April 2014 Astrological Weather


The cosmic weather for this month is pretty intense. I am only going into two of the patterns but it includes a whopping 7 planets!

This April Mars and Uranus will be opposite each other and Jupiter and Pluto will be opposite each other and each of these planets will all be square each other- creating a CARDINAL grand cross- therefor in the signs of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, and Libra. It will not only be an extremely volatile time for the cardinal signs, but for the world as a whole. These are all big players! Jupiter is expansion, Pluto is what is being washed away to provide for something new, Mars is action taking BUT it is retrograde so it instead is more negotiating with yourself with what actions must go and what must stay (there will be a lot of Mars energy pent up inside wanting to get out but avoid acting compulsively!), and finally Uranus is change and possibly even awakening, it is exposed truth.

In regard to the world as a whole, the Jupiter/Pluto opposition is far reaching destruction. A washing away of the old way of thinking on a large scale. This can be indicated by unexpected events (Uranus) and violent events (Mars) forcing people to leave behind what they no longer NEED. I say need because ‘desire’ or ‘want’ is most likely going to be completely transformed, as these are ruled by Mars and Mars is in opposition to Uranus, feeding the revolutionary energy and newness Uranus represents.

To ease this rough grand-cross there is shortly after a grand-trine between the moon, Mercury, and Saturn. This Saturn placement is in Scorpio retrograde, making reality feel heavy, intense, and highly personal. Luckily, the water grand-trine will allow this internalized feeling of restriction to flow easily through the emotions and communication. To ease restriction, we must let out our fears and what we perceive to be holding us back. We can easily connect this with our emotional nature and communicate it to others so we don’t feel so alone. This trine is in water, so it will naturally fit in well with Jupiter in Cancer which is a benefic, as well as focus primarily on emotion and feeling.  I predict there will be a lot of open communication between people during this time about heavy subjects in order to release the old fear patterns and be cleared up of any weight on our chests so we can get past this transition and start new. This is, after all, Aries season and we are all aimed towards creating and enjoying. Use this trine to help with any difficulty the grand-cross is creating in your life- allow the water (emotion) to flow through you and be open and expressive of what you’re feeling.

For you personally, look at a transit chart up against your natal chart and find what houses or planets these four are moving in or across. Pluto will show you where you will have an inner transformation and where your own old ways will be wiped away with force or with cooperation- it is your decision. Uranus will show you where you will either face unexpected changes or gain bursts of new insight. Mars will show you where you need to compromise and where you wish to take action but must wait for now. Jupiter will show you where your life will be expanded or where you need to put more ethical reasoning behind.

Good luck with the cosmic weather this month, and make sure to keep an open mind and allow the grand-trine to help you out a little bit. The theme is transformation, new insights, global change, inner change, emotional clarity, new beginnings, staying steady, and not letting the turmoil override your inner sense of peace. Meditate often if that’s something you do from time to time, or least spend time in nature. WRITE. I cannot stress this enough. Keep an April diary! Write all the things that come into your head. And keep those chins up!

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