Quaoar, the Dwarf Planet

Quaoar is a dwarf planet that is named after the Tongva Native American’s God or creation force. Quaoar was recently discovered, but the mythology behind it tells us of its function in our charts. Quaoar rules manifestation- it is where we bring into being that which we desire. Many don’t use Quaoar in their chart interpretations because this idea seems vague and there is not much research done on it; I find Quaoar helpful when on a spiritual journey. This life is a spiritual journey, and to those who have eyes open to this, Quaoar is there to help. We can use its energy to show where our desires can most beneficially come into play and enter our reality. Within Quaoar’s mythology, it is seen as a creation force. This force is alive and well within all of us and we use it every day (to most without conscious awareness). If we can learn to harness this energy, and work with it, we can create our own personal reality that lines up with our purest desires. We can do this by tapping into our source of intuition and letting it guide us just like when we allow the music to move our bodies without restricting the movement. This is the path of joyful creation, discovering the connection of everything, and using that knowledge to bring about a brighter future.
Quaoar is currently in Scorpio (specifically, now in 2014, at 27 degrees). As usual, when this dwarf planet hits an angle or another planet in your chart up to 1 degree, the energy will be most apparent. You can see what house it falls under as well to decide where to start utilizing your manifestation powers. Though, the divine beings we are- we are able to manifest always, in any area of life, whenever we please. We are truly magical creations.

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