Jupiter Entering Sagittarius 2018/2019


Jupiter is finishing up his stay in Scorpio and moves into his own sign, Sagittarius, on November 8th, 2018.

He’s been through the underworld while traveling through Scorpio, clearing out cobwebs, invading our dreams, and shining a light on our shadow side. Hopefully what Jupiter unearthed while in Scorpio is ready to be healed and ultimately integrated into our lives. Jupiter in Scorpio was all about discovering our shadow side and coming to terms with it. It was about facing past traumas head on and realizing that we are stronger than we ever thought possible. It was about dream work, unconscious triggers, and taking responsibility. It’s possible that your world completely fell apart, Jupiter expands and Scorpio destroys that which is not necessary for growth. Understand deeply that what was taken from you needed to go, and Jupiter in Sagittarius is the time you rebuild. This is an opportunity to start on a clean slate — traumas have no power over you anymore, your personal power can now bloom. Your shadow side is acknowledged and integrated into your self rather than denied and forced to bubble up in unconscious actions and situations. Duality is recognized and it helps you understand the balance life holds. Death doesn’t have to be feared any longer. Pain doesn’t have to be chronic. The cobwebs are cleared and it’s time to jump into expanding your life in beautiful ways instead of living in fear.

Jupiter in Sagittarius, November 8th, 2018 – December 4th, 2019.

It’s happening! Jupiter is entering Sagittarius, and he’s absolutely thrilled about it. Jupiter feels the most comfortable in the sign of Sagittarius because they both rule expansion. This combination, in its purest form, shows good luck, optimism,  travel, new projects, higher education, the sharing of ideas, the sharing of joy, fairness, truthfulness, embracing spirituality, embracing individuality, philosophy, newness in all its forms, exploration, hopes and dreams, and plans for the future! All these themes will be collectively hit on during the year Jupiter passes through Sagittarius and there will likely be a boom in these areas.

Of course, this transit will hit everyone’s chart in a variety of ways, but it is ultimately a positive one. Make sure your Jupiter in Scorpio lessons are taken to heart to unlock the truest potential behind this year of expansion.

Jupiter Transiting Sagittarius Horoscopes

These horoscopes can be read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign. Feel free to read for your other personal planets as well as it can show the energies being expanded in that particular area of your life. (Example, the sign your Venus is in can be read for where you might be expanding in your love life.)


This transit will be bringing you opportunities for travel, higher education, learning new skills, and/or spiritual journeys. Jupiter will be transiting your 9th house, asking you to take these opportunities when they are given. Let go of fear of the unknown, let go of feelings of inadequacy; you are being asked to expand your life far beyond where it is now, either physically, mentally, or both. If you allow these areas to grow, they will blossom into amazing gifts. Jupiter will bless you with good luck during international travel, working through higher education, or developing your spiritual/philosophical studies. Embrace the changes. Now is the time your dedication to experience and expansion will serve you well and can be brought forth into blessings for the long-term.


This transit is letting you know that the work from Jupiter in Scorpio either still needs attention or has been successfully integrated and is ready to reward you. If you were working through difficult issues regarding others, you are now turning inward toward how those difficult areas have been repressed, abandoned in your psyche, or buried with hopes of never resurfacing. These are necessary to take a look at, and with the fresh perspective of Jupiter in Sagittarius, it will allow you to see them more philosophically than you did before. It will allow you to understand that everything you bury or fear really has no power over you once you bring it into the light. It will help you see burdens for what they are — something you have made into more than it needs to be. Be kind to yourself during this transit. Focus your attention on what power means to you and where power has a place in your life — do you feel powerless or do you assert yourself too aggressively? How do you gain power and how do you feel about surrendering? Issues about secrets, insecurities, past traumas, sexuality, power, one-on-one connection with other humans, jealousy, connection with the divine (however you describe it), death, loss, and shared finances can be highlighted. You may lose something important while gaining something extremely positive at the same time. An inheritance, whether in money or knowledge, may fall into your lap. Shared resources will likely flourish, your influence on others will increase (so please use this power wisely and compassionately), and sexual liberation is possible. Liberation of all kinds is possible if you are open, honest, and kind to yourself and others.


Jupiter is transiting your 7th house of relationships. This can mean a current relationship blossoming into something even more beautiful than it was before, or perhaps new love entering your life. Be on the lookout for positive connections. Now is a great time to network. You will attract people toward you, not just romantically, but friendships and partnerships of every kind will be available to you. Take full advantage. Your being is a  beacon to others inviting them in. Make sure you’re attracting the right people by aligning your energy with that which you want to attract. Jupiter magnifies and the 7th attracts, allow your energy to create the basis of who you want in your life. Explore what relationships mean to you, inside as well as outside. If currently in a relationship, now is the time to adventure mentally and/or physically with your partner. Get to know the mind and heart of your partner, explore truth, share hopes and dreams. Do these things with others. You are a mirror and Jupiter is allowing you to see your own beauty through others. Share yourself and be blessed with others sharing themselves with you. A whole new level of connection if available and ready for the grabbing.


Expect a boom in the areas of health and work, Cancer. Jupiter might naturally give you the motivation to work on your physical, emotional, and mental health. If you don’t feel motivated naturally, forcing yourself to take small steps in positive directions will translate into huge leaps. You only need to put in a little effort to see big results, often inspiring you to take leaps you never thought possible before. This is also a transit blessing your routine and work. If you are currently in a rut, this might be the transit to get you going. Seeing the beauty in the mundane is absolutely possible and even more likely at this time — create a daily routine that fosters a feeling of satisfaction. Practice self-care on a daily basis, do things that make your soul happy. Quit that job you hate and a new one, more aligned with your passions, will open up. Stop self-medicating with unhealthy habits; take care of your body, mind, and soul. Now is a great time to revamp your life, and Jupiter will help you do that by offering new opportunities for you on the daily. Take them! Creating healthy habits will open up a wealth of joy and allow you to radiate true satisfaction no matter what you are doing. I see this transit in its purest form manifesting the quote, “Whatever you do, do it in love.”


I’ve got great news for Leos! This transit means new birth. This can physically mean having children, becoming pregnant, having those close to you give birth or become pregnant, or it can be more metaphorical. New birth can mean new ideas, new inspiration, projects blossoming, creative juices becoming something beautiful. If you have been in a creative rut or felt depressed, now is when your inner child and inner artist comes out to help. Jupiter is highlighting your 5th house, helping you relate more to your inner child, connect again with the side of yourself that does things JUST for fun, and express your individuality without apologies. Essentially, now is the time to shine! You know who you are and what you want, so go out there and get it. Infuse your individuality in every step, in every project, in every creative endeavor. Get outside and play, spend time with children, help others discover the joy inside of themselves they can access whenever they want. With this transit, something will come to fruition. Choose wisely what you decide you want to invest your energies into because it will be successful. Don’t allow others to sway your decision-making or make you feel like you’re pursuing something that has no ‘purpose’ as your purpose is simply TO CREATE. The world needs your beauty to shine through and the more authentic you are to your creation the more others will celebrate you, and the more it will inspire.


This upcoming year, blessings will be bestowed upon your home. Perhaps you will be moving, discovering a home in a new place, or perhaps a new addition to the home will be made. Maybe you will be renovating, redecorating, or filling your home with new things. Either way, your home life will be expanding in some way. This might mean you discover home to be inside your heart, understanding that no matter where you travel or adventure to, everywhere feels like home because you are at peace with yourself. With Jupiter in your 4th house, the deepest parts of your soul are able to be warmed by the fierce fire of Sagittarius energy. You might feel extra inspired or active, and desiring to reconnect with your most authentic self. Creating a positive environment can be the exact thing you need to find your inner flame and let it light up every other aspect of your life.


It’s time for constructs to be obliterated, in the best way possible! Jupiter is dissolving previous constructs you’ve held and is forcing expansion in the way that you think and relate to the world. Siblings, neighbors, short trips, basic education, and constructs are all being highlighted. If going on any short trips, you’re likely to be in the right place at the right time. Siblings or neighbors can bring new opportunities to your life and revisiting your basic education can help you hone in on and master difficult subjects. Limiting belief systems you might hold have been worn out, it’s time to create a new system that allows more freedom. If you’ve felt stuck lately, Jupiter transiting your 3rd house will help you realize where you’ve been limiting yourself unnecessarily. Communication skills will also be highlighted, you will likely have a lot to say this upcoming year. Share your thoughts with the world! You might start a blog, begin a novel, write poetry, perform music, participate in group discussions, venture into public speaking, etc. These are all great ideas and will bring you good fortune internally and likely externally as well. Just be sure to speak your truth rather than omitting or distorting the truth — this is a time where others seek the truth and reward the truth.


Expect resources to see a huge boom starting November 2018 and throughout 2019, Scorpio. This transit is all about expanding your security and self-worth. Jupiter is transiting your 2nd house which is creating room for boosting your self-esteem, financial resources, and anything else that makes you feel secure. This can mean setting down roots — taking a new job, letting go of self-defeating notions, buying a home, or even getting married. In any case, security is coming for you, you just have to accept it. If you manifest this transit properly, fears will dissolve and resources will flow. Money should no longer be difficult to come by, your confidence should rise, and you should be able to make moves toward what truly makes you feel happy and fulfilled without anything holding you back. Be open to new opportunities because Jupiter wants to help you succeed. Meditating on abundance will bring you abundance. Know your worth and accept nothing less.


It’s time to totally reinvent yourself, Sagittarius! Unless you are already in your truest element and happy with every part of the path you’re on, now is when you make moves to attain that level of satisfaction. If you are already truly satisfied with your path, your glow will attract opportunities for you to continue your journey without interruption. It will, in fact, magnify the positivity and offer you even greater opportunities to share that vision with the world. As far as creating a new path, you get to choose! Jupiter is on your side and doesn’t want you to hold back. What is your heart telling you to do? Do you want to travel? Go back to school? Learn a new trade? Completely switch careers? All of this is possible & Jupiter will reward you for following what your heart wants. Expand every area of your life and watch the blessings flow in. You are a shining light in the world and others are attracted to you for your warmth and optimism. I see this transit for you erupting from a cocoon — you were hiding inside the cocoon exploring your deepest self and slowly transforming while Jupiter was in Scorpio, and now you are breaking free and flying higher and higher, reaching impossible heights. There are no limits for you now.


The end of this year (2018) and all throughout 2019 is a time of deep spiritual reflection. Jupiter is transiting your 12th house, highlighting areas that can be extremely positive but can also be difficult to come to terms with. If you did your soul-searching while Jupiter was in Scorpio and fully integrated your shadow side, the 12th opens up to you a level of living you might have never known existed. Diving into spiritual practice is the most positive use of this transit — meditation, spiritual studies, practicing compassion, and turning inward will all positively benefit you. Your inner life will be bursting with inspiration and pure connection with the divine if you are willing to take the journey into yourself. The 12th house demands purity — if you are pure in intentions, tell the truth even when it’s difficult, and stay dedicated to treating others with compassion, limitless gifts will flow to you. There are limitless opportunities for you to thrive with this transit but it’s likely to not all come at once. Spirit guides, dreams, divination tools, meditation, therapy, hypnosis, and nature are all eager to help you connect with a deeper side of life. If you’ve been asking yourself, ‘what is the meaning of all this?’ or if you’ve been in pain desperate to find the reasons why, this transit will heal and uplift. Be weary of negative influences, addictions, and moving backward. Whatever your energy gives off will attract to you tenfold at this time, Karma is working overtime to show you the connection between everything. Expect what you give to be magnified. If you give anger, anger will be returned tenfold. If you give love, love will be returned tenfold. Choose your energy and choose your path.


Hopes and dreams for the future are at an all-time high. You will likely gain many new friendships during this transit and be surrounded by people who desire to see you succeed. Now is a great time for networking, whether it’s for business or pleasure. Jupiter is bringing people into your life that are able to help you build the future you desire. Don’t pass up opportunities to form new friendships and don’t hold yourself back in connecting with people. Share your vision of the future, share your hopes, share your dreams, others will share these with you as well, and as a community, you are able to build those dreams into realities. Expect wealthy acquaintances (wealthy in spirituality, finances, knowledge, compassion, etc.) and allow them to bestow what they want onto you. It’s not the time to deny yourself that which others offer you — receive, don’t take forcefully or expect, but receive what is offered. Be generous yourself as well, and all that you give will be given back. This is a time for sharing, connecting, and building a positive future.


Jupiter will be transiting through your house of career, reputation, and success. This is positive for those who are looking to start a new job, advance a current career, or be in the public eye. This could also mean a project you’ve been working on going public or starting a project that aligns toward your specific version of success. Other will see you as more successful at this time and want to be around you. You will attract those who can help advance your career or future in general. This transit will also do wonders for self-confidence, you’ll likely not accept anyone into your life that is dragging you down. Cut off all the dead leaves and watch how your branches grow. Remember that success does not always mean financial success or success in the eyes of the majority — to some success is emotional intelligence, effortless compassion, living your most authentic life, etc. Jupiter will help you reach your goals during this transit. You cannot fail at what you were meant to succeed at. Positivity is likely to be aimed at plans for your future, allowing you to stay motivated on the track you’re supposed to be on. Everything you do will be in the spotlight, you are capable of extraordinary things. Allow this time to thrive & to be a shining example to others that life can be truly beautiful.

Planetary Movements


The Sun

Averages 1 degree a day, 30 days in each sign, 365 days to travel the entire zodiac.

The Moon

Averages 13.5 degrees a day, 2.5 days in each sign, and 28 days to travel the entire zodiac.


Mercury retrogrades, meaning its journey is not the same for each sign. Mercury travels through each sign an average of 14-30 days and takes around one year to make its way through the zodiac.


Venus has an interesting orbit as well, she travels 1 degree or less a day and also retrogrades. She spends anywhere from 23 days to 2 months in each sign and takes 8 years to travel the entire zodiac.


Mars moves less than one degree a day, stays in each sign around 1 and a half months (depending on retrograde) and takes about 2 years to travel throughout the entire zodiac.


Jupiter travels anywhere from 0-14 minutes a day (depending on retrograde), spends about 1 year in each sign, and makes it through the entire zodiac in about 12 years.


Saturn travels under 8 minutes a day, stays in each sign about 2 and a half years, and travels the entire zodiac on average every 29.5 years. (29.5 is average for a person’s Saturn return which is a big deal!)


Uranus travels under 4 minutes a day, stays in each sign around 7 years, and takes about 84 years to travel the entire zodiac.


Neptune travels under 3 minutes a day, stays in each sign around 14 years, and goes through the entire zodiac every 165 years on average.


Pluto travels under 3 minutes a day, spends 14-30 years in each sign, and travels through the entire zodiac about every 248 years.

Venus Enters Taurus on Libra Full Moon 3/31/18


Venus has entered Taurus today – I know, I know. I’m late! The bull is patient though so I don’t think it’ll mind. Venus will stay in Taurus until April 24th, 2018.

This particular transit is important because it’s happening at the same time as the Libra full moon. Venus rules both signs, Libra and Taurus, highlighting Venusian energy during this time.

Concepts surrounding love, beauty, attraction, relationships, self-confidence, and values are at the forefront. Check out where Libra & Taurus sit in your chart (house cusps and any house they might blend into) and those areas are the ones most likely affected by these concepts.

Here’s the Venus in Taurus aspects to look out for throughout April.

Venus Trine Saturn: Desire to solidify relationships, ending of trivial relationships, a realistic approach to beauty and love.
Venus Trine Mars: Sexual compatibility, melding together of complimentary energies. Motivation spikes, eager to please.
Venus Square NN: Love and beauty irritating karmic goals, needing to make adjustments in these departments that may seem uncomfortable but are ultimately geared toward future happiness.
Venus opposition Jupiter Retrograde: Inner turmoil over secrets and relationships, the need to heal rather than repress – can be positive when energies are expressed equally. Look out for favoring one energy over the other and projecting the other energy outward.
Venus Sextile Neptune: Dreamy, lovey feelings – make sure to avoid delusion. But enjoy the deep feel of love, intimacy and connection.
Venus trine Pluto: Depending on how the Venus/Neptune sextile expresses – this can be highly transformational. Love, relationships and beauty may be seen in a different light, changes made to previously outdated points of view, healing of pain associated with these concepts. Avoid jealousy, obsession, and release paranoia.

Chiron Entering Aries: April 2018


Can you feel something brewing beneath the surface, something big about to burst on the scene and change your entire outlook on life? If so, Chiron energy is bubbling inside you. 2018 marks the beginning of a long healing journey, one that demands your full attention and utmost enthusiasm. This is a re-birthing.

“Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.” Rumi

Say hello to Chiron entering Aries, April 18th, 2018. Terrifying? Maybe a little bit. Chiron is a wound, and Aries is the planet of war. What does that mean? It means it’s time to rethink everything we’ve ever thought or known about conflict, sex, power, war, independence, and opposition. Chiron will highlight these wounds inside of us, forcing us to come face to face with these uncomfortable issues. (Libras I’m looking at you! There will be no more fence-sitting!)

Chiron sitting in Aries doesn’t inherently strengthen your resolve or ability to take on warrior mentality. In fact, it does the opposite, making this energy feel heavy and difficult to embody. It puts a poisonous arrow in the area it sits forcing us to acknowledge it and consciously work to heal it. Where does it sit in your chart? What house will Chiron shine its light on, demanding inspection and revolution?

1st House; Authenticity – Chiron in Aries AND sitting in your 1st house of self both point to the same thing. It’s time to take the reins on your own life or the wound will fester. The wound is likely insecurity of self and confidence will need to be reviewed and built back up regardless of where the insecurity is coming from – it all starts and ends inside yourself. What is holding you back from your desires and how can you overcome those setbacks? What makes you feel unworthy of love or attention and how can you overcome these feelings and see yourself for the beautiful soul you are?

2nd House; Values – Chiron in Aries in your house of value is demanding you make your own decisions on what is important to you. Do you let others dictate your life or feed your view of yourself? Self-image and learning how to truly love and respect yourself is paramount. Truly getting to the core of what truly matters to you in life and how to live life more in accordance with those values will be healing.

3rd House; Constructs – Chiron in Aries sitting in your house of constructs is asking you to re-invent your life and tear down old thinking patterns that aren’t serving you anymore. Communication needs to be reviewed as well. Focus on how you talk about yourself, others, and the world around you. Are these positive and uplifting thoughts? Also think about whether your voice is heard, because it’s important to express your views and have them acknowledged. Everyone deserves to be heard.

4th House; Environment – Chiron in Aries in your 4th house wants you to look at three different things: childhood wounds, your current environment, and family structure. Now is the time to heal deep-seeded traumas that may plague you from childhood, and you can do that through changing your environment to a more healthy one and branching out beyond fear.

5th House; Creation – Chiron in Aries sitting in your house of creativity means you need to focus more on creating a life filled with more pleasure and joy. You inner child is crying out for help, wanting to be acknowledged. Do you feel like your life lacks excitement? Have you set aside what makes you giddy with joy for more mundane ventures? Now it the time to explore the fun side of life. This could also go the opposite way where your wound is from delving too deeply into pleasure and negative consequences follow – learn how to positively and healthily enjoy life without excess.

6th House; Health – Chiron in Aries in the house of routine will highlight wounds relating to health and daily routine. Perhaps your life have little direction and you need more structure to heal the wound, or perhaps your daily routine is slowly killing your soul. Either way, sticking to that which is not fulfilling you can make you sick, especially with this transit. Figure out how to integrate structure, health, and conscious living into your daily life.

7th House; Relationships; Chiron in Aries in the house of partnerships want you to look at friendships, relationships, coworkers, any anyone else you connect with on a day to day basis and observe how these interactions affect you. Do they drain you? Maybe you are the one draining others without realizing it? How can you work together with others in a more positive way? The way you relate to those close to you will be highlighted, making you observe patterns that aren’t working and changing those patterns into healthier alternatives.

8th House; Deep connection – Chiron in Aries in your house of sex, death, and connection requires you look at your deep relationships and explore if they’re healthy or hindering you. Wounds relating to sexuality or trust might come to the forefront. These issues are not easy and should not be skimmed over. Sexual healing can bring immense relief during this time. Learning how to trust and forgive will seem almost impossible, but it’s the way to healing the wound. The death of a loved one may be looming over you, whether recent or in the past – it’s now that you can look at death in a new light and move forward. Chiron asks you here to look at your baggage you’ve accumulated throughout your life, acknowledge it, and let it go.

9th House; Expansion; Chiron in Aries in your house of expansion asks you to see what’s holding you back. Where do you need to expand yourself out more, and where have you been hiding in order to protect yourself from perceived danger? This could be physically or related to education. You CAN accomplish what you want, and what you seek is in arms reach – you just have to believe in yourself enough to go get it. The chains may feel heavy and you may feel stuck, but ask yourself – how can you break free?

10th House; Image – Chiron in Aries in the house of success wants you to reshape how you view success and let go of defeating thoughts. Your job and outer reputation may be the source of the wound- release yourself from constant criticism or fear of failure. Release yourself from that which doesn’t excite your soul.

11th House; The future – Chiron in Aries in the house of hopes and dreams may mean the future seems bleak or your dreams seem unattainable. What circumstances are keeping you from achieving happiness? Are there friendships that need to be let go in order for you to thrive?

12th House; Unconscious – Chiron in Aries in the house of the unconscious is stirring up repression emotions and traumas that need to be brought up, explored, and ultimately let go in order to stop you from reacting to these unconscious issues. It’s also important to look at where you give up your power, feel hopeless, and are stuck repeating negative behaviors. Think healing addictions, not just to external things, but also to certain feelings or identifying too much with your pain.

Don’t worry if you’re feeling like you’d just been flung into a war zone and all you want to do is crawl into a hole and wait it out…

Enter Chiron Retrograde!

Chiron retrogrades beginning July 5th, 2018 and returns back into Pisces on February 18th, 2019. We know that retrogrades mean going back over terrain we’ve just recently visited – it’s a second chance to fix what we might not have gotten right the first time. It’s a chance to observe and reflect on how you can integrate lessons, or to relearn them and actually take them to heart. When you take into consideration the body involved, Chiron, and the signs it’s retrograding between, a wide net is cast. This is the retrograde between life and death, consciousness and unconsciousness.

When Chiron enters Aries there will be a birth. The wound will make itself known and issues might pop up that you’re unsure how to deal with. Memories may flood you, igniting rage or helplessness. This is the wound letting itself be known- think about the past 8 years and what main issues prevailed during this time. It’s likely these issues will have something to do with where Pisces falls in your chart and what planets you have in Pisces or planets with major aspects to Pisces (think squares, oppositions mainly, but you can also add in trines). These issues will be what hinders you from taking advantage of Aries energy. Think of it this way- Chiron wounds, so being in Aries, the Aries wound will be a result of Pisces energy not being utilized positively and to its full potential, leaving you unable to function within the Aries realm. If you can heal this Pisces wound, the Aries wound will be transcended. The lessons learned from Pisces will help fuel the dance of Chiron in Aries. Fortunately, the retrograde is a perfect time for you to solidify this healing and help yourself enter the actual rebirth coming February 18th 2019.

What does all this mean?

This means that from 2018-2027 you will be partaking on a journey of exploring your personal needs and desires. In general, Chiron in Aries asks us to look at ourselves and truly answer whether our actions are fueling our personal desires or if we are stunting our growth because of fear. It’s time to break free of chains, so take a look at what is weighing you down from meeting your dreams. Make a list of things you feel drain you more than fulfill you, things you know you need to shed in order to be truly happy.

Are there people in your life that take away your personal power?
Is your job filling you with dread every morning you wake up?
Are poisonous thoughts keeping you from being loving?

Examine these and explore ways you can make changes. Aries WANTS change, Aries REWARDS change. Don’t be afraid to cut out what doesn’t feed your soul, and ignite that which does. Aries wants us to get out of our comfort zone and express ourselves authentically and without apology.

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames” Rumi

Here’s my game plan:

When Chiron enters Aries for the first time, I will be taking that time to explore the feelings that come up and write them down so I have a reference to when the retrograde season starts. I will not deny or attempt to change these feelings, but simply observe. Then, when Chiron retrogrades into Pisces, I will create another list of feelings that pop up. During the retrograde, I will compare lists and see if the Pisces wounds are related to the Aries wounds, and weave a plan to conquer them so I am fully ready to take on Chiron in Aries when it returns, giving myself a fresh slate to work with in February of 2019 and beyond.

How do you plan to heal?


April 18th 2018: Chiron enters Aries. Unhealed wounds from the Chiron in Pisces age will be felt deeply as you’re birthed into this new era. Feel it out.

July 5th 2018: Chiron Retrogrades in Aries.

September 26th 2018: Chiron Retrogrades back into Pisces. It’s time to reflect, reassess, and redo anything that is not working for your best interests.

February 18th 2019: Chiron enters Aries again- the true rebirthing. It’s time to set into motion plans for the future and how you can heal yourself. It’s time to take action and start new.

Chiron will be in Aries until 2027.

December 27th Musings

I was recently gifted a new oracle deck for Christmas, the Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild. The energy when holding the deck immediately told me it had things to say and that I needed to listen. After becoming acquainted with each card, I pulled one for the day asking what lessons it had for me. The card I pulled was the Dance of the Divine Feminine.

If a tree could move
from one place to another,
it would not suffer the pain of the saw
or the oppressive wounds.

If the Sun and the Moon
stood still like the rocks,
they could not offer brilliance.

How bitter the taste of water would be,
if the river stopped its flow
remaining still like seawater.

When the seawater rises
to become a cloud,
it loses its bitterness
and pours the rain of sweetness.

I have given you only a few examples.
You can figure out the rest.
Break away from the self
and enter the Kingdom of Love

This message could not be more appropriate for what is going on in my life but also for the astro weather brewing. Neptune is making some major aspects, asking us to delve into the divine, while Saturn holds one of Venus’s hands and the Sun holds the other. She’s moving away from the restriction of Saturn and into the creative arms of the Sun. Neptune is forcing Mars to take a deeper look before he hits Jupiter and expands his energies outward. Neptune wants Mars to use his energy in a healing way, bringing in Mercury to help connect everything together.
The moon is dancing, though briefly, through it all, twirling with Uranus and showing her deepest individualistic expression. Her eyes are closed and she doesn’t care if anyone is watching- she just wants to feel the energy in the air as Uranus fills her with electricity.

This card is telling us to take control of our lives. Don’t be afraid to make some changes; Saturn might make us feel like our energies are stifled but he really wants us to let go of what isn’t serving us. He’s highlighting areas we feel inadequate about and telling us to hone in on them, work on them, and gain back our confidence. We often stay stagnant because of fear- we don’t know enough, we aren’t strong enough, people will laugh at us, we can’t succeed. Saturn is telling us to stop the self-defeating talk, follow our dreams and ignite our desires instead of hiding behind fear. Everyone does this in a different way- my way is finding the divine feminine inside myself and allowing her to break free of the restrictions I’ve held her under for too long. If the water around you tastes bitter, shake things up- allow fresh water to flow through.

Welcome Home, Saturn!


I have been seeing plenty of material over the last few weeks written about Saturn entering Capricorn yesterday so instead of writing anything on it myself, I soaked in the last of Sagittarius/Saturn energy and rode the waves into Capricorn. I wanted to feel the full extent instead of intellectualizing it, which I have a tendency to overdue, and let me tell you…it felt great! Honestly, it was liberating, which would seem a little odd for Saturn, bearer of chains, entering its ruling sign of hard working Capricorn. I guess my Aquarius moon dancing with my natal Saturn feels more than happy to have Capricorn controlling Saturn again- Sagittarius just didn’t really know what to do with him!

I know that’s how I felt in my case- how do I blend those two energies? I had a lot of great ideas, and now that Saturn is back in Capricorn, I feel the freedom to carry out those ideas to the best of my abilities. Beautiful!

Immediately, the Virgo midheaven I am, I decided to start a plan of action for 2018. I’m ready to hunker down again and get the ball rolling on the things I’m most passionate about instead of making excuses as to why I can’t. Many people write down intentions for moon phases, and those are great for short term goals, but this is prime time for long term goals. Where do you want to be in three years? What can you do to get there? What do you need to work harder on and what might you need to let go? You have two and a half years to utilize the strength of Saturn in Capricorn, and then another two and a half to expand upon that with Aquarius. This is where you do the work and reap the rewards. Saturn wants to help you succeed.

Saturn/Chiron aspects in Synastry


Saturn aspects with Chiron in synastry can show a relationship drenched in seriousness. There is nothing light about these placements- there will always come with this combination a tone of serious responsibility.

If your Saturn is conjunct a partner’s Chiron, you are the Saturn force in their life, bringing about structure. You likely have a checklist of things you think may help the other person, or feel a deep commitment to healing them. Whether you do this consciously or not, the Chiron person may feel you are an elixir sent to soothe their wounds.

If your Chiron is conjunct a partner’s Saturn, your partner is touching the most vulnerable parts of your soul and actually has the power to heal those parts. You probably feel strongly about committing to this person, but it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by this person’s transformational presence in your life.

In many cases, especially with squares and oppositions, Chiron either feels too smothered or Saturn feels like they aren’t being met in the middle. Saturn may feel like they are always having to help Chiron- without positive ways to express this, the relationship can wither. With any Chiron/Saturn combination, a breakup is often an arduous process that neither party feels is completely ‘right’ but continues with anyway. Both parties can feel like they don’t completely work together but that a strong pull forces them back together or at least forces a desire to get back together over and over again.
Chiron might feel too smothered by Saturn and actually create more wounds by shutting themselves off. If the relationship doesn’t continue, both parties will feel the pain of separation. These aspects can show a lifetime of pain, regret, or sorrow over the relationship if not ended in an open and honest manner. Both parties will remember what they had when they had it for the rest of their lives considering this is a karmic position, predicting that they have played major roles in each other’s past lives.

With a trine or a sextile between Saturn and Chiron, the healing journey may come easier than with the square and opposition. More fond memories may be shared, and even if the relationship ends, both may feel they learned a lot from the relationship and are grateful they were able to experience it.

If you are currently in a relationship with this synastry aspect, the main lesson learned from this is to be open, honest, raw, and vulnerable with each other. Both parties can grow and heal a great deal if the communication is allowed to flow freely and without judgement.