Scorpio Solar Eclipse, October 23rd, 2014


Hello all! As most of you know, tomorrow (October 23, 2014) there is a Solar Eclipse happening! It is exactly on 0 degrees of Scorpio, meaning it also marks the end of Libra season and the beginning of Scorpio season! Time to celebrate! But first…we should probably discuss tomorrow’s big event…just to clear the way for the festivities ahead.

This is the chart for the Scorpio Solar Eclipse- as you can see the Sun, Moon, and Venus are all strictly conjunct at 0 degrees. This is HUGE. Venus is in the mix- meaning that Venus is a major player in this eclipse. Firstly, let’s discuss the ever-so-forgotten saros cycle; this eclipse is in saros cycle 17, and as Bernadette Brady says, New North. This series started July 28th, 1870- and thus carries with it the energies of the first eclipse chart. Here is what Brady has to say about this eclipse (taken from her book Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark):

“This Series brings an impulsive energy to events. Socializing becomes hectic and issues emerge that motivate the individual. This motivation may be concerned with financial projects or relationship issues. Whatever the motivation, it is impulsive, passionate, and exciting. Have fun, enjoy it.”

This specific Scorpio solar eclipse also directly precedes Mercury turning direct. Take that as you will…but be careful with your words around all that impulsiveness, try to wait till Mercury is direct before voicing something risky.

Now what does this have to do with you…well, here it is- it’s shadow work time. This eclipse is bringing out the muck that the Mercury retrograde stirred up inside you, brought to the surface, and is forcing you to not just look at it but to deal with it. That which has been pushed into the unconscious will manifest with a solar eclipse, and so think about the lunar eclipse energy you felt on October 8th when Aries was reigning the lunar realm. What emotions were felt? What thoughts went through your head? What issues were you dealing with? What did you choose to ignore? All these things are coming back up, ready for their spot in reality, and the sun will push them out of the realm of possibilities and into YOUR realm. This can be awesome or awful, but either way, acceptance is key. As I have said many times, and will say many times again, Scorpio is all about LETTING GO. This eclipse will show you what you need to let go, and what to replace it with. It’s about new beginnings, and will create new beginnings for the next 6 months. It’s also about endings, however, so deal with them gracefully and count your blessings instead of feeling distraught at losses. Trust in the way of the universe, the divine order of things, and set intentions you can manifest to make your life more meaningful to yourself, and therefor more fulfilling. Relating to others is a huge theme, so take a look at how you relate to those around you, and see if there is anything lacking or something you can do to improve communication and connection. This is a great time to share your feelings with other people, those that you love, and to spend time with them. Spending time in nature or surrounding yourself with what makes you feel beautiful, and what you find awe-inspiring, will lift your spirits ten fold during this eclipse. Treat yourself and those you love to the royal treatment and let the worries slip away. Everything is already all right.

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