Planetary Movements


The Sun

Averages 1 degree a day, 30 days in each sign, 365 days to travel the entire zodiac.

The Moon

Averages 13.5 degrees a day, 2.5 days in each sign, and 28 days to travel the entire zodiac.


Mercury retrogrades, meaning its journey is not the same for each sign. Mercury travels through each sign an average of 14-30 days and takes around one year to make its way through the zodiac.


Venus has an interesting orbit as well, she travels 1 degree or less a day and also retrogrades. She spends anywhere from 23 days to 2 months in each sign and takes 8 years to travel the entire zodiac.


Mars moves less than one degree a day, stays in each sign around 1 and a half months (depending on retrograde) and takes about 2 years to travel throughout the entire zodiac.


Jupiter travels anywhere from 0-14 minutes a day (depending on retrograde), spends about 1 year in each sign, and makes it through the entire zodiac in about 12 years.


Saturn travels under 8 minutes a day, stays in each sign about 2 and a half years, and travels the entire zodiac on average every 29.5 years. (29.5 is average for a person’s Saturn return which is a big deal!)


Uranus travels under 4 minutes a day, stays in each sign around 7 years, and takes about 84 years to travel the entire zodiac.


Neptune travels under 3 minutes a day, stays in each sign around 14 years, and goes through the entire zodiac every 165 years on average.


Pluto travels under 3 minutes a day, spends 14-30 years in each sign, and travels through the entire zodiac about every 248 years.

Venus Enters Taurus on Libra Full Moon 3/31/18


Venus has entered Taurus today – I know, I know. I’m late! The bull is patient though so I don’t think it’ll mind. Venus will stay in Taurus until April 24th, 2018.

This particular transit is important because it’s happening at the same time as the Libra full moon. Venus rules both signs, Libra and Taurus, highlighting Venusian energy during this time.

Concepts surrounding love, beauty, attraction, relationships, self-confidence, and values are at the forefront. Check out where Libra & Taurus sit in your chart (house cusps and any house they might blend into) and those areas are the ones most likely affected by these concepts.

Here’s the Venus in Taurus aspects to look out for throughout April.

Venus Trine Saturn: Desire to solidify relationships, ending of trivial relationships, a realistic approach to beauty and love.
Venus Trine Mars: Sexual compatibility, melding together of complimentary energies. Motivation spikes, eager to please.
Venus Square NN: Love and beauty irritating karmic goals, needing to make adjustments in these departments that may seem uncomfortable but are ultimately geared toward future happiness.
Venus opposition Jupiter Retrograde: Inner turmoil over secrets and relationships, the need to heal rather than repress – can be positive when energies are expressed equally. Look out for favoring one energy over the other and projecting the other energy outward.
Venus Sextile Neptune: Dreamy, lovey feelings – make sure to avoid delusion. But enjoy the deep feel of love, intimacy and connection.
Venus trine Pluto: Depending on how the Venus/Neptune sextile expresses – this can be highly transformational. Love, relationships and beauty may be seen in a different light, changes made to previously outdated points of view, healing of pain associated with these concepts. Avoid jealousy, obsession, and release paranoia.

Venus into Sagittarius Horoscopes


Yesterday, December 1st, Venus entered into Sagittarius! She’s now transiting through Sagittarius, gifting each of us a new way to observe how we love and what we love. What does this mean for each sign?

Aries, Venus is hitting your house of expansion. It’s time to explore! Travel, expand your mind, focus on higher learning, discover new things that excite you. Venus is feeling very happy here and wants to bring you on an adventure.

Taurus, Venus is delving deep inside you. It’s time to take a deeper look at yourself- take your time navigating your inner world. Avoid ignoring issues you know need to be explored. You can make great strides if you listen to your heart.

Gemini, Venus feels quite at home in your 7th house of relationships. This is a great time to focus on your relationship and do extra romantic things. If single, it’s an optimistic time of new budding romances.

Cancer, you are focusing on your body and health while Venus is transiting Sagittarius. You may be extra focused on becoming more healthy, and if you aren’t, you should take steps to care for yourself on a day to day basis. Perhaps start a yoga routine, eat some extra leafy vegetables, and drink more water. That’s just a start!

Leo, you’re feeling extra sassy and flirty now! You might have a boost in creativity and desires to go out and let a little loose. Have some fun, connect with your inner child.

Virgo, your home life is extra important. You might want to redecorate or clean up a bit around the house. Add something special to your home that makes it more beautiful. Now is a great time to cozy up with yourself or your loved ones and simply appreciate what you have.

Libra, Venus might make you more chatty than normal. Talk to your siblings or neighbors, find some friends, talk about what you love and what they love. Share gratitude for what you have in your life. Write and read! Something might be revealed to you that you’ve been trying to figure out for awhile now.

Scorpio, now is a time to truly love and take care of yourself. Think about your values and what is most important to you. If you stay true to yourself, this time will be filled with cozy feelings. If you have been straying from your true self, you need to reevaluate and start listening to and loving yourself for who you truly are.

Sagittarius, Venus in your 1st means it’s time to let your personality shine through! Being yourself won’t be hard and you’ll likely feel confident this month, sharing beauty with those around you.

Capricorn, this time is about looking inside yourself. Meditating can be helpful, but Sagittarius in your 12th will illuminate how you treat love and beauty in your life and demand you take steps to harvest true love in your life.

Aquarius, you want to spend more time with your friends and so you should! You find a sense of loving connection when with those you love. Write down hopes and wishes and steps to manifest those into your life!

Pisces, you might be focused on how others view you or your career. This is a good time to map out what you want to do with your life, or how you want to put your mark on the world. You’ll be feeling optimistic about the future.

The Planet reference guide!

Sun is your personality. It’s who you are as a person. Your spirit. Your vitality. What makes you feel fulfilled on a personal level.

Your Ascendant is what others see you as, it’s a mask to the outside world, who you are in social situations. How you project yourself out to others.

Moon represents your emotions. It is your soul. The way you nurture and need to be nurtured. How you filter information internally in regards to your immediate reactions and feelings.

Venus represents how you love. It is what you find beautiful and attractive. What excites your spirit and soothes your soul. How you love and how you recognize and feel love. It is also our divine feminine energy.

Mars is the warrior planet and therefor rules dominance. It is our divine masculine energy. It rules anger and physical reactions. It is how we take action, what makes us take action, and what stirs us. What we find desiring and sexually pleasing.

Pluto is the planet of death and regeneration. It throws constant trials our way in order to teach us lessons. It is the planet of destruction in order to make room for creation. It is a highly internal, primal, and intense energy.

Jupiter is our ‘bigger picture’ of the world. It rules optimism and the future. It is expansive and all inclusive. It’s bursting with excitement, joy, and hope. It rules justice and truth.

Uranus is the trickster planet and likes to throw a wrench in our plans. It is the eccentric genius. It shows us where we differ from the crowd, where we stand independent, and where we get sparks of insight and inspiration for positive progression.

Saturn is the harsh reality- it’s every day life. It’s where we must put in time in order to see results. It’s the tangible world, the daily routine, the strict rules. It restricts. It sets boundaries. It lays down the law.

Neptune is very elusive, ruling over dreams and escapism. It has domain over drugs, fantasy, undercurrents of life, the collective unconscious. It is everything yet it is nothing. It casts a fog wherever it goes. It shows illusions and personal delusions and things that may or may not truly be there.

Venus in the 8th house


Those that were born with their planet of love, Venus, in the 8th house are intense and all-encompassing. They contain the essence of Scorpio in the way that they love, and what they find attractive. When they love, it is a penetrating type of love. They crave the key to their lovers mind, heart, and soul, and will accept nothing less. Preferring a more mysterious partner, these natives tend to go after the dark types, possibly even those with an aura of danger or those that ooze sex appeal. In fact, these natives ooze sex appeal themselves. Others see them as the temptress, almost irresistible, and highly seductive. Those with their Venus in the 8th house have an air about them that promises a deep connection and mind blowing pleasures. With those that they love, they expect full commitment and loyalty. This goes with lovers, close friends, and even business partners. They don’t trust easily or give their heart up easily. They aren’t easily swayed and can be stubborn in their affairs. These natives are skilled at connecting with others and gain their trust by be so accepting of the dark side. They are interested in secrets, and though they won’t share their own willingly, they adore getting them out of others. Conversing with these individuals is rarely ever light. They don’t much enjoy small talk and prefer to get down to the depths of the soul. Venus in the 8th house can be slightly manipulative, especially with those they feel they are losing their power with. Power is important to them, emotional control is important to them, whether it’s conscious or unconscious. When they feel their partner slipping from their fingers they can feel a strong, contained rage. They can be highly vindictive when losing a lover. When having a lover, they get jealous easily. All this comes from their deep emotions, and whether they want to feel it or not, they do. They crave giving their own mind, body, and soul to a lover but rarely find one that they can trust that much to give all three. Letting go of past hurts, and letting go of things that need not be magnified, and trusting despite what consequences might come, are all lessons of the 8th house.

Venus in the 10th house


Those born with Venus in the 10th house are the most likely of all the Venus natives to be successful. The reason is because their sign of love is in their career house, giving them the motivation to go forward and create something that makes them happy. These natives are most likely liked by the majority of those who meet them, at least those in power, and are seen as charming yet determined. They feel the most happy when their work, career, or goals are being sought after. This gives them incredible stamina and the need to succeed. Once a goal is met, they tend to go right on to the next one. Those with Venus in the 10th house can fall into the trap of being workaholics and ignore their need for human connections or other humanly pleasures. This is not always the case, but if you have this position and see yourself heading that way, be sure to make room for human connections so that you don’t find yourself lonely and regretting not paying enough attention to those that loved you. These natives are also attracted to those in positions of power. They find ambition and drive very attractive in the opposite sex (or same sex, depending on their preference) and gravitate to those who are wealthy, powerful, and successful. They may have a lot of role models that they look up to, or denounce role models in favor of making themselves the one to be looked up to, but in any case, they want to be recognized for their efforts. Though not always true, these natives tend to be respectful of society and the structures with which they are surrounded with. They tend to be more conservative in the way they they love and don’t enjoy excess of emotion. Positively, those with their Venus in the 10th house will prefer to work their whole lives, or, only decide to relax when they have finished what they felt was their destiny to finish. These people have great talents waiting to be discovered and will succeed if they decide that’s what they want to do.

Venus in the 7th house


Venus is undoubtedly at home in the 7th house, spinning around in circles enjoying herself with the Libra energy surrounding her. Whether or not you have your Venus in the Libra, Venus in the 7th house feels it, because Libra rules this house. Those with Venus in the 7th are naturally very charming people. They crave harmony in their relationships, whether it’s with a lover or anyone else, they do their best to accommodate the others’ needs. This is not saying they are doormats. If the accommodations are not being made by the other party, this native will easily cut them off from their favor. In love, they are exceedingly helpful. They are fair minded and want their partner to know that they are willing to compromise. These natives have a tendency to become too attached to their lover, revolving their life around them, maybe even morphing their personality to better fit them. They feel a need to be with someone, and when they’re with someone, they want it to be harmonious. This, of course, doesn’t always work out in their favor. Being alone is hard for them and they feel a part of themselves missing. They live to please, share in pleasures, share in life with another. You crave mutual satisfaction. These natives tend to prefer committed relationships over casual ones. They pour their entire being into their partner, and so, wish loyalty and respect. These people enjoy surrounding themselves with loved ones and exploring the relationship they’re in over anything else. Arguments or disagreements highly upset this native and they may be thrown off track when they occur. They need to learn to deal with disagreements and talk through them rather than ignoring them or pretending they aren’t there. They also need to learn how to be happy on their own when not in a relationship so that co-dependency doesn’t occur. These people are loving and charming and can easily sway others in their favor and don’t need much help convincing others they would be perfect with them. Other people tend to see them as their match do to their nature rather than actual reality.

Venus in the 5th house


Those with their Venus in the 5th house have a marked sense of creativity. They are the creators of the Venus clan, and give birth to many great ideas and projects. They have a need to express themselves through some sort of medium. They feel most optimistic when they are creating, whether it’s art, music, literature, or bonds with others. They are sensual and pleasure-seeking and make exciting partners. Their lovers will be generously adored and they will pour their affections into those they choose without boundary. Their love sign is in the house of Leo, and Leo’s are very proud of their partners. They will see them through rose-colored glasses and praise them regularly, but, they like to be praised regularly too. Those with Venus in the 5th house can feel very lonely and unappreciated if they are not being recognized for something. They need to be recognized for their self-expression and normally are without much difficulty since they are natural performers and enjoy creative activities. They are playful and most enjoy a good cuddle or a good romp. They find joy and optimism in another beautiful and highly attractive. They will go after a partner that pleases them with compliments and attention. Venus in the 5th house tend to have many love affairs throughout their life, but are not afraid of long term commitments if they found someone they truly love. They tend to be dramatic with their emotions, actions, and words. This can sometimes repel certain personalities, but tends to attract more positive attention than anything else. They must be sure not to become too prideful or sulking in their need for praise. They also much be sure not to feel insecure or question their self worth because people aren’t outwardly saying things to boost their ego. They must find their own inner confidence no matter what the circumstances are, which shouldn’t be hard for these fire-housed Venus natives.

Venus in the 3rd house


Those born with their Venus, the planet of love, in the 3rd house are quite the lively bunch. They are happiest when engaged in conversation, discussing things they are interested in or are learning about, and immersing themselves in the variety of every day life. These people are mental lovers. They may fall in love with another’s intelligence or the way they communicate. They need a lover they can talk to, one that knows a little about everything. They tend to be attracted to the sign Gemini, no doubt, because Gemini rules the 3rd house, and like Gemini, they are infatuated with words and meanings. They may love literature or poetry, journalism or lyrics. They are definite analyzers and want to explore their lover’s mind forever. When they find out there’s nothing left to learn, they get antsy. They need a partner that is either constantly evolving, has a vivid imagination and thirst for knowledge, or they will move on to something new. There is of course a way to have a long term relationship with those with this placement, but they need to satisfy this Venus in some way, whether it’s through friends, career, or hobbies. They enjoy connecting with others and linking interests together. They grow excited easily when another favors the same things they do. They are big talkers, or writers, depending on how social they are. They tend to be somewhat flirty, using their intelligence to charm. These people would be well suited with a writer or a poet. Venus in the 3rd house natives can be somewhat mischievous at times and get bored easily. They need a lot of mental stimulation and without it, their mind wanders, which is where the mischievous attitude can come from. The most important thing for a Venus in the 3rd house to learn is to be honest with their words and intentions- just because you can get away with something doesn’t mean you should. Have good intent, love honestly and openly, and embrace who you are without hiding behind any masks. You are a charming, witty lover and will delight whoever you decide to love.

Venus in the 4th house


Those born with Venus in their 4th house are aligned with the sign Cancer. They are most likely often nostalgic or working towards creating a better environment for themselves. They enjoy making their home the center of their lives, decorating it and making it cozy for themselves and others who live there. They need a home environment that is peaceful and promotes relaxation in order to be happy. A home in upheaval will lead this individual to also be in upheaval. They are often highly attached to their family, or those they consider their family, and want a family of their own. Their sense of love is imprinted onto them depending on their childhood and how their family got along. With difficulties on the home front, the individual may have grown up with deep insecurity and lash out in ways that they and others don’t understand when it comes to their property, the way they do things, or who they love. They are fiercely protective over those they love and will stop at nothing to make sure no harm comes to them. They are nurturing and are skilled at making others feel at ease, safe, and secure. They need a lover that makes them feel the same way. They may be jealous at times if their partner doesn’t spend enough time with them. They need a lot of reassurance in love, and will offer their own to their partner, too. They enjoy cozy evenings in most often. Those with their Venus in the 4th house tend to be seen as able to be trusted. They are seen as reliable partners and extremely loving and caring towards those in their favor. These souls crave stability in their environment and just want to be surrounded by feelings of peace- their home is their escape, they need some sort one in order to recharge from the negativity of the world.