The fixed star Algol



Algol sits at 26 degrees Taurus. As most know, the fixed star Algol has quite the negative reputation. There’s no surprise why it is known as the star in the zodiac that houses evil considering all it represents.

Algol is terror, destruction, and mutation. Algol represents disaster and inhumane acts. It represents both literally and figuratively ‘losing your head’. It has associations with violence and terror. She strikes fear in the hearts of those who see her coming, as there is no escaping her carnage. Murder and tragic death also revolve around Algol.

The myth behind this fixed star is that of Medusa being decapitated by Perseus. Medusa, like Algol, gets a bad reputation. She actually used to be a beautiful vestal virgin before she was raped and impregnated by Neptune. Pallas Athena was repulsed by the ordeal and punished Medusa by turning her into her well known image today with her head of many snakes. The pain and injustice is represented by the poison that Medusa holds inside her. She holds the antidote as well, leading to the positive side to Algol.

Algol holds poison that tortures, maims, and kills her adversaries, but she also holds the power to heal that same poison. This leads to the idea that Algol has a light at the end of the tunnel. Though the pain and destruction are inescapable, the antidote provides immortality…or at least the feeling inside oneself of immortality. The ability to rise above all the terror. The ability to handle anything. This star puts itself in these situations, whether it’s purposefully or subconsciously attracting the situations to them. Possibly to test themselves to see if they can actually handle the darkness, possibly for masochistic pleasure, possibly just for fated reasons…but whatever reason, the fact still stands. There will be difficulty. Those with strong Algol influences in their natal chart are usually well suited to handle these difficulties. They also tend to be catalysts in their own lives and others’ lives.

Having Algol in close conjunction (1-2 degrees) with a personal planets suggests these themes regarding the planet’s area of life. Having Algol in close conjunction with the angles will affect all the angles, but will manifest most obviously on the angle it sits on. Transiting personal planets on Algol need to be observed, and high caution is recommended. Synastry aspects to Algol also need to be approached with caution…it can suggest violence, pain, and injustice.

Another notable factor about this fixed star is its relation to female empowerment. Some say it represents the ‘taking away’ of power from the feminine. This is because of the myth, where Medusa was punished for being raped, and beheaded for this punishment. It can represent female strength being repressed or punished, beating into submission.
Algol also represents alcohol, alcoholism, and trouble regarding this.

One of my favorite explanations is from Abella Arthur stating that “the overarching theme of Algol is improper conduct, and Capulus natives persecute (as in, Perseus) that conduct. Some natives, that have both Algol and Capulus, persecute their own improper conduct and this impropriety often generates shame. Capulus (with or without Algol) natives also persecute Algol or Algol type behavior in others.”

Though this fixed star is mostly trouble, the empowerment it can give can be seen as a gift. It can be used for good- a warrior who isn’t afraid to dive into the deep abyss to fight the monsters for the rest of humanity. Those who do not fear death, pain, rejection, and are willing to go through torture, to reach a specified goal. There is no second guessing, they know they can handle it. They are indestructible. They are capable. And they are dancing in their own blood.

One thought on “The fixed star Algol

  1. Aure71

    I have Algol exactly conj asteroid Pallas opposing my Jupiter (though off by +1degr), Jupiter conj asteroid Justitia. I’ve always raged against injustice, especially against women, children and animals. Another interesting, though probably not significant aspect is Mars opp Dubhe as part of a sextile circle formed of Lilith, Eris, Hel and Nemesis, Mars and Nemesis (conj Great Attractor) forming a Yod to asteroid Sekhmet. Don’t know if they have anything to do with my horribly quick temper or is it asteroid Xanthippe conj my Sun/Moon midpoint 😀 No wonder I’m still single…

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