Houses 2, 6, and 10


These are the ‘earth’ houses.

Starting with the 2nd, we become aware of resources and how they are crucial to our survival on this physical plane. We discover touch, and how it bonds us to our environment. In discovering what ‘things’ mean to us, we develop our values, which often shift throughout our lifetime. Some we clench onto, some we easily let go, but all are important because we have deemed them important. Most are for physical security, as well as physical comfort which is needed to be met before emotional comfort.

Moving onto the 6th house, we learn what we need to do in order to protect our resources and live the way we wish. We plan our time according to what we would like to accomplish, or what we feel we have to accomplish. We do work for ourselves, and work for others, all leading to a sense of stability and possibly even meaning. Essentially, we are creating our daily set up. Choosing what must be done, and leaving what is not needed. This house is about our physical reality and us maintaining it.

Ending with the 10th, we discover that sense of meaning that was budding in the 6th, and we put into action, following up with its growth and assuring its success. This is where we create tangible things for ourselves and for others to use. This is where we decide what we want to be known for, and what will last the test of time when we are gone to aid others in remembering us. It is our legacy and our utmost potential. What we do with it is completely up to us. The 10th demands hard work, dedication, and complete competence. The strong progress and the weak are left behind. This is the house we build the world we want.

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