Capricorn Musing


I recently met a lovely stranger while I was sitting at the bar at my place of employment after getting off, and of course, as always, he was a Capricorn. (In case you haven’t read any of my musings before, most the strangers I feel drawn toward and are drawn toward me are Capricorns. I believe because my Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn conjunction in the 2nd house, opposing my Mars in the 8th, but ya know it’s up for debate). ANYWAY; he wanted an explanation on Capricorn. The typical questions ‘WHO AM I?’ ‘WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT ME?’ that I cannot answer so simply. Most don’t care even for legitimacy, just a quick little tidbit they can nod their head to. Instead I went into the story of the sea goat. I hope you Capricorns know you are half water, and that long, mermaid tail you have has been ignored so long it almost doesn’t exist. But it does! In the mist. This is why Capricorns tend to have a spiritual interest to them even though they often keep it tucked away. They still like to gather the information, and admit to no one that they are, just in case that feeling they have inside is right and not just their imagination. Their imagination is lovely! Bursting with spiritual symbols, if they embrace it. They connect with their Cancer sisters and brothers through the beauty of emotion and the human condition. The constant moving forward. Cappys that don’t move forward can often times get depressed- where is the meaning? The meaning is finding your tail! Sound silly? Good. Cappys have a good sense of humor. Those that use it are less often sad. The world is harsh being ruled by Saturn, I know. But connecting with your moon sign, that Cancer nurturing, will bring you back into the ocean of possibility and the vastness of experience, love, emotion, dreams! You are close to the end of the Zodiac, little loves, rising above as the last Cardinal sign to give one final push toward freedom- and then you enter into Aquarius, feel the water out a little, and then are submerged fully into Pisces never to return the same again. Connect, Capricorns! You are the sea goat after all. You are not just earth bound.


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