Mars in Aries


Those with their Mars in Aries are feisty individuals. They have extremely high energy levels, like most fire signs, and need to have an outlet for this since Mars is the planet of action! Mars is at home in Aries- it feels alive here, and Aries loves to use Mars to its advantage. Together, they create an individual who is passionate about ACTION. They are driven- sometimes embarking on new projects without fully planning them out or thinking realistically about them. They may miss small details because they are so impulsive, leaving either picking up the pieces later on…or more likely, quickly forgetting about it and moving on to the next thing. They may have quick tempers but they forget their anger as quickly as is comes. Sometimes they say and do things in the heat of the moment that they regret later but they chalk it up to living in the moment and try to not let it bother them- and it usually doesn’t. They speak what’s on their mind when it’s on their mind. Mars in Aries need to be true to themselves and that means baring it all. They hate lazy people and find them quite boring. They are not known for being patient. Long lines and slow-walkers frustrate them. They find speedy and adequate more impressive than slow and pristine. They are very active individuals and usually like to work out, play sports, hike, swim, or do any type of activity that involves being on their feet. If they are not getting adequate exercise, they tend to get annoyed easily with everyone and everything, so it is important to stay active. Many Mars in Aries like the feeling of leading the way. They are natural born leaders and so being in a leadership position makes them feel good about themselves, like they are fulfilling their role in life. Having others frolicking along behind them, or even beside them, keep them in high spirits and they feel much adoration for those who can keep up with them. If you can’t keep up with them…they will not stop nor look back. That brings us to relationships regarding Mars in Aries…it’s no surprise that these people tend to hop from one person to another- they passionately fall for someone as quickly as they leave them. Relationships do tend to be hot and steamy, but tend to result in lots of fights that Mars in Aries picks because they are bored. The sexual power of Mars in Aries is quite intense and overwhelming. They need a partner that doesn’t need anything special to get turned on and is in the mood when they’re in the mood. They need immediate results as they are not keen on delayed gratification. A partner who is lively, ambitious, sexual, active will keep a Mars in Aries person’s interest. They love to chase, whether they ‘have’ the person or not, so things need to constantly stay interesting. Sex is important. Emotions are important in long-term relationships, but they’d rather not talk about them much and just acknowledge that they are there. Sensitive people should avoid trying to be serious with Mars in Aries as they tend to be a little aggressive and persistent. They aren’t good at sugar-coating and find it in disingenuous to do so anyway. They are huge into individuality and will defend themselves vehemently to take the path they decide to take. They are really just children at heart and love to play and have a good time. If you can offer a Mars in Aries a good time, add some feisty undertones, and keep them on their toes…they will be in complete awe of you.

2 thoughts on “Mars in Aries

  1. I’m immersing myself in the study of personal astrology this year and have learned a great deal. Every morning I spend some time reading astrology blog articles. Sometimes this even kind of helps me “escape” problems I’m having in my life– and while I’m doing it, I notice that I come upon articles that I really needed to read. I am having some really depressing, cyclical problems in my relationship with my partner who’s Mars is in Aries, 12th house. My moon is in Aries, 6th house. I see that something is going on in his life, some kind of shift. He has been so depressed and angry. His moods have been shockingly bizarre in their instantaneous and frequent shifts. I worry, placate him, try to tell myself that he’s going through something bigger than me and I really just need to summon up my inner strength and be supportive… be the role I would like him to be if I were going through a rough time. I find it so hard though, perhaps with my Aries Moon being so childish when it gets its feelings hurt, that I burst into tears in response to his mood swings. This makes every day we spend together hellish and exhausting, and I feel the need to UNDERSTAND what’s happening so strongly. I can’t act unless I understand first. He is wounding me emotionally and I’ve turned to psychology, researched his possible traumatic brain injury in a near-death accident he had 7 years ago… I feel THIS though. Thank you for offering me another perspective as I’m trying so hard to make sense of things. So eerily accurate!

    1. I apologize for being so late on the reply, it’s been awhile since I’ve checked comments on these. I hope things are looking up for you and the partner you mentioned and that you both find peace. Much blessings toward your study and you are most welcome for the writing.

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