Pluto Regeneration Musing


No longer simply wilted, I had dried into a beautiful corpse frozen with my face to the ground and my colors pale and muted. Every shake my petals threatened to fall and pieces of me would blow away when the wind decided to dance. I always enjoyed the dance before I knew what it was like to be acquainted with death. Death needs no sunlight and no water to be his best. He needs a parched stem with roots too confused to search for moisture. The earthworms whispered to me- it’s here it’s here- and I grabbed without sight. I ended up with just dirt in my fists.
I see, though murky, the earthworm’s elixir and when it reaches my roots (and I’m sure that it will) love will ignite me again- taller, brighter, stronger than I ever had been in the name of love. A new kind of understanding through loss and acceptance. Patience budding into gold, silk petals, dancing in the wind once again.

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