8th Subtleties


The 8th house rules the astral plane. What does this mean? It means that the 8th house and planets that reside there can dictate the types of emotions you pick up on in certain situations. For example, Mars in the 8th means you may pick up on others’ anger or sexual desires more strongly than anything else- it may make you feel like others embody those types of feelings more than they actually do. You are sensitive to those feelings, essentially. Moon in the 8th means you may pick up on others’ emotions, making it easy for you to read people, but also exaggerates their emotions. If you have a planet in the 8th house, you likely see that planet in others before their other energies. When you’re guessing someone’s sign, it’s likely you’re drawn to the planet that’s in your 8th. Mars in the 8th? You’re probably pretty good at picking out their Mars sign above their sun.

Keep in mind the things you notice in this realm are magnified. Take time to figure out what this means for you. If you have Pluto in your 8th, you may fear others and the harm they can do- perhaps you feel paranoid that others are trying to change you, control you, hiding secrets from you. This is not always the case, so tread lightly.

The 8th ruling the astral plane can also mean you can access your 8th house energies through your dreams (paired with the 12th but that’s a whole different story.) Your dreams likely channel the energies of your combined 8th and 12th house planets and energies- it’s how your higher self teaches you lessons.

You attract situations involving your 8th house planets and energies so healing those energies is crucial. You put out that energy, you receive that energy. Don’t repress any part of your 8th house energy or it will come around over and over again until you learn how to ‘let go’ truly and not just bury. The 8th is intense, not easily dealt with, and quite frankly, uncomfortable. Delving into your 8th is pure shadow work- you need to work on your shadow so you can integrate it in a positive way. Once you heal that, you will attract the positive connections. You will feel a connection to those around you and begin to find meaningful, deep relationships (friendships included). Meaning will fill your connections with others. The astral becomes your friend.

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