You Can’t Rush Your Healing- Chiron


“Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life’s search for love and wisdom.” -Rumi

Whenever I check astrology forums, astrology facebook groups, or even the stats on this blog, one thing stands out above the rest. That is Chiron. I wrote a post years ago about Chiron in our charts and highlighted the influence of Chiron on each of the 12 houses. You can check out that post here if you’re interested.

Why is Chiron so wildly popular when it was just discovered in 1977? Do we even know that much about it? The answer is in Chiron’s energy- one people are drawn to more and and more every day.

Chiron is known as the “Wounded Healer” and represents an area of deep wounding in each and every one of us. It takes devotion, discipline, hard work, patience, and a lot of compassion to walk the road of Chiron. Many people start to walk it and end up falling off and some avoid it at all costs. It’s not easy, and it’s not a light subject- so why are people so drawn to it?

I can only guess it’s because people are now ready to take the plunge. They realize that what is ‘easy’ is no longer fulfilling. They are ready to take on the lessons Chiron has for them, and ultimately ready to dig up the wounds that have been buried.

Chiron deals with the unconscious in most individuals- trauma gets buried (whether from this life or another) and creates fears, anxieties and frustrations in the consciousness of the person. Many don’t know where those fears are coming from and instead of taking a closer look, avoid situations that trigger that fear. This knowledge teamed with the desire to heal brings us to Chiron’s popularity:

We, The Human Race, see the pain and understand that it can be transcended.

We, The Human Race, see the pain and understand we can help ourselves and others heal.

How do we find the path? We look inside ourselves. You cannot draw a map or write step by step directions on how to heal your Chiron wound- each person has a unique path. You’ll have to cut the vines yourself, there will be no clear cut route and no footsteps to follow. You’re a trailblazer in your own personal healing journey. You are the one you need.

Your astrological birth chart can definitely help you find direction, but it cannot put in the work. There are no corners to cut. Some things you CAN use to help yourself though involve taking a look at your birth chart and following the energies of Chiron. Use the following to create your Chiron story:

  • What house does Chiron inhabit
  • What sign does Chiron inhabit
  • What is the cusp ruler of Chiron’s natal house
  • Check out the aspects Chiron makes in your chart
  • Check out recent transits/progressions
  • Later on, check Chiron in synastry and observe the interactions

The main goal of Chiron is healing YOURSELF, but the further you travel on the path, the more you will affect others without even trying. The brighter your energy becomes, the more light you will spread. Eventually, your wound will become your shield against the darkness.

“The cure for the pain is in the pain.” Rumi


Saturn/Chiron aspects in Synastry


Saturn aspects with Chiron in synastry can show a relationship drenched in seriousness. There is nothing light about these placements- there will always come with this combination a tone of serious responsibility.

If your Saturn is conjunct a partner’s Chiron, you are the Saturn force in their life, bringing about structure. You likely have a checklist of things you think may help the other person, or feel a deep commitment to healing them. Whether you do this consciously or not, the Chiron person may feel you are an elixir sent to soothe their wounds.

If your Chiron is conjunct a partner’s Saturn, your partner is touching the most vulnerable parts of your soul and actually has the power to heal those parts. You probably feel strongly about committing to this person, but it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by this person’s transformational presence in your life.

In many cases, especially with squares and oppositions, Chiron either feels too smothered or Saturn feels like they aren’t being met in the middle. Saturn may feel like they are always having to help Chiron- without positive ways to express this, the relationship can wither. With any Chiron/Saturn combination, a breakup is often an arduous process that neither party feels is completely ‘right’ but continues with anyway. Both parties can feel like they don’t completely work together but that a strong pull forces them back together or at least forces a desire to get back together over and over again.
Chiron might feel too smothered by Saturn and actually create more wounds by shutting themselves off. If the relationship doesn’t continue, both parties will feel the pain of separation. These aspects can show a lifetime of pain, regret, or sorrow over the relationship if not ended in an open and honest manner. Both parties will remember what they had when they had it for the rest of their lives considering this is a karmic position, predicting that they have played major roles in each other’s past lives.

With a trine or a sextile between Saturn and Chiron, the healing journey may come easier than with the square and opposition. More fond memories may be shared, and even if the relationship ends, both may feel they learned a lot from the relationship and are grateful they were able to experience it.

If you are currently in a relationship with this synastry aspect, the main lesson learned from this is to be open, honest, raw, and vulnerable with each other. Both parties can grow and heal a great deal if the communication is allowed to flow freely and without judgement.

Chiron in the houses



I believe that the comet Chiron is a very important part of our charts. It is the bridge between the personal planets and the outer planets, showing us the way to healing and the transcendence of personal pain. Once we get past the personal planets, if we wish to make a journey into the spiritual, we must first appease Chiron. He is the gatekeeper to our deepest wounds. He is there, guarding them, so that they cannot escape into your consciousness until you are ready to come to terms with them. It takes a certain level of awareness in order to work with Chiron, and if one battles what’s behind the gate without being fully prepared, they will be blasted back and have much ground to go back over until they come upon Chiron again. Though Chiron can only be worked on when approached, his ill still lurks inside our subconscious and affects us. That is why it’s best to make your pilgrimage past the personal to the domain of Chiron and finally start your self-healing.

Where Chiron is in your chart shows us where we will approach Chiron. It is where our deepest wound resides. The aspects that Chiron makes should only include major aspects to personal planets. This means aspect in conjunction, opposition, trine, or square (I also look at tight orbed quincunxes) your personal planets. Astrologers use a variety of orbs for Chiron but I stick to no more than 4 degrees (though I’ve seen some 5-6 degrees manifest in charts I’ve worked with in the past).

Chiron in the 1st house: This shows your deepest wound residing in your sense of self. You may neglect your own personality or self-interests in order to appease others. You are a fighter for those who are less fortunate and give wonderful advice to others who seek your council. Helping others help themselves and find their true potential is your strong point. Your weak point is doing the same for yourself. You may have trouble defining yourself and finding meaning in your life. You often neglect yourself or feel unworthy. The lesson you need to learn is self-love and self-respect. Let yourself do what you love and take your own advice as if you were giving this same advice to someone you love. Build up your personality, don’t limit yourself or feel selfish for it, you must learn to accept yourself as a unique individual with personal power in order to transcend.

Chiron in the 2nd house: This shows your deepest wound residing in your sense of self-worth. You may have trouble seeing the worth in your own being without having something to offer. This placement usually shows disappointment in one’s self when one is having financial difficulties. It can give one an exaggerated need for material assets. When one is well equipped materially, one will still not be happy until they find the worth in their spirit and their own being rather than what they own. You are not your possessions, your worth is not what you have to physically offer. You can see the worth in others who aren’t well off and can be very helpful in getting them to see the positive sides to themselves that exclude the material, but when it comes to yourself, you are not as kind. This placement shows a need for finding things of value inside yourself rather than outside yourself. When you truly find your personal worth you will be able to transcend your deepest wound.

Chiron in the 3rd house: This shows your deepest wound residing in communication. This could mean constant feelings of being misunderstood or not being listened to. It can also show unintentional or intentional insults in childhood that have left you with low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy. Some with this placement feel that they cannot express what they truly feel either because they don’t know how to put it into words or they feel they won’t be listened to. Some say that difficulties with siblings can occur with this placement. You are an advocate for those who are not heard. You can easily speak up for others who are being bullied or put down but you cannot do the same for yourself. The goal of Chiron here is to show you that your words are important and you are worthy of attention. You can admit your mistakes and praise your accomplishments without feeling guilty. Realizing your divine being can help you gain confidence in yourself. When you learn to speak without need to be heard, but instead just being able to express yourself, and knowing that it is valid and important, then you will have healed your deepest wound.

Chiron in the 4th house: This shows your deepest wound residing in your family life. It can predict a difficult childhood, confinement to home, being cast out, or even having a disabled parent that was in need of your constant attention. This can manifest in many ways but the important factor is that you must learn to separate yourself from your past and not let the chains hold you down. This is a hard placement to dig into because the 4th house shows the deepest part of your soul, and therefore, Chiron nestles far down and is almost invisible. Being objective in approaching the past is necessary to get anywhere. Forgiving the past is needed. Forgiving yourself and those who made you feel the way you felt is needed. You have a strong sense of empathy for others and a desire inside you to nurture those who feel displaced. You must learn how to nurture yourself the same way. Once you forgive the past, learn to allow self-nurturing, and open yourself up to world without fear of getting hurt- you can transcend the pain.

Chiron in the 5th house: This shows your deepest wound residing in your creative expression. Creative expression does not just mean art or music related, but also in experiencing joy from things that make you happy. Quick relationships and children are ruled by this house, as well as recreational sex. You may have been held back from being able to do what you wanted to do and therefor feel restricted. You must learn that doing purely for pleasure is absolutely okay and crucial to your happiness. You do not have to be so serious all the time and can afford to relax every once in awhile. This is the placement that needs to abide by the advice- ‘take time to smell the flowers’. You can easily help others branch out and express themselves and know what they need in order to feel joy, but when it comes to you personally, you feel you can’t let yourself do that. Free yourself, express yourself, laugh and smile and enjoy your life for the simple fact of being alive! This will bring you healing.

Chiron in the 6th house: This shows your deepest wound residing in daily needs and health. You may be preoccupied with your own health and possibly even be a hypochondriac. You worry incessantly yet don’t do much to remedy it. Routine is difficult for you and you prefer to do things of your own accord, but you can easily tell others how to organize their own life and keep up with healthy habits. On the flip side, you may be too obsessed with keeping up with your own routine and become quite inflexible in the ways you work. You may wish you could relieve yourself of all the strict rules you place on yourself but feel you cannot risk it. This placement can show health problems early on in life, or even throughout life, and this can stem from or lead to your worried state of mind. It can also lead to possible eating disorders and obsession over weight and health. The goal here is to allow yourself some freedom. It is to accept the way you are and make only necessary boundaries for yourself, and leave the rest up to your whims. If you deny routine, try adding a little structure to your life here and there and you might find yourself benefiting from it. Relaxation, essentially, is the key word. Your physical wounding doesn’t need to add to emotional wounding. Free yourself of the worry and RELAX.

Chiron in the 7th house: This shows your deepest wound residing in close relationships. It can physically manifest through parental divorces or the parents having a rough relationship. It can also show lack of closeness with the parents while growing up. In turn, this can lead the native toward uneasy feelings regarding relationships. You may feel unwanted or rejected by those you wish to form close partnerships with and therefore avoid them all together. With this being so, you have great insight into relationships and can easily detect problems in others’ relationships and show them how to remedy them. For yourself though, you may feel blinded or cursed. You fear being abandoned. You need loyalty and commitment in a relationship, and confidence in those, in order to be happy. But the key to truly being happy, despite the outside factors, is to get over the fear of rejection. You can do this by learning how to be alone. You must cure this Chiron placement by kneeling to it, and in this case, that is kneeling to yourself and coming to an understanding that you are all you need.

Chiron in the 8th house: This shows your deepest wound residing in resources, deep connection, death, and sex. There are many different ways this placement can express itself. Materially, it can manifest through dependence on others or others depending on you too much. Physically, it can manifest through difficulties in feeling fulfilled sexually, yet being able to fulfill partners easily. Emotionally, it can manifest in great sorrow regarding death. Possibly having deaths in your early childhood or having those close to you die. You may be able to console those who are feeling sorrow, but are unable to console yourself. Whichever these are, the important thing to remember is to respect yourself, accept the cycles of life, and let go. You can heal each of these wounds by being honest and upfront. You must learn to share your emotions in order to transcend them. You know transformation lurks behind disaster better than anyone. Clear the soot. Embrace the change.

Chiron in the 9th house: This shows your deepest wound residing in expansion. This can be physically, meaning travel, or mentally, meaning philosophy or religion. You may go through a transformation of beliefs at least once in your life and it can be very prominent and life-changing. You are a life long learner and strong advocate of constant learning yet you may stress yourself out in trying to do just that. You are a great teacher, but if you don’t allow your mind to expand and see other sides to things, you can be arrogant and unwavering. You put a lot of stress on yourself to follow what you currently believe, yet allow others to be flexible in their approaches and offer up multiple ways of doing things. You enjoy helping others expand, yet you are afraid to yourself. It’s important to continue to expand your mind, and you can do that through travel and study and listening to others. To heal this wound, you must let truth shine through rather than holding convictions that you’ve grown out of as well as DO what you feel your soul pulling you toward. Everything is a learning experience after all.

Chiron in the 10th house: This shows your deepest wound residing in reputation. This is an easy explanation, but not so easy in practice. You desire to be recognized and admired. You want to be seen as accomplished and respected. It may be difficult for you to find worth in yourself unless others see worth in you and that there is tangible reasons behind it. On another side, you may feel that what you do always caters to others rather than yourself. You may be scared to succeed because of the fear of failure. In any of these cases, fear is the backdrop. You want to succeed because you fear rejection. You are scared to try and succeed because you fear ridicule. You fear your current career because you’re always neglecting your own needs and the further you go the more you neglect yourself. This can all be remedied by acceptance and coming to terms with who you truly are what you want. Ask yourself who you are and what will make you happy and go after that. Don’t do things to appease other people, do them to make yourself happy, whether that is being super successful or sitting in the middle of a daisy field writing music. Heal yourself by accepting yourself.

Chiron in the 11th house: This shows your deepest wound residing in friendship and hopes. You may often feel rejected by others and this can lead you to be quite lonely. You are unique and you know that you don’t fit in with the normal crowd, so instead you seek out those that have similar points of view in order to not be rejected anymore. You can easily help others fit in somewhere you are, but you find it difficult to fit yourself in with others. It’s important to recognize that we are all divine beings, interconnected, and that we belong everywhere- not just with those who are of like mind. You may feel lonely and a little bitter because of this and reject anyone that doesn’t fit into your description of ‘friend’ because you fear the connection not working out. Learn to make connections without preconceived notions of how it’s going to go, and remember that ‘everyone you meet is your guru’. You have something to gain from everyone just as everyone has something to gain by coming into contact with you.

Chiron in the 12th house: This shows your deepest wound residing in your psyche. Any placement in the 12th house is a very spiritual one, and those not on a spiritual path will feel 12th house energy in a ‘negative’ way because it is relentless in sending lessons our way until we learn them. This placement shows that you have difficulty opening yourself up to others, yet are extremely empathetic and desire to help those in need and often encourage others to share with you their problems so you can help. You may be fiercely private. You may have special psychic abilities. You may reject these abilities and deny them to much frustration. Chiron in the 12th will keep throwing difficulties your way in order to teach you lessons in acceptance and seeing the bigger picture. One may feel plagued, but the plague shall end when once simply accepts. Accept yourself, accept others, explore your own spirituality and find a path that suits you and walk it. Compassion is the necessity behind this house, and that means for yourself as well as for others.

Other parts of your natal chart-

Juno– How do you handle committed relationships? This position shows your patterns of commitment and what would truly get you to commit without fear. She rules marriage, serious relationships, and outer unions.

Ceres– What brings out your inner nurturer? Ceres rules what we deeply care about and want to protect. She is our mothering aspect, pointing us to where we crave to pour our soul into and nurture.

Pallas (Athene)- How do you approach solving problems that seem too big to handle? She rules our creative thinking in how to take steps toward achieving our goals. She is where we mentally jump into warrior mode to attack our problems head on instead of hiding from them in fear.

Chiron– Where is the deepest wound you carry? This shows where we have wounded ourselves and when faced with healing this wound, thus starts our spiritual journey. Many say this wound can not be healed, but that is defeating. This wound can most definitely be healed, it just takes a lot of self-discovery and acceptance which is why it sparks a spiritual journey.

Vesta– What is most sacred to you? Vesta rules our deepest self-commitment. She is the keeper of the fire of life and the sworn celibate priestess. She rules sacred sexuality and shows us how we express our sexuality on a spiritual level. She shows what we view as holy, and what we commit ourselves to throughout a lifetime.

Part of Fortune– What area of life will bring you the most success? This rules the area that we are most fortunate in, whether it is obvious or not. It can point to what attitudes one needs to cultivate in order to integrate harmony between your sun, moon, and ascendant, therefor releasing that beneficial energy.


The comet Chiron is one of my favorite parts of a chart. It represents the ‘wounded healer’. You will hear me say this a lot because it’s the perfect description, coined by Carl Jung (does anyone else have a huge crush on him?), for this aspect all wrapped up in two words. Chiron marks the spot that we have deep psychological wounding. It is the area that overwhelms us with pain that we can’t seem to move past. It is where we lack confidence or where we try to overcompensate to seem not as affected as we are by it. But, it is also the place that shows where our greatest insight comes from. It shows us our ability to heal others. Wherever Chiron is placed, this is where your greatest source of wisdom will come from and that wisdom is best used in helping others with the same problems you faced. You can easily help others overcome whatever area Chiron inhabits with your insights. This is the beauty of Chiron.

Chiron was a well respected and highly intelligent centaur in Greek mythology. He was looked at as a teacher and brought up many great minds as well as taught medicine and the art of healing. The story goes that he was accidentally shot with an arrow with Hydra’s poison on it, but since he was immortal, he couldn’t die and so suffered in agony. He could not heal himself though he was regarded as the greatest healer in the land. Irony, and also ego wounding, is found here. He went into his self-made exile and wandered the land until he came upon Prometheus. Prometheus, as you might know, was chained to a rock and forced to have a bird tear at his liver for eternity unless someone was willing to take his place. Chiron came upon him and took pity on him because of his own experience of agony and told him he would take his place so he could be freed. When this decision was made, Prometheus was freed from his chains and Chiron fell dead. He was then honored by the gods by placing him in the sky as the constellation Sagittarius.

Chiron had his own pain but decided to take on another’s because he was going through/had gone through the same thing. In doing this, he freed the other and himself from the pain. This is the theme of Chiron. We can heal these deep wounds by helping others heal their deep wounds.

Chiron’s placement in your chart is heavily reliant on the house. Whatever house it is positioned in will show where the theme plays out. The sign it is in deals more with the energy of the sign- so Aquarius would be intellect, community, friendships, emotional detachment, ya know, one of those things! The rest follow suit. Where it gets fun is the aspects:

Chiron conjunct a planet in your chart (or on an axis) will affect you strongly. It will be hand in hand with the planet at hand (ha) and must be taken as part of that planets growth. It marks difficulty, but also strength, regarding this planet. The planet and its ruler will also come into play. Chiron opposite a major planet is also important. It shows more difficulty than a conjunction but also more strength, just a rougher course of action and possible set backs or added trials in ones life.