Houses 1, 5, and 9


These are the ‘fire’ houses.

Starting with house 1, the sense of self rushes to the forefront bursting into the world as new consciousness is birthed. This is the house of birth and shows our first breath, our first feeling, and our first desires. We start our minds out with ‘me, me, me’ and this house does nothing but cater to it. Our personality is molded through the 1st house, and there are many different lenses. Any influence on your first house influences the way you see the world and how you see yourself. This is the house we take action in getting what we want, and often times, we need to take a time out and reflect on the first house to determine who we think we are and who we truly are and how our actions relate to both.

Moving on to the 5th house, we take our identity and use it to create. When we create, we are taking pieces of ourselves and birthing those pieces into independents. This is the house of artistic talent, and all types of creative ability. It is where we take our individual talents and use them to the best of our ability to represent ourselves. This house urges one to create in their own image- and therefor also rules children. Our offspring are our ultimate creation, the ultimate independent, the ultimate version of ourselves. We teach them according to our own ways. The 5th also rules joy, spontaneous affairs, and the enjoyment of life. We discover what makes us feel blessed to be alive.

Ending with the 9th, we ask ‘why?’ to the question of life. We ask ourselves why what we have discovered makes us happy, makes us happy! We ask what happiness even is. We ask how to preserve it. The 9th house is constantly learning and wondering and asking questions. It is not content with simple answers, however, and gets out there to experience the questions they have themselves. The 9th turns to religion, science, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, etc. to gain insight on every type of knowledge. We pack our bags in the 9th, and set off on daring adventures, planning on taking everything as learning material, and hoping we discover what it is we’re looking for. Standing still is rarely an option, but there are times we enjoy sitting and reflecting when in the 9th. The main goal is to gain as much experience as necessary to create our own truths.

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