Super Moon in Aquarius tonight! 1.30.14

Tonight marks the New moon in Aquarius, which is also a Super moon. It is the second Super moon of the month, which won’t happen again until 2018! We had our first Super moon in Capricorn, that slapped us back into reality and the recognition of what we need to do whether we like it or not. With Aquarius blessing tonight’s Super moon, a lighter approach is taken, and the weight is lifted off of our shoulders through the gift of new ideas. Having confidence in ourselves will reap beautiful new approaches to those very things we realized in the Capricorn moon that we couldn’t escape- though we must face reality, we can do it in a more constructive and positive way, a way that is more creative rather than oppressive.

This Aquarius Super moon will affect the community as a whole. There will be advances in communication, reforms that increase the quality of life, and bright new opportunities for bringing others together. You can do your part by embracing the coming energy, shedding personal blockages, spreading compassion to those you come in contact with, and believing in yourself.

If you feel the need to get something down on paper- write! Now is the time to start projects or join community groups that can benefit everyone involved. Compassion is the goal of Aquarius, bringing everyone together in harmony and rising above the mundane difficulties into our divine selves, and recognizing the divine spirit in others. Helping others realize their potential is the work of Aquarius. Uranus is sparking his lightning bolts into the minds of each us, hoping to flare up much needed passion to ACT!

Tomorrow, Venus will be riled out of its retrograde period that it’s been hiding out in for the last month and a half. Things may have been lying dormant in your love life, or you have waited to act on something you couldn’t decide on. No doubt past loves or past circumstances have popped up during this time to remind you of what was left behind. To remind you that you can leave things behind, and you can start new. When Venus goes direct late tomorrow, a shift will begin in our pleasure’s sphere. We will feel ourselves in need of taking action, deciding on things we’ve left unfinished, and changing up the old ways we used to deal with love. New insights and revelations are expected. Go with the flow, feel yourself letting go, and embrace it.

Tonight is a great night to put your crystals out on your windowsill, yard, or nestled in your garden so that they can soak up the Super moon’s energy. It will refresh them, creating a stronger energy field around them. They will thank you:)

Tonight is also a great time to take a few minutes to meditate, write, and/or think about what you’re thankful for and what you would like to change. Setting the intention and going after the change you perceive will make you happy is going to make it happen. There is no fail! Enjoy, my darling souls, and as always, peace be with you.

Mercury entering into Aquarius;

Today, January 11th, 2014, Mercury made its first transition of the year! It went from structured, conservative Capricorn, to eccentric and inventive Aquarius! Mercury loves to be in air signs, and so you might be feeling a slight weight lifted off your shoulders when it comes to constantly critiquing yourself and where you’re going in life. Aquarius IS interested in the future, however; it’s a lighter, more optimistic outlook. Take advantage of this time to intellectualize emotions, ask yourself questions, and write things down. You will probably notice more and more synchronicity as Mercury travels through Aquarius. This is the sign of quick changes, rapid growth, and sparks of genius. It is the connection between us and everyone around us. Capricorn was a little too stifled to bring about too much synchronicity (though Venus retrograde helped). But it was a good sign to get our New Year’s resolutions decided upon and up and running. It’s important to not let the Aquarius Mercury ignore the new guidelines you set for yourself when Capricorn was all lined up. You will probably have a million more ideas in your head of how to better yourself and the world around you but stick with those original ideas and follow them through. But still keep the Aquarius ideas in a notebook and feel free, of course, to make some more goals for yourself. The Mercury retrograde is coming in February so get all your planning, intellectualizing, and projects into motion now!

Some fun things to do while Mercury is in Aquarius:

  • Learn about something you didn’t quite understand or have time for before. Now’s a great time for understanding previously complicated subjects.
  • Read anything non-fiction. It will stick with you and most likely inspire you.
  • Connect with others- share your opinions and ideas. It’s a great time to bounce ideas off of others and others will have great input as well.
  • Volunteer, especially something to do with teaching. Expanding your energy to help others will evoke new found meaning.
  • Write! Even if you aren’t a great writer or don’t enjoy it too much, this is a good time to let the words flow and possibly spark some genius.
  • Share your writing, share books you love with others, share, share share! Aquarius is all about community. You and those you share with will be especially pleased at this time and it can add to new insights.

Also be sure to check your natal chart with today’s chart and check any interesting transits you may have. Any of you with Gemini, Aquarius, or Libra in your chart will be heavily affected. As well as those that have planets in their 11th house, 3rd, or 5th house (Mercury is currently in the 5th house).