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The fixed star Alphard sits at 27 degrees Leo in the Hydra constellation. This in itself is fearsome! It is the heart of the Hydra snake, poison in its blood. It is also known as the ‘backbone’ of the snake and ‘the solitary one’. Those with Alphard in an exact or within 1 degree conjunction of their personal planets or angles are given the energy of Alphard. This energy revolves around poison- this can mean physically or metaphorically. It casts trouble and disruption in the natives life. It gives raw, intense emotion that is often hurled rather than kept inside. Symbolically, it uses its fangs when it feels needed- and with strong emotions, the need may be often. There is also a point to be made about self control and Alphard. There may be low self-control which can lead to immoral actions and trouble. On a positive side, Alphard can give the native innate wisdom regarding human nature and a deep appreciation for music or art.

With Alphard in conjunction to your:

Ascendant- Can show obsession regarding women. Possibly a raw, primal passion toward women or against women if turned awry. Eventual ‘poisoning’ regarding this. There is a lack of self control and the native may go to excess and have no restraints. Anxiety.

Moon- Possible potential toward corruption- either easily corrupted or can easily corrupt others. No boundaries on lust. Trouble with women in life, especially those in the family.

Mercury- Passion gone wrong, native may be obsessed with an individual to an extreme degree. Communication often gets native in trouble, writing brings disgrace.

Sun- Easily gains enemies, but easily gains fame. Most likely to fall from grace do to enemies constantly plotting against the native. Mistakes on the native’s part can cost them dearly.

Venus- Great sorrow coming from relationships. Intense yearning and emotional attachment. Support of the one the native loves is often denied. May easily gain recognition, but needs to watch their actions in order not to sabotage themselves. Seen as ‘darkly’ alluring toward the opposite sex or just intimidating.

Mars- Scandals are often rampant. Danger with accidents or sudden deaths. Possible ruthlessness or selfishness. Obsession over partner. Difficulty having children.

Midheaven- More scandal, ‘do anything to get on top’ attitude. Obsessive needs.

Imum Coeli- Inner demons are strong and run rampant. True devil’s advocate. Inner self needs boundaries to be able to function properly in society. Obsessions too overwhelming for the individual.

Descendant- Attracts or is attracted to obsessive lovers. Possibly unfaithful do to compulsions. Lusty and attracts a lot of difficulty.

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