Fixed Stars Mimosa & Acrux


The fixed star Mimosa sits at 11 degrees of Scorpio. This fixed star has an orb of 1 degree, therefor must be within 1 degree of 11 degrees 38′. The above picture is of the Mimosa plant, also known as the sensitive plant because of its response mechanism to touch. When one touches the leaves of a Mimosa plant, they fold in toward themselves. They are extremely sensitive to touch and the reaction takes a lot of energy out of them. The more they are bothered, the shorter life span they have. This reaction is similar to the meaning of this fixed star. Mimosa hitting a personal planet in a chart will show areas of great sensitivity, mostly along the lines of spiritual and intuitive sensitivity. A deep understanding and knowing of things within oneself. The native would be able to intuitive see inside others’ intentions. This position shows wisdom. It shows deep religious or spiritual devotion and a strong connection with mythology. Elsbeth Ebertin suggests this position shows a gift of successful investigation in the hidden side of things or lost knowledge. She also suggests that this position gives the native a grasp of the inner nature of man.

Mimosa is not the brightest star in the constellation Crux in the Southern Cross, but it sits right alongside the brightest, Acrux. In this case, they work together. Acrux sits at 11 degrees 51′ of Scorpio. The orb is officially within 66′ but some use 1 degree, which may mean someone has a personal planet hitting Acrux and not Mimosa, and the other way around. Acrux is highly important, at least in my studies. It shows the mark of an astrologer, mysticist, and even shamans or successful occultists in general. The same generalities within Mimosa show in Acrux, but there is more emphasis on spiritual or religious justice. It shows positive practice in religious practices and contains a great amount of mystery and magic. Those with their personal planets hitting Acrux are seen as magical and mysterious because of this. They may feel that way themselves, even.

In general, the Crux shows much hardship. It goes through a series of trials and tribulations in order to filter through unneeded energies and constructs the native has built up over past lives and the current life. This is all set in place to help develop the natives intuition, empathy, and psychic skill. It also helps build strength, in less of a blocked off way, but a ‘I can handle anything’ way. Though this may show a lot of suffering, the suffering is usually transcended through spiritual manners or in helping others. This is also in many charts of leaders and those in positions that reach many others with their wisdom.

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