Houses 4, 8, and 12


These are the ‘water’ houses.

Starting with the 4th house, we touch deeply to our roots- the blood that makes us up, the people that created us, and the soul that resides inside us in its most vulnerable position. This the house of family. Our ancestors and that which makes us up. This is more than physically, this is emotionally. It is the deepest part of our personal soul, and holds our individual past. This is where we are most vulnerable, for it is where we feel the need to be nurtured and taken care of. This is where we have early childhood burdens thrust upon us, or possibly positive influence from loving parents. Either way, it is the water that helps our seed grow. This water will affect our growth from the beginning to the end.

Moving on to the 8th house, we meet all our personal demons and come face to face with the dark side of life. This house has a spring, and up from the spring bubbles that which the 4th house holds, releasing that which we have repressed into the limelight. We must decide what to do with it. This baggage can weigh us down and others that connect with us. But it can also be transformed and allow us to help others transform their own. The 8th is where we meet our darkest fears. We often fight it or blame ourselves for it, but the goal of the 8th is to ‘let go’. With those two simple words we can conquer whatever it is we find in the 8th. We have deep impulses and passions that stem from the 8th because that which is unconscious or that we shove into the unconscious, will manifest eventually. The 8th will always be a catalyst and is not satisfied unless the soul is growing. So expect lessons and tests regarding that which you thought you had conquered. Because it’s not truly conquered if it bubbles up again.

That brings us to the 12th, where the baggage we couldn’t repress in the 4th bubbled up in the 8th and was sent to be entombed for all eternity. Luckily for our own souls growth, but not necessarily lucky for this life’s easiness, the tomb always finds a way to open. The 12th house is this tomb. It is our unconscious, making it our connection to the collective conscious. When we repress enough to enter the 12th, we have literally created our worst nightmares. The 12th rules dreams. This is where we are given messages from the divine, symbols to help us find our way. This is where our past lives are stored, and the past lives of everyone on this planet, and beyond. This is the absolute. It is where we combine the duality of human existence to create an understanding of the bigger picture. It is where we can meet our deepest compassion or our deepest despair. Most try to ignore this house, but it is subtle, and works through our unconscious thoughts, eventually leaking into the 1st and into the forefront of our lives. Here we take on the weight of the world. We take on the weight of existence. We discover the obscenity of violence, but we also discover the beauty of love. This is where we connect the dots and find our meaning, our fate, and our divine nature.

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