The Midheaven & Imum Coeli

The Midheaven is an important part of your chart. This is also called the Medium Coeli and is represented with the letters MC. The reason it is important is because it is the very top of your chart- the highest point- taking on the symbolism of reaching your highest aspirations and goals.

Your Midheaven is where you intend to go. It is how you want to be seen, what you strive to become, and how society sees you as a whole. It’s your public persona. This is the area that gives you enjoyment, and a career that revolves around the sign, planets, and/or aspects of your Midheaven will make you feel alive. This is also your reputation- on a grander scale. Your goals are mostly centered around the energy of your Midheaven because it’s where you strive to end up and what you’re willing to put your time and effort into.

Planets that are in conjunction to your Midheaven are extremely important and will play a key role in your destiny, for the Medium Coeli rules your mark on this earth and what you leave behind. Any other major planet aspects will affect it as well, but a conjunction is the strongest indicator of influence.

The Midheaven is exactly opposite your Imum Coeli, which is the lowest point of your chart, the dark of the night. This represents where you came from, your upbringing, who you are deep inside and where you go to retreat into yourself. What makes you feel like a little kid again and brings you inner security. This is the point in the chart that is hardest to read. It’s where you keep things cooped up inside and show only a select few. Any planets in conjunction to this point will be extremely private and hard to read by others as they are the deepest part of your being. Connecting with these planets is important for the native in order to truly understand themselves.

Your Midheaven must satisfy your Imum Coeli- so even though they are in opposition, it’s important for them to learn to get along with each other. It’s the key to inner happiness and happiness in the community.

For example-

Let’s say that you have an earth Midheaven, which would give you a water Imum Coeli. This means that you are sturdy, competent, and persistent in public matters and regarding your career. You use all you’ve got in order to be seen as such. This takes a lot of your energy, and then you must retreat to your water Imum Coeli which will be very private, introverted, and enjoy spending time inside yourself recuperating. Without this alone time, or at least time spent in the company of those you’re very comfortable and close to, you cannot fully benefit from your earth Midheaven. You will be too drained for it to function. Your motivation booster is through water- emotion, calm, diving into the depths, being by yourself.

If your Midheaven is in air and your Imum Coeli is in fire then the energy works quite differently. You need to be able to run around, express yourself, get out all that excess energy in order to communicate and in order for your mind to function properly. You may be very gifted with people and highly charming in public situations, but if you don’t find a way to get your ‘ya-ya’s’ out so to speak, your mind will blank and you’ll be on edge and jittery, unable to function properly. It works both ways with each element.