Those Stars


Everything is put in perfect order. You are made up of the energies your stars hold for a reason. Whenever I feel discouraged, I think- how lucky we are to have a universe that loves us so much to create beautiful balls of light to help guide us back home. Back to that very light we study each day, observe each night. A kaleidoscope of energy all melding together and connecting with each other offering us an infinite variety of experience. Each and everyone one of you is immensely special. Every minute of each day is unique and ready to be seized! So seize the variety, revel in the constant flow and grab your inspiration as it floats by. And eventually, you will find it in yourself. And all you have to do is take it out of your chest and throw it up into the air and you are a creator! The creator of your own reality. The true divine being you always have been.

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