11th and 12th house dance


The cusp between the 11th and the 12th is the line into infinity and many get lost as they teeter back and forth. Many say that the 12th, home of Pisces, is where the Christ energy sits in its full glory. I believe this to be true. The 11th is connection with absolutely everything on this earth, but once one travels beyond the earth, the line appears, the fog rises, and the ground becomes slippery as the Pisces water rises. Slip and fall the wrong way and you might get lost forever. Slip and fall another way, and you’re back into the 6th, struggling your way toward the 7th, learning how to teeter better in the 8th, and so on. It’s better than falling into the gap forever. It’s just a lot of work. With one foot in earthly connections of the 11th, and one in the impossibility of the 12th, one can easily go mad. But taking the leap has to be done at some point. You can either fall back, or jump forward, but that crevice will betray you if you sit in it long enough. Finally diving into the abyss of the 12th you are reminded of all the 8th’s nightmares, and all the 4th’s pain, but you transcend them all. You see the beauty of the terror and the perfection of the agony and you cry tears of joy. You’ve made it to the beyond and are finally cradled in the arms of God.

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