12th House Planets Musing


I see a lot of talk about 12th house planets.

There’s no coincidence there, as the 12th house is known as the house of mystery and most everyone loves a good mystery. It’s clouded in confusion and can even be associated with darker things such as depression and hidden enemies. There’s a positive and negative association with every house — sometimes the line between the two isn’t clear. This is even more accurate when discussing the 12th house.

What if you don’t connect naturally to your 12th house planets?

Those who don’t connect naturally to their 12th house, but still have planets placed there in their natal chart, might complain of depression, lack of focus, confusion on how to succeed in life, difficulty finding happiness or a purpose, paranoia, apathy, etc. These are all very common as the 12th without a true cause to represent can feel lonely to the point of being painful. The 12th house can seem contradictory because it often produces those who prefer to be alone or at least those who are more secretive about their private lives. It really represents the collective, which is inside each and every one of us, and is anything BUT lonely. The fog needs to be lifted to see this connection and in order for those struggling with the energy to not feel so out of place.

How can we reconnect with our 12th house?

Everyone has their own way that works. For some it takes days, for some it takes years, but the key is patience. When you decide to devote yourself to connecting to your 12th house planets (or even just the sign ruling the 12th) you will notice little miracles all around you in your daily life. Synchronicities will line up. Things will start connecting. Your body will feel lighter, your heart will feel fuller, blessings will surround you, and life will make sense again. There will be a sense of purpose and beauty in your life that you may have lost or never even felt before.

Take a look at your 12th house.

Check if you have planets sitting inside your 12th house. If you do, check the following:

  • What sign is the planet in?
  • What sign rules the cusp?
  • What is the cusp ruler and where does it reside in your chart?
  • What aspects does this planet make to other planets and parts of your chart?
  • What element, mode, and strength does this planet hold?

Feel out the energies these 12th house planets hold. They create energy lines from your 12th to other parts of your chart, mapping out spiritual guidelines for this lifetime. It’s an awesome way of figuring out a life path that can deeply fulfill your soul. Map out your own destiny through exploring your 12th house energies and begin your journey to true satisfaction.

How do I connect with my 12th house?

I personally connect with my 12th house energies by taking time every day to meditate. I do this in order to silence my thinking mind and reinforce that my soul has space to make its deepest desires and dreams known. I give special attention to my body/mind/soul connection through yoga. I try to spend time in nature, observing the daily cycles and appreciating how truly beautiful it all is. All of these things help my 12th house sun feel connected and thrive. I feed my 12th house Pluto by acceptance, letting go of that which does not serve me in a positive way and turning seemingly negative things into blessings. I observe my own personal power and stay true to myself rather than repressing that which hurts me, building my strength and becoming grounded in who I am as a person. I use gentleness to heal my deepest wounds. I write out my dreams and allow inspiration to flow into me whenever it pleases, staying blissfully open and engaged with the spiritual and physical worlds. I have faith in the universe and faith in myself.

How do you harness the energy of your 12th house? What are your thoughts on the energy found there?

If you’re interested in learning more about your personal 12th house, consider ordering a Healing & Desinty Report or read more about the 12th house on this blog.

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