A quick look at Eris


Eris recently caught my eye and after doing hours of research I realized that not many people write about this dwarf planet. Many don’t bother to look at Eris in their charts, but for those who have Eris conjuncting a personal planet or making a tight aspect to important parts of their chart, they might come up frustrated in their search for meaning.

Though Eris hasn’t been studied extensively and there are many different theories on how it plays out in our charts, it’s worth taking a look at.

Eris is known as being rather treacherous. She belongs with Mercury, painting herself as a trickster in the arena of archetypes, but also connects with Mars and Aries as she demands action. She is known to cause discord and chaos. I do not believe Eris is intrinsically bad. Just like Pluto can cause major destruction, it’s well known that that destruction is making way for better and brighter things in our lives. It’s clearing out what we either didn’t know needed to be cleared or were to scared to scared to clean out ourselves. Eris follows this same rule but in a different twist. She desires transformation in the way one approaches and thinks, and she often does it in a unique and poetic way. Being creative about teaching one harsh lessons can seem cruel, but we must let her abide by her personal flavor. You can’t take the trick out of the trickster, you can just learn what they’re trying to teach you.

Essentially, Eris is brash and unapologetic, but she is not cruel. She uses clever tactics in order to force you to think deeply about what she’s telling you. She works in metaphors and symbols, urging you to delve in rather than ignore. If she is ignored, dire consequences are to be had. The more you push her out, the harder she will strike. The earlier you acknowledge and the more flexible you are in adhering to what she’s teaching, the lighter the ‘sentence’ will be.

Take a look at your chart- planets in TIGHT aspect to Eris and the house Eris resides in shows where you likely learn most of your harsh lessons through difficult ordeals that may seem simply ‘unfair.’ These ordeals may be very shocking, seem cruel, or have you saying ‘why me?’ Perhaps on a lighter side they may be ironic or even humorous. Eris in a house can shed light on where you’ve been forced to change your mind and be more flexible. It’s possible that you will have to morph your ways relating to the house/planet for the rest of your life- hopefully with it being easier and easier as time goes on.

Quaoar, the Dwarf Planet

Quaoar is a dwarf planet that is named after the Tongva Native American’s God or creation force. Quaoar was recently discovered, but the mythology behind it tells us of its function in our charts. Quaoar rules manifestation- it is where we bring into being that which we desire. Many don’t use Quaoar in their chart interpretations because this idea seems vague and there is not much research done on it; I find Quaoar helpful when on a spiritual journey. This life is a spiritual journey, and to those who have eyes open to this, Quaoar is there to help. We can use its energy to show where our desires can most beneficially come into play and enter our reality. Within Quaoar’s mythology, it is seen as a creation force. This force is alive and well within all of us and we use it every day (to most without conscious awareness). If we can learn to harness this energy, and work with it, we can create our own personal reality that lines up with our purest desires. We can do this by tapping into our source of intuition and letting it guide us just like when we allow the music to move our bodies without restricting the movement. This is the path of joyful creation, discovering the connection of everything, and using that knowledge to bring about a brighter future.
Quaoar is currently in Scorpio (specifically, now in 2014, at 27 degrees). As usual, when this dwarf planet hits an angle or another planet in your chart up to 1 degree, the energy will be most apparent. You can see what house it falls under as well to decide where to start utilizing your manifestation powers. Though, the divine beings we are- we are able to manifest always, in any area of life, whenever we please. We are truly magical creations.

The fixed star Algol



Algol sits at 26 degrees Taurus. As most know, the fixed star Algol has quite the negative reputation. There’s no surprise why it is known as the star in the zodiac that houses evil considering all it represents.

Algol is terror, destruction, and mutation. Algol represents disaster and inhumane acts. It represents both literally and figuratively ‘losing your head’. It has associations with violence and terror. She strikes fear in the hearts of those who see her coming, as there is no escaping her carnage. Murder and tragic death also revolve around Algol.

The myth behind this fixed star is that of Medusa being decapitated by Perseus. Medusa, like Algol, gets a bad reputation. She actually used to be a beautiful vestal virgin before she was raped and impregnated by Neptune. Pallas Athena was repulsed by the ordeal and punished Medusa by turning her into her well known image today with her head of many snakes. The pain and injustice is represented by the poison that Medusa holds inside her. She holds the antidote as well, leading to the positive side to Algol.

Algol holds poison that tortures, maims, and kills her adversaries, but she also holds the power to heal that same poison. This leads to the idea that Algol has a light at the end of the tunnel. Though the pain and destruction are inescapable, the antidote provides immortality…or at least the feeling inside oneself of immortality. The ability to rise above all the terror. The ability to handle anything. This star puts itself in these situations, whether it’s purposefully or subconsciously attracting the situations to them. Possibly to test themselves to see if they can actually handle the darkness, possibly for masochistic pleasure, possibly just for fated reasons…but whatever reason, the fact still stands. There will be difficulty. Those with strong Algol influences in their natal chart are usually well suited to handle these difficulties. They also tend to be catalysts in their own lives and others’ lives.

Having Algol in close conjunction (1-2 degrees) with a personal planets suggests these themes regarding the planet’s area of life. Having Algol in close conjunction with the angles will affect all the angles, but will manifest most obviously on the angle it sits on. Transiting personal planets on Algol need to be observed, and high caution is recommended. Synastry aspects to Algol also need to be approached with caution…it can suggest violence, pain, and injustice.

Another notable factor about this fixed star is its relation to female empowerment. Some say it represents the ‘taking away’ of power from the feminine. This is because of the myth, where Medusa was punished for being raped, and beheaded for this punishment. It can represent female strength being repressed or punished, beating into submission.
Algol also represents alcohol, alcoholism, and trouble regarding this.

One of my favorite explanations is from Abella Arthur stating that “the overarching theme of Algol is improper conduct, and Capulus natives persecute (as in, Perseus) that conduct. Some natives, that have both Algol and Capulus, persecute their own improper conduct and this impropriety often generates shame. Capulus (with or without Algol) natives also persecute Algol or Algol type behavior in others.”

Though this fixed star is mostly trouble, the empowerment it can give can be seen as a gift. It can be used for good- a warrior who isn’t afraid to dive into the deep abyss to fight the monsters for the rest of humanity. Those who do not fear death, pain, rejection, and are willing to go through torture, to reach a specified goal. There is no second guessing, they know they can handle it. They are indestructible. They are capable. And they are dancing in their own blood.

Fixed Stars Mimosa & Acrux


The fixed star Mimosa sits at 11 degrees of Scorpio. This fixed star has an orb of 1 degree, therefor must be within 1 degree of 11 degrees 38′. The above picture is of the Mimosa plant, also known as the sensitive plant because of its response mechanism to touch. When one touches the leaves of a Mimosa plant, they fold in toward themselves. They are extremely sensitive to touch and the reaction takes a lot of energy out of them. The more they are bothered, the shorter life span they have. This reaction is similar to the meaning of this fixed star. Mimosa hitting a personal planet in a chart will show areas of great sensitivity, mostly along the lines of spiritual and intuitive sensitivity. A deep understanding and knowing of things within oneself. The native would be able to intuitive see inside others’ intentions. This position shows wisdom. It shows deep religious or spiritual devotion and a strong connection with mythology. Elsbeth Ebertin suggests this position shows a gift of successful investigation in the hidden side of things or lost knowledge. She also suggests that this position gives the native a grasp of the inner nature of man.

Mimosa is not the brightest star in the constellation Crux in the Southern Cross, but it sits right alongside the brightest, Acrux. In this case, they work together. Acrux sits at 11 degrees 51′ of Scorpio. The orb is officially within 66′ but some use 1 degree, which may mean someone has a personal planet hitting Acrux and not Mimosa, and the other way around. Acrux is highly important, at least in my studies. It shows the mark of an astrologer, mysticist, and even shamans or successful occultists in general. The same generalities within Mimosa show in Acrux, but there is more emphasis on spiritual or religious justice. It shows positive practice in religious practices and contains a great amount of mystery and magic. Those with their personal planets hitting Acrux are seen as magical and mysterious because of this. They may feel that way themselves, even.

In general, the Crux shows much hardship. It goes through a series of trials and tribulations in order to filter through unneeded energies and constructs the native has built up over past lives and the current life. This is all set in place to help develop the natives intuition, empathy, and psychic skill. It also helps build strength, in less of a blocked off way, but a ‘I can handle anything’ way. Though this may show a lot of suffering, the suffering is usually transcended through spiritual manners or in helping others. This is also in many charts of leaders and those in positions that reach many others with their wisdom.


snake-3066876_640 (1)

The fixed star Alphard sits at 27 degrees Leo in the Hydra constellation. This in itself is fearsome! It is the heart of the Hydra snake, poison in its blood. It is also known as the ‘backbone’ of the snake and ‘the solitary one’. Those with Alphard in an exact or within 1 degree conjunction of their personal planets or angles are given the energy of Alphard. This energy revolves around poison- this can mean physically or metaphorically. It casts trouble and disruption in the natives life. It gives raw, intense emotion that is often hurled rather than kept inside. Symbolically, it uses its fangs when it feels needed- and with strong emotions, the need may be often. There is also a point to be made about self control and Alphard. There may be low self-control which can lead to immoral actions and trouble. On a positive side, Alphard can give the native innate wisdom regarding human nature and a deep appreciation for music or art.

With Alphard in conjunction to your:

Ascendant- Can show obsession regarding women. Possibly a raw, primal passion toward women or against women if turned awry. Eventual ‘poisoning’ regarding this. There is a lack of self control and the native may go to excess and have no restraints. Anxiety.

Moon- Possible potential toward corruption- either easily corrupted or can easily corrupt others. No boundaries on lust. Trouble with women in life, especially those in the family.

Mercury- Passion gone wrong, native may be obsessed with an individual to an extreme degree. Communication often gets native in trouble, writing brings disgrace.

Sun- Easily gains enemies, but easily gains fame. Most likely to fall from grace do to enemies constantly plotting against the native. Mistakes on the native’s part can cost them dearly.

Venus- Great sorrow coming from relationships. Intense yearning and emotional attachment. Support of the one the native loves is often denied. May easily gain recognition, but needs to watch their actions in order not to sabotage themselves. Seen as ‘darkly’ alluring toward the opposite sex or just intimidating.

Mars- Scandals are often rampant. Danger with accidents or sudden deaths. Possible ruthlessness or selfishness. Obsession over partner. Difficulty having children.

Midheaven- More scandal, ‘do anything to get on top’ attitude. Obsessive needs.

Imum Coeli- Inner demons are strong and run rampant. True devil’s advocate. Inner self needs boundaries to be able to function properly in society. Obsessions too overwhelming for the individual.

Descendant- Attracts or is attracted to obsessive lovers. Possibly unfaithful do to compulsions. Lusty and attracts a lot of difficulty.


Eros is asteroid number 433. In astrology, it represents the type of love that is erotically consuming. The moon represents comfort in love, Mars is desire in love, Venus is attraction in love, but Eros is different in the respect that it can bypass all the previously and act compulsively and intensely on its own despite other factors. Eros is full bodied passion, it can be sexual compulsion or mystical obsession. It is absolutely irresistible either way.

When dealing with Eros, one’s intellect may be able to note every possible reason why the person of their desire is not right for them or why pursuing them is not advantageous, but they are still pulled to them regardless. There is an intense inner feeling of fate working its wonders, bringing them to you for some reason or another. It is the desire to merge souls and ignore the other factors that always must play in with earthly relationships. It is fantasy, the head and heart running away with each other into the sunrise with thoughts of being one with this person. Anyone who has felt Eros’s arrow plunged into their heart may say it feels exactly like an actually arrow was plunged and not a metaphorical one- because it is that intense, that physically affecting, and that real.

Most of the time Eros burns out as quickly as it flamed. With strong Eros contacts, a relationship often doesn’t result, or a quick relationship results with one partner or both needing to get away from it soon after. For those who feel Eros unrequited- these are the loves you never forget, and always wonder what beauty could have come from the union. Again, though, intellect can easily win out after the wound has been healed, as Eros doesn’t have much to back it up other than that awesome feeling of fate and the pulling of the heart. If Eros is prominent in the chart of a committed couple, the union is likely to be extremely deep and gratifying. The Eros bond brings that fated feeling and seals it with divine love, that feeling of meant to be. The sexual appetite is most likely extremely well off and tantric sex is often preferred.

There are multiple stories drawing out Eros’s beginning but the one I feel backdrops the astrological meaning is the story of Psyche and Eros. Psyche was a mortal girl who grew into the world’s most beautiful woman and therefor caught the attention of the love goddess, Aphrodite. Aphrodite was not pleased with this and sent Eros to deal with it. He took one of his arrows (dipped in his fated love potion) to shoot her with in hopes of getting her to fall in love with a monster of sorts, but shocked by her beauty, pricks himself instead and falls madly in love with her. He brings her to his home and gives her everything she could ever want except for the visage of his own face. She eventually betrays him by looking upon his face while he sleeps and is also shocked by his beauty and falls onto yet another of his love-dipped arrows, falling deeply in love with him herself. Eros is upset and leaves her- Psyche asks Aphrodite for help but fails in the tasks given- but Eros saves her yet again and brings her back to his home, forgiving her. This is when Zeus decides to grant Psyche immortality so her and Eros could wed, and so they do. This is the up and down, intense, dramatic essence of Eros (and Psyche) that is portrayed in our own lives when touched by Eros.

Eros in your natal chart

Eros is individualized per person regarding house and sign. The house that your Eros is in shows where passion easily bubbles up inside you and where you’ll find the partner that may match your Eros (again, this is not necessarily a good thing for just because your Eros is flared doesn’t mean the other person feels it, too). It can show where potential for a deep connection with the divine is as well. The sign regards how your Eros works through you. Eros is spontaneous in any sign but it can act more intellectually, physically, or emotionally depending on what sign it is in. Reading a generalized report on your Eros in sign or Eros in house is not going to get you very far because Eros tends to show itself more validly in synastry charts. Though it can provide you with an idea of where potential hides. When Eros is in conjunction to a personal planet or an angle it can show you energy being fed into that area or special attention others see in your regarding that part of you. For example, Eros in conjunction with your sun shows a person who is seen by others as extremely sexually appealing and may find that others project their fantasies onto them. It can show someone who is highly sexual or passionate in other ways, and possibly one that is in love with love or has incessant infatuations.

Eros in a synastry chart

Those who find themselves obsessively attracted to another individual yet can’t talk themselves out of it even when they decide they’d go above and beyond for the person (without anything promised in return) are most likely suffering from the stray arrow of Eros. When your Eros falls on another’s personal planet, this fated attraction will occur and be nearly impossible to rid yourself of if it is unwanted. The feelings will be there, and they will be strong, until Eros has reflected to someone or something else. This is less to affect, but still in affect, with other major aspects. In a synastry chart of a couple, Eros in a harmonious aspect is beneficial and can create passionate feelings. Eros in conjunction can sometimes be too much for couples not able to handle the intensity of an Eros type relationship. Often Eros in conjunction with another’s Psyche is the ultimate fated expression, no doubt leading to many ups and downs just like their story. The energy given by the signs and houses of each partner’s Eros will show how the erotic play will unfold and how the sexual flavor of the relationship will span out. If sex is getting dull in the relationship, finding the house, aspects, signs of Eros (and Mars of course) can show where to add some flavor to get things spiced up again.

Overall, Eros is an important part of our charts to get to know. Especially in order to find whether we are truly going crazy falling for someone who is definitely not the type of partner we have always wanted- or if it’s just pesky Eros shooting his arrows into you and getting you all love drunk. I know in my own life, this has been a real eye opener and I always look out for those in the same degree and sign as my Eros just in case those ‘crazies’ pop up again! Eros is great in moderation, but too much can be…well…too much!


Regulus is one of the most benefic fixed stars in a chart. If you have an orb up to 5 degrees (most astrologers use up to 2 degrees however to be more correct) then you were born with the metaphorical blood of royalty in your veins. This is said because Regulus is one of the brightest stars in our sky, as well as laying on the ecliptic. In ancient times, Regulus was seen as the fixed star of royalty and the giver of great riches and success. He is the heart of the lion. The embodiment of Mars and Jupiter’s combined energy. He is fierce, but fair. Generous, loyal, and deeply respected. Though there is risk of going to far- those with Regulus strong in their chart may be too tempted by ego and let it get the best of them. In their rise to fame they may falter because of arrogance. If they do reach successful heights and let fame get to their head (either ignoring Jupiter’s goodwill or pushing boundaries too far) a steep decline can take place and a fall from grace. This can be avoided by being true to your heart and using your passion for the benefit of others instead of feeding your ego.

There is definitely an aspect of courage and honor associated with Regulus. This can be open, physical bravery, and the urge to jump into action when you or another is in danger. It can show military honors or intense respect by others for things you have accomplished that others dared not to try. This is especially so when this fixed star is in conjunction to your Midheaven. It may be more of an internal energy when coupled with your moon, yet the desire is still strong to be recognized for that internal bravery since you may not have the means to show it. Either way- you’re a great person to have around in high pressure situations.

For those who don’t have Regulus in aspect, the house placement will show where you will use this Mars/Jupiter combination energy- therefor where you can be successful and find motivation to expand this area of life. It will add a destined sort of vigor to that house and its affairs.

Chiron in the Houses



Chiron is an important part of our chart when embarking on a healing journey. It is the bridge between the personal planets and the outer planets, showing us the way to healing and the transcendence of personal pain. Once moving past the personal planets, if we wish to make a journey into the spiritual world, we must first appease Chiron.

He is the gatekeeper to our deepest wounds.

Chiron guards deep wounds to prevent them from bubbling up into consciousness before you are ready to face them.

It takes a certain level of awareness in order to work with Chiron, and if one battles what’s behind the gate without being fully prepared, more wounding can occur. All is done in perfect timing, and this trust in divine timing is important to uphold. Chiron needs to be consciously worked on. Issues bubbling up from the wound will affect an individual until the wound is dealt with in a dedicated manner. Making the pilgrimage into the domain of Chiron is often long and strenuous, but it helps us see the deepest parts of ourselves and where our insecurities, traumas, and pain stem from and how they are manifested in our lives. It allows understanding, and in turn, healing. This will help you become more compassionate toward others and their pain, spreading compassion for yourself and the rest of the world. Every step you take toward self-healing is something to be celebrated. Chiron welcomes you with open arms.

Where Chiron is in your chart shows us where we will approach our deepest insecurities and pain.

It is where our deepest wound resides. The aspects that Chiron makes should only include major aspects to personal planets. This means the following aspects should be recognized:

  • Conjunction
  • Opposition
  • Trine
  • Square
  • Tight-orbed Quincunxes

Astrologers use a variety of orbs for Chiron but I often use an orb of 4 degrees. Some astrologers use up to 6 degrees (and I have seen these manifestations in charts I’ve worked with).

Chiron in the 1st House

This shows your deepest wound residing in your sense of self. You may neglect your own personality or self-interests in order to appease others. You are a fighter for those who are less fortunate and give wonderful advice to others who seek your counsel. Helping others help themselves and find their true potential is your strong point. Your weak point is doing the same for yourself. You may have trouble defining yourself and finding meaning in your life. You often neglect yourself or feel unworthy. The lesson you need to learn is self-love and self-respect. Let yourself do what you love and take your own advice as if you were giving this same advice to someone you love. Build up your personality, don’t limit yourself or feel selfish about it, you must learn to accept yourself as a unique individual with personal power in order to transcend.

Chiron in the 2nd House 

This shows your deepest wound residing in your sense of self-worth. You may have trouble seeing the worth in your own being without having something to offer. This placement usually shows disappointment in one’s self when having financial difficulties. It can give an exaggerated need for material assets. When you are well equipped materially, you will likely still not be happy until you find worth in your spirit and own being rather than what you own. You are not your possessions, your worth is not what you have to physically offer others. You can see the worth in others who aren’t well off and can be very helpful in helping them see the positive sides to themselves that exclude the material, but when it comes to yourself, you are not as kind. This placement shows a need for finding things of value inside yourself rather than outside. When you truly find your personal worth you will be able to transcend your deepest wound.

Chiron in the 3rd House

This shows your deepest wound residing in communication. This could mean constant feelings of being misunderstood or not being listened to. It can also show unintentional or intentional insults in childhood that have left you with low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy. Some with this placement feel that they cannot express what they truly feel, either because they don’t know how to put it into words or they feel they won’t be taken seriously. Some say that difficulties with siblings can occur with this placement. You are an advocate for those who are not heard. You can easily speak up for others who are being bullied or put down, but you have trouble doing the same for yourself. The goal of Chiron here is to show you that your words are important and you are worthy of attention. You can admit your mistakes and praise your accomplishments without feeling guilty. Realizing your divine being can help you gain confidence in yourself. When you learn to speak without the need to be heard, and you learn to know that simple expression is valid and important, you will have healed your deepest wound.

Chiron in the 4th House

This shows your deepest wound residing in your family life. It can predict a difficult childhood, confinement to home, being cast out, or even having a disabled parent that was in need of your constant attention. This can manifest in many ways but the important factor is that you must learn to separate yourself from your past and not let the chains hold you down. This is a hard placement to dig into because the 4th house shows the deepest part of your soul. Chiron nestles far down and is almost invisible. Being objective in approaching the past is necessary to get anywhere with this placement. Forgiving the past is needed. Forgiving yourself and those who made you feel the way you felt is needed. You have a strong sense of empathy for others and a desire inside you to nurture those who feel displaced. You must learn how to nurture yourself the same way. Once you forgive the past, learn to allow self-nurturing, and open yourself up to world without fear of getting hurt, you can transcend the pain.

Chiron in the 5th House

This shows your deepest wound residing in your creative expression. Creative expression does not just mean art or music related endeavors but also experiencing joy from everyday things that make you happy. Quick relationships and children are ruled by this house, as well as recreational sex. You may have been held back from being able to do what you wanted to do and therefore feel restricted. You must learn that doing purely for pleasure is absolutely okay and crucial to your happiness. You do not have to be so serious all the time and can afford to relax every once in awhile. This is a placement that needs to abide by the advice ‘take time to smell the flowers.’ You can easily help others branch out and express themselves and know what they need in order to feel joy, but when it comes to you personally, you feel you can’t let yourself do that. Free yourself, express yourself, laugh and smile, and enjoy your life for the simple fact of being alive! This will bring you healing.

Chiron in the 6th House

This shows your deepest wound residing in daily needs and health. You may be preoccupied with your own health and possibly even be a hypochondriac. You worry incessantly yet don’t do much to remedy it. Routine is difficult for you and you prefer to do things of your own accord, but you can easily tell others how to organize their own lives and keep up with healthy habits. On the flip side, you may be too obsessed with keeping up with your own routine and become quite inflexible in the ways you work. You may wish you could relieve yourself of all the strict rules you place on yourself but feel you cannot risk it. This placement can show health problems early on in life, or even throughout life; this can stem from or lead to your worried state of mind. It can also lead to possible eating disorders and obsession with weight and health. The goal here is to allow yourself some freedom. It is to accept the way you are and make only necessary boundaries for yourself and leave the rest up to your whims. If you deny routine, try adding a little structure to your life here and there, and you might find yourself benefiting from it. Relaxation, essentially, is the key word. Physical wounding doesn’t need to add to emotional wounding. Free yourself from worry and RELAX.

Chiron in the 7th House

This shows your deepest wound residing in close relationships. It can physically manifest through parental divorces or the parents having a rough relationship. It can also show lack of closeness with the parents while growing up. In turn, this can lead the native toward uneasy feelings regarding relationships. You may feel unwanted or rejected by those you wish to form close partnerships with and therefore avoid them all together. With this being so, you have great insight into relationships and can easily detect problems in others’ relationships and show them how to remedy them. For yourself though, you may feel blinded or cursed. You fear being abandoned. You might often attract those who have wounds you desire to heal. It’s likely you attract or have attracted those who use you for your empathy. You need loyalty and commitment in a relationship, and confidence in those, in order to be happy. But the key to truly being happy, despite the outside factors, is to get over the fear of rejection and seek out healthy relationships rather than ones you think you can change. You can do this by learning how to be alone. You must cure this Chiron placement by kneeling to it, and in this case, that is kneeling to yourself and coming to an understanding that you are all you need.

Chiron in the 8th House

This shows your deepest wound residing in resources, deep connection, death, and sex. There are many different ways this placement can express itself. Materially, it can manifest through dependence on others or others depending on you too much. Physically, it can manifest through difficulties in feeling fulfilled sexually, yet being able to fulfill partners easily. Emotionally, it can manifest in great sorrow regarding death;  possibly having deaths in your early childhood or having those close to you die. You may be able to console those who are feeling sorrow, but are unable to console yourself. The important thing to remember is to respect yourself, accept the cycles of life, and let go. You can heal each of these wounds by being honest and upfront. You must learn to share your emotions in order to transcend them. You know transformation lurks behind disaster better than anyone. Clear the soot. Embrace the change.

Chiron in the 9th House

 This shows your deepest wound residing in expansion. This can be physically, meaning travel, or mentally, meaning philosophically. You may go through a transformation of beliefs at least once in your life and it can be very prominent and life-changing. You are a life-long learner and strong advocate of constant learning, yet you may stress yourself out in trying to do just that. You are a great teacher, but if you don’t allow your mind to expand and see other sides to things, you can be arrogant and unwavering. You put a lot of stress on yourself to follow what you currently believe, yet allow others to be flexible in their approaches and offer up multiple ways of doing things. You enjoy helping others expand, yet you are afraid to yourself. It’s important to continue to expand your mind, and you can do that through travel, study, and listening to others. To heal this wound, you must let the truth shine through rather than holding convictions that you’ve grown out of as well as DO what you feel your soul is pulling you toward. Everything is a learning experience after all.

Chiron in the 10th House

 This shows your deepest wound residing in reputation. This is an easy explanation, but not so easy in practice. You desire to be recognized and admired. You want to be seen as accomplished and respected. It may be difficult for you to find worth in yourself unless others see worth in you. You want a tangible reason behind worth. On another side, you may feel that what you do always caters to others rather than yourself. You may be scared to succeed because of the fear of failure. In any of these cases, fear is the backdrop. You want to succeed because you fear rejection. You are scared to try and succeed because you fear ridicule. You fear your current career because you’re always neglecting your own needs and the further you go the more you neglect yourself. This can all be remedied by acceptance and coming to terms with who you truly are what you want. Ask yourself who you are and what will make you happy and go after that. Don’t do things to appease other people, do them to make yourself happy, whether that is being super successful or sitting in the middle of a daisy field writing music. Heal yourself by accepting yourself. Happiness and bliss is true success.

Chiron in the 11th House

 This shows your deepest wound residing in friendship and hopes. You may often feel rejected by others and this can lead you to be quite lonely. You are unique and you know that you don’t fit in with the normal crowd, so instead, you seek out those that have similar points of view in order to not be rejected anymore. You can easily help others fit in somewhere, but you find it difficult to fit yourself in with others. It’s important to recognize that we are all divine beings, interconnected, and that we belong everywhere — not just with those who are of like mind. You may feel lonely and a little bitter because of this and reject anyone that doesn’t fit into your description of ‘friend’ because you fear the connection not working out. Learn to make connections without preconceived notions of how it’s going to go and remember that ‘everyone you meet is your guru.’ You have something to gain from everyone just as everyone has something to gain by coming into contact with you.

Chiron in the 12th House

This shows your deepest wound residing in your unconscious. Any placement in the 12th house is a very spiritual one, and those not on a spiritual path will feel 12th house energy in a ‘negative’ way because it is relentless in sending lessons until we learn them. This placement shows that you have difficulty opening yourself up to others, yet are extremely empathetic and desire to help those in need. You might encourage others to share their problems so you can help. You may be fiercely private and have psychic abilities. You may reject these abilities and deny them to much frustration. Chiron in the 12th will keep throwing circumstances your way in order to teach you lessons in acceptance and seeing the bigger picture. One may feel plagued, but the plague shall end when one simply accepts and trusts the process. Accept yourself, accept others, explore your own spirituality, find a path that suits you and walk it. Compassion is the necessity behind this house, and that means for yourself as well as for others.


Other parts of your natal chart-

Juno– How do you handle committed relationships? This position shows your patterns of commitment and what would truly get you to commit without fear. She rules marriage, serious relationships, and outer unions.

Ceres– What brings out your inner nurturer? Ceres rules what we deeply care about and want to protect. She is our mothering aspect, pointing us to where we crave to pour our soul into and nurture.

Pallas (Athene)- How do you approach solving problems that seem too big to handle? She rules our creative thinking in how to take steps toward achieving our goals. She is where we mentally jump into warrior mode to attack our problems head on instead of hiding from them in fear.

Chiron– Where is the deepest wound you carry? This shows where we have wounded ourselves and when faced with healing this wound, thus starts our spiritual journey. Many say this wound can not be healed, but that is defeating. This wound can most definitely be healed, it just takes a lot of self-discovery and acceptance which is why it sparks a spiritual journey.

Vesta– What is most sacred to you? Vesta rules our deepest self-commitment. She is the keeper of the fire of life and the sworn celibate priestess. She rules sacred sexuality and shows us how we express our sexuality on a spiritual level. She shows what we view as holy, and what we commit ourselves to throughout a lifetime.

Part of Fortune– What area of life will bring you the most success? This rules the area that we are most fortunate in, whether it is obvious or not. It can point to what attitudes one needs to cultivate in order to integrate harmony between your sun, moon, and ascendant, therefor releasing that beneficial energy.