Houses 3, 7, and 11


These are the ‘air’ houses.

Starting with the 3rd, we create our reality.

We were born into this world and must construct it in ways we can understand. These constructs are taken from everywhere and begin when you first open your eyes. Your siblings and neighbors fit into this house because they are the ones around in your childhood environment. Anything that helped bring you up sits here. You communicate your will and try to understand others. The 3rd house turns abstracts into something easier to understand. You speak to others by using the 3rd. You cannot have a conversation without referring to the 3rd and the constructs you’ve made inside your head.

Moving onto the 7th, we discover what we attract and what we are attracted toward.

We discover connections between us and those we want to get close to. This is where we are drawn to others, for known or unknown reasons, and we reach out to them to learn more about ourselves. This holds the descendant. It’s where we project our own desires. We are a magnet for the descendant, and we send all that we deny in ourselves, as well as all that we graciously accept- allowing the universe to send us others who fit these needs or show us what we need to see. The 7th is the intimate conversation with another human being. We will get what we need, not necessarily what we want, with the 7th.

Ending with the 11th, we step into a larger sphere of human connection.

We break apart from confining one-on-one relationships of the 7th and enter the realm of wider human connection. This house rules our contacts. It rules acquaintances, those we meet and converse with and never see again, those we share beliefs with and expand with, and friendships of all different kinds. It is our key to society and being heard by the masses. We open ourselves up to the masses publicly, hoping to inspire or meet certain goals. This is the house we look beyond our own ego and branch out to share our experiences with others.

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