Venus in the 5th house


Those with their Venus in the 5th house have a marked sense of creativity. They are the creators of the Venus clan, and give birth to many great ideas and projects. They have a need to express themselves through some sort of medium. They feel most optimistic when they are creating, whether it’s art, music, literature, or bonds with others. They are sensual and pleasure-seeking and make exciting partners. Their lovers will be generously adored and they will pour their affections into those they choose without boundary. Their love sign is in the house of Leo, and Leo’s are very proud of their partners. They will see them through rose-colored glasses and praise them regularly, but, they like to be praised regularly too. Those with Venus in the 5th house can feel very lonely and unappreciated if they are not being recognized for something. They need to be recognized for their self-expression and normally are without much difficulty since they are natural performers and enjoy creative activities. They are playful and most enjoy a good cuddle or a good romp. They find joy and optimism in another beautiful and highly attractive. They will go after a partner that pleases them with compliments and attention. Venus in the 5th house tend to have many love affairs throughout their life, but are not afraid of long term commitments if they found someone they truly love. They tend to be dramatic with their emotions, actions, and words. This can sometimes repel certain personalities, but tends to attract more positive attention than anything else. They must be sure not to become too prideful or sulking in their need for praise. They also much be sure not to feel insecure or question their self worth because people aren’t outwardly saying things to boost their ego. They must find their own inner confidence no matter what the circumstances are, which shouldn’t be hard for these fire-housed Venus natives.

Venus in the 3rd house


Those born with their Venus, the planet of love, in the 3rd house are quite the lively bunch. They are happiest when engaged in conversation, discussing things they are interested in or are learning about, and immersing themselves in the variety of every day life. These people are mental lovers. They may fall in love with another’s intelligence or the way they communicate. They need a lover they can talk to, one that knows a little about everything. They tend to be attracted to the sign Gemini, no doubt, because Gemini rules the 3rd house, and like Gemini, they are infatuated with words and meanings. They may love literature or poetry, journalism or lyrics. They are definite analyzers and want to explore their lover’s mind forever. When they find out there’s nothing left to learn, they get antsy. They need a partner that is either constantly evolving, has a vivid imagination and thirst for knowledge, or they will move on to something new. There is of course a way to have a long term relationship with those with this placement, but they need to satisfy this Venus in some way, whether it’s through friends, career, or hobbies. They enjoy connecting with others and linking interests together. They grow excited easily when another favors the same things they do. They are big talkers, or writers, depending on how social they are. They tend to be somewhat flirty, using their intelligence to charm. These people would be well suited with a writer or a poet. Venus in the 3rd house natives can be somewhat mischievous at times and get bored easily. They need a lot of mental stimulation and without it, their mind wanders, which is where the mischievous attitude can come from. The most important thing for a Venus in the 3rd house to learn is to be honest with their words and intentions- just because you can get away with something doesn’t mean you should. Have good intent, love honestly and openly, and embrace who you are without hiding behind any masks. You are a charming, witty lover and will delight whoever you decide to love.

Venus in the 4th house


Those born with Venus in their 4th house are aligned with the sign Cancer. They are most likely often nostalgic or working towards creating a better environment for themselves. They enjoy making their home the center of their lives, decorating it and making it cozy for themselves and others who live there. They need a home environment that is peaceful and promotes relaxation in order to be happy. A home in upheaval will lead this individual to also be in upheaval. They are often highly attached to their family, or those they consider their family, and want a family of their own. Their sense of love is imprinted onto them depending on their childhood and how their family got along. With difficulties on the home front, the individual may have grown up with deep insecurity and lash out in ways that they and others don’t understand when it comes to their property, the way they do things, or who they love. They are fiercely protective over those they love and will stop at nothing to make sure no harm comes to them. They are nurturing and are skilled at making others feel at ease, safe, and secure. They need a lover that makes them feel the same way. They may be jealous at times if their partner doesn’t spend enough time with them. They need a lot of reassurance in love, and will offer their own to their partner, too. They enjoy cozy evenings in most often. Those with their Venus in the 4th house tend to be seen as able to be trusted. They are seen as reliable partners and extremely loving and caring towards those in their favor. These souls crave stability in their environment and just want to be surrounded by feelings of peace- their home is their escape, they need some sort one in order to recharge from the negativity of the world.

Venus in the 9th house


Those born with Venus in the 9th house are blessed with the adventurous spirit. They are broad-minded and have a love for expansion. Those with this position, no matter what sign their Venus is in, have a Sagittarius flare to how they love. They may fall in love easily with those who offer them new experiences. They are the lovers of life, the experience-junkies. They enjoy variety and trying out everything, this includes relationships. They can easily fall in love with more than one person at once, or even places, topics of learning, etc. They have a need for knowledge. They are lifelong students and soak up as much information as they can in every way that they can. They enjoy having a good time, and others around them having a good time. Those with Venus in the 9th house will most likely adore traveling, learning about new cultures or even participating in them. They may feel they have had past lives somewhere far away and travel to find that lost connection. Making friends with everyone around them, they don’t let any information slip through the cracks. Other people’s experiences are their learning materials. They may not be physical travelers, some are mind travelers, expanding their knowledge over a wide variety of subjects or learning things from others. They are optimistic normally. They love foreign ideas and anything to do with changing up the way things work for the better. They’re seekers and will listen to what you have to say. They will also have a lot to say themselves.

With those born with their Venus in the 9th house, it may be hard to stick in a relationship for too long. Craving newness is a phase all relationships go through, but with this position, they are most likely to act on it rather than waiting around. If they don’t feel a relationship can expand their awareness, teach them more things, or offer anything else to them, they feel the magic gone. It can be hard to deal with the reality of commitment once things run steadily. They aren’t the type to enjoy routine. These are also the kind of people who can fall in love with their teachers, or anyone offering guidance. They do strive in relationships that work towards a similar goal, and love those who have similar wants and want to go to similar places. If a lover is as spontaneous and fun-loving and open minded as a Venus in the 9th house, then they can stay hooked for a lifetime. Never stop exploring, you love souls:)

Venus in the 6th house


Those born with their Venus, the planet of love, in their 6th house are fond of routine. They want to be surrounded by harmony, and for everything to run smoothly in order to be happy. They are willing to do the extra work to make their life this way. This position shows a person that takes a great deal of pride in their actions. They are very committed what they see as their ‘duty’ in whatever they do. When it comes to work, they are above average workers and enjoy making things orderly and presentable. They love to organize and set things into place. This house is ruled by Virgo, which can sometimes be a perfectionist. They may either expect those they love to be perfect or expect of themselves to be perfect, but none will even suffice with this attitude. They want someone that fits in their daily routine, and makes their daily routine enjoyable. Someone that adds too much negativity, stress, or even excess emotion can turn this person off. They do have a huge need for sharing themselves and their skills. When they love someone, they may not be extremely verbal in expressing it, but they will do many tangible things for them to show the person that they love them. They quite literally use their actions to speak for their heart. With an unevolved Venus in the 6th house, this person may expect their lover to do everything FOR them and not feel loved if their lover doesn’t ‘take care’ of them or show their love in a tangible way. It can swing both ways, but most people are the first mentioned, wanting to be of service more than anything else. They believe that being useful is the best way to find love. They must realize though, that by giving too much of themselves they can be taken advantage of. Venus in the 6th don’t tend to be pushovers and are very realistic in their approach to love, but can be blindsided with manipulation if they have low self esteem, doing everything in their power to keep their lover by providing for them. This is not love. Finding someone to appreciate what you do for them is a better option. As well as mutual helpfulness. You can find self love by catering to your own needs and not punishing yourself for not being perfect.

Venus in the 2nd house


Those born with Venus, the planet of love, in the 2nd house come in two different modes. The first is a material driven person. The second is a value driven person. I will go into both of these, and some may not be in one category or the other and may mesh, but others are extremely one way rather than the other.

Those born with Venus in the 2nd house do share commonalities though. These people are attachment prone. They desire greatly, and own greatly, whatever it is that they have their hands on. The 2nd house is ruled by Taurus, and Taurus are known to become obsessive over what is theirs. They are beauty loving and appreciate the surroundings they find themselves in. They are willing to work hard to create a life that pleases them. With the planet of love here, love becomes possessive, and if the native doesn’t learn to deal with this in a productive way, it can lead to a lot of heartache. With a lover, this native may think that if they let themselves love them, then they must be fully devoted and the other must be as well. No shortcuts, no ways around it. Love means ‘we belong to each other’. This is because they place a high value on love. With air signs, this need may not be as intense. Fire signs can be adamant of this one second and flexible on it the next. Water and earth signs, these are the ones that feel this more intensely and can find it hard to detach themselves from it. Earth signs tend to be more prone toward the attachment to money side out of all the other elements.

Venus in the 2nd house love to take care of their loved ones. They want to make you feel secure and for you to make them feel secure. Love can bring out the sensual nature in them and the protective caretaker, the hard worker that brings the family food to eat, the one with strong values that they refuse to break or bend on.

Those with a more materialistic side of the 2nd house are possibly too realistic as they could be workaholics or have no morals that aren’t able to be broken if gain is involved. That may be a little intense, but for some with this position, it is true. They can be ruthless in their drive to make their life exactly how they want it, or to make the lives of their loved ones perfect. They may find themselves falling in love with someone that can bring them more success. They may gravitate towards wealthier partners to ensure their own success. They need to feel financially secure to be happy.

Those with a more value geared side of the 2nd house are extremely honorable people. They have strong values that they’ve made for themselves and uphold their self-worth with these values. Other people breaking these values can bring harsh judgement. Whatever it is that they value, they value it immensely and it is the forefront of their lives. This can be multiple things, a single thing, or simply just who they see themselves as. It’s a very wide area.

The important thing for a Venus in the 2nd house native to learn is the need for broadening their horizons. Being open minded and possibly even letting new views shape their own if they feel themselves stubbornly clinging onto old ideas. To not judge those who don’t uphold their sense of morality, or to not disregard their need for treating others nicely just to get ahead. To not attach themselves so readily, or give of themselves too much to wear they are empty. Life is about letting go, life is all about changes, and with the planet of love clinging to everything it adores, it can get messy. Appreciate what you have when you have it. For those who are too focused on money, open up your eyes and realize where that’s going to get you when it truly comes to love.

Venus in the 12th house


When your Venus, the planet of love, resides in your 12th house, the way you love is complicated. You are in the house of Pisces, the fish that swims deeper and deeper into the abyss looking to get nowhere at all. Just enjoying the ride. Appreciating the surroundings and enjoying the feelings. You love things that touch your soul. You are sensitive and compassionate when it comes to love. You are one of those partners that will sacrifice all of themselves to the person they love. This can go too far, however, and you must learn to set boundaries. When in love, you need to distinguish between yourself and your lover on a regular basis. It’s too easy to blend into them and leave out your own wants and needs. There comes an unconscious feeling of unworthiness that you need to come to terms with before being in a serious romantic relationship. You are worthy of love, you are worthy of devotion, and you should not settle for less than what makes you feel happy and content. 12th house Venus natives tend to settle and live out their love through fantasy rather than face the dull reality of it (if it is dull). They can easily get wrapped up in lost love or unrequited love or long-distance love. They are the poets, and even though some may not be gifted in this area, their emotions are poetic enough. They are highly romantic. They may have high ideals in love and feel like those ideals are never satisfied with reality. This can disappoint them often if they don’t get settled back into reality (though, depending on the sign it’s in, this can be intense or almost nonexistent). Venus in the 12th house has the ability to love everyone around with the utmost compassion. This is an evolved trait, though, and lower maturity levels can lead to more a love of addiction or chasing fantasies that will never come true. With a more evolved type, the feeling of unconditional love comes easy to them and they may even be able to feel the universe sending that love back towards them. Self love is the key to dealing with Venus in the 12th house, because though it’s easy to sacrifice yourself if you care little for yourself, you can do much more good by thriving, loving yourself, and loving others than draining yourself constantly to try and comfort others.  Those with this placement also may feel the need to repress their need for love since it can cause a lot of pain for them. This is the worst thing a Venus in the 12th house can do. It doesn’t just stunt their progress, but sends them backwards, and it’s a slow process of gaining that progress back. Once you repress your ability to love, it’s uncomfortable trying to open yourself up and become vulnerable again and people can go their whole lives avoiding that. Be open, love freely, love yourself.