12/9/16 Aspects


Saturn and the Sun are exactly conjunct today. The sun is trying desperately to keep in the mood of Sagittarius season, but with Saturn on top of him, it might be difficult. Even in Sagittarius, there may be extreme pressure from the cosmos today. You may not even know where this feeling is coming from. Take some time to relax, take deep breaths, and realize that whatever is happening will pass. You can work extra hard to create your vision of the future when the sun leaves Saturn’s realm, but at this point, feel free to either hone in on that energy if you can handle it, or ignore Saturn telling you GET IT DONE NOW, because it’s really not worth the stress.

The Moon has also teamed up with Uranus, creating an unsteady feeling in MY stomach, and possibly yours too. Uranus here can cause sudden upsets, especially in Aries and with Mars connecting so closely in a sextile, so try and stay clear of arguments and appreciate individual approaches.

Uranus on the moon with Saturn on the sun can create discord, and the energy of the two are firey and flowing easily between each other with a trine, possibly making you feel uneasy and uncomfortable. There may be an excess of emotional energy that you have no idea what to do with. Mediate, write, draw, do anything to get that energy out! It needs to go somewhere or it’ll manifest in other ways.



4 thoughts on “12/9/16 Aspects

  1. lauren day

    Hi Vestalyn,

    Just wanted to say thankyou for the astrology aspects update because it has really helped me put into words whats going on at the moment and I don’t feel so alone now with what I’m dealing with.

    I’ve been stressing over a few things that has popped up in December which has caused me anxiety today and has aggravated my health so now I think I’m going to take the advice by laying low and taking a breather until it subsides.

    Hope you have a Happy Christmas and best wishes moving forward into 2017

    Sincerely Lauren


    1. You are so welcome, Lauren. I’m glad that my words have resonated with you and that they’ve helped you find some comfort through this stressful time. I am in the same boat and have decided upon the same thing- some relaxation and breathing time:) Happy Christmas to you and a Blessed New Year!

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