediately set for yourself. Nothing less would suffice. Nothing less would make you happy. Sometimes, though. Sometimes it sways the tides and ropes them in to push them in on themselves, just to bubble up to poisonous skies, wet ambitions, halted dreams. Nightmares swarm and they grab me by the neck and shake me till I wake in sweat needing to numb my hands with writing before I go insane. When I want to be alone it can last days. Days that I cherish and need in order to feel rejuvenated and alive. I contemplate, I write, and I love everything but I’m so embedded in the universal unconscious that my sways are necessary alignments. The stars are driving me every day towards death and rebirth, on all different levels. I’m a walking prism of the universe, examining itself. Expanding itself. How can I possibly commit to anything? I feel I am being selfish with you, and you, and you. With everyone! My inconsistency hurts so many and that hurts me, too. Eudaimonia. Love me freely. Accept my confusion and misdirection. Be my fantasy and shake me up a bit, transfer your life force into my being, make your mark and live in my heart forever. Draw on the inside pictures of our love. Let me keep them forever. Let me keep you forever. Forever is in a moment.

Soul sorceress


I want to flood over everything in white blooded bliss, drowning the stains that had cast a fog over my heart. I have no use for them any longer. I am being born again, waiting for the gold to overtake my flesh and become my complete being. A beacon of pure light- transcending personal to the collective, being a healer and seer. A walker through illusions, and a mind who’s words can help others see. Everywhere I walk, I want to expose shadows to their masters. Expose masters to their shadows; let them know that they are one of the same and they don’t have to be afraid. My stars unveil the frustration through connecting completely myself, and I don’t have to peel my skin of it any longer. The journey, remember, is the whole meaning. Every step should be taken advantage of. No apologies for genuine emotion. No apologizes for lack of it. My true self, always. I will be the earth’s cataclysm, ripping faces off the disillusioned. Getting to the core of compassion and being nothing but. Being the warrior of truth. Excusing pain from ignorance, knowing that foe can’t break barriers through my loving third eye. This is the end of the past suffering and the beginning of freedom.