Upcoming April 2014 eclipses


The eclipses this April are quite powerful as some of you know already! The first is in a couple days, the 15th in the very early hours, and is a total lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses often highlight inner emotional situations. We will most likely get a rush of emotion propelling us toward the physical manifestation of the solar eclipse on April 29th. Whatever the lunar eclipse makes you feel or brings up to the surface and forces you to reconsider is what will need to given attention to. So pay special attention to the inner workings of your mind and heart during this time. If there is something you feel needs to change and you resist the change, then the solar eclipse on the 29th isn’t going to be pleasant. It will be a Uranian disruption, a random event spinning you into action, whether it’s positive or negative is your decision. If you choose to take responsibility for yourself and deal with what you know you need to deal with then you will reap the benefits come the solar eclipse. If not, fate will interject and force the change.

The lunar eclipse is in 25 degrees Libra. This means that the sun will be in exact opposition at 25 degrees Aries. This already tells us that we are dealing with identity regarding our self and identity regarding others. The house that the eclipse occurs in your natal chart will expand this even further, the opposition will show the axis of which you will be dealing with. So align your chart up with the transit chart for the 15th (around 3:45a.m. but depending on where you are located so play around with it) and see where the moon and the sun fall. Any planets hit in conjunction, opposition, or square are highly important. That means there could be multiple houses included in the interpretation as well. Remember, Libra is a cardinal sign, so any cardinal sign will also be affected or even cardinal areas in your chart just not to an extreme degree. This is especially so if it’s around 25 degrees.

Now look at your chart for April 29th when the sun and the moon align in a conjunction at 9 degrees Taurus. What house do they fall in? The opposing house is equally as important. This will show you the axis that the solar eclipse hits and where the ‘disruption’ will occur (or benefits to be reaped). Find any planets making an opposition, conjunction, or square and deem them extremely important. These will be the areas the solar eclipse will physically manifest. Remember, the solar eclipse is external. The lunar is internal. Keep this in mind when making your interpretations. The solar eclipse is in a fixed sign, so any fixed signs will be especially affected. Mostly those around 9 degrees of a fixed sign.

I am personally thankful the lunar eclipse gives us an internal ‘hint’ at what we can expect to manifest physically come the end of the month so we can prepare. Just make sure to take things slow, expand your awareness, and remember that like is meant to be enjoyed not fret over. So don’t be stressed out, just take responsibility for yourself and stay on track. Follow your heart and your own intuition.

Feel free the message me about the eclipses and where they are hitting your natal chart. Sending love and light your way.

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