Intuitive Chart Readings!

I have intuitive chart readings available for donations only.
Feel free to donate any amount desired and receive an intuitive chart reading based on one of the following themes chosen at random:

Moon Nurturing
Big Transits
Mars/Sun Relationship
Nodal Influences
Chiron’s Wound
Soul’s Journey
Progressed Planets
Retrogrades in the Chart
Moon Mapping
Dreamy Netpune
Mercury Study
The inner planets
The outer planets
Basic Chart Reading
Planets in Houses
Saturn’s Influence
Major Aspects
Mars’ Power
Career/Life Path
Other (Yay Surprises!)

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Please put in PayPal Notes your Birth Time (exact, and if you don’t know please mention this), Birth Place, Birth Date (write out month) and email you’d like the reading sent to. ***If this information is not present in PayPal notes I cannot complete a reading for you. You MUST include your email so I can confirm you are the one who sent the donation and so I have somewhere to send the reading.

Other Info:
Chart Readings are of varied lengths (between 200 words and 2,000 words) and can take up to three weeks (usually much less) to be delivered to your email.

Follow up questions are welcomed; I will try to get to at least one follow up question per chart.

Email for questions/comments.