Eros is asteroid number 433. In astrology, it represents the type of love that is erotically consuming. The moon represents comfort in love, Mars is desire in love, Venus is attraction in love, but Eros is different in the respect that it can bypass all the previously and act compulsively and intensely on its own despite other factors. Eros is full bodied passion, it can be sexual compulsion or mystical obsession. It is absolutely irresistible either way.

When dealing with Eros, one’s intellect may be able to note every possible reason why the person of their desire is not right for them or why pursuing them is not advantageous, but they are still pulled to them regardless. There is an intense inner feeling of fate working its wonders, bringing them to you for some reason or another. It is the desire to merge souls and ignore the other factors that always must play in with earthly relationships. It is fantasy, the head and heart running away with each other into the sunrise with thoughts of being one with this person. Anyone who has felt Eros’s arrow plunged into their heart may say it feels exactly like an actually arrow was plunged and not a metaphorical one- because it is that intense, that physically affecting, and that real.

Most of the time Eros burns out as quickly as it flamed. With strong Eros contacts, a relationship often doesn’t result, or a quick relationship results with one partner or both needing to get away from it soon after. For those who feel Eros unrequited- these are the loves you never forget, and always wonder what beauty could have come from the union. Again, though, intellect can easily win out after the wound has been healed, as Eros doesn’t have much to back it up other than that awesome feeling of fate and the pulling of the heart. If Eros is prominent in the chart of a committed couple, the union is likely to be extremely deep and gratifying. The Eros bond brings that fated feeling and seals it with divine love, that feeling of meant to be. The sexual appetite is most likely extremely well off and tantric sex is often preferred.

There are multiple stories drawing out Eros’s beginning but the one I feel backdrops the astrological meaning is the story of Psyche and Eros. Psyche was a mortal girl who grew into the world’s most beautiful woman and therefor caught the attention of the love goddess, Aphrodite. Aphrodite was not pleased with this and sent Eros to deal with it. He took one of his arrows (dipped in his fated love potion) to shoot her with in hopes of getting her to fall in love with a monster of sorts, but shocked by her beauty, pricks himself instead and falls madly in love with her. He brings her to his home and gives her everything she could ever want except for the visage of his own face. She eventually betrays him by looking upon his face while he sleeps and is also shocked by his beauty and falls onto yet another of his love-dipped arrows, falling deeply in love with him herself. Eros is upset and leaves her- Psyche asks Aphrodite for help but fails in the tasks given- but Eros saves her yet again and brings her back to his home, forgiving her. This is when Zeus decides to grant Psyche immortality so her and Eros could wed, and so they do. This is the up and down, intense, dramatic essence of Eros (and Psyche) that is portrayed in our own lives when touched by Eros.

Eros in your natal chart

Eros is individualized per person regarding house and sign. The house that your Eros is in shows where passion easily bubbles up inside you and where you’ll find the partner that may match your Eros (again, this is not necessarily a good thing for just because your Eros is flared doesn’t mean the other person feels it, too). It can show where potential for a deep connection with the divine is as well. The sign regards how your Eros works through you. Eros is spontaneous in any sign but it can act more intellectually, physically, or emotionally depending on what sign it is in. Reading a generalized report on your Eros in sign or Eros in house is not going to get you very far because Eros tends to show itself more validly in synastry charts. Though it can provide you with an idea of where potential hides. When Eros is in conjunction to a personal planet or an angle it can show you energy being fed into that area or special attention others see in your regarding that part of you. For example, Eros in conjunction with your sun shows a person who is seen by others as extremely sexually appealing and may find that others project their fantasies onto them. It can show someone who is highly sexual or passionate in other ways, and possibly one that is in love with love or has incessant infatuations.

Eros in a synastry chart

Those who find themselves obsessively attracted to another individual yet can’t talk themselves out of it even when they decide they’d go above and beyond for the person (without anything promised in return) are most likely suffering from the stray arrow of Eros. When your Eros falls on another’s personal planet, this fated attraction will occur and be nearly impossible to rid yourself of if it is unwanted. The feelings will be there, and they will be strong, until Eros has reflected to someone or something else. This is less to affect, but still in affect, with other major aspects. In a synastry chart of a couple, Eros in a harmonious aspect is beneficial and can create passionate feelings. Eros in conjunction can sometimes be too much for couples not able to handle the intensity of an Eros type relationship. Often Eros in conjunction with another’s Psyche is the ultimate fated expression, no doubt leading to many ups and downs just like their story. The energy given by the signs and houses of each partner’s Eros will show how the erotic play will unfold and how the sexual flavor of the relationship will span out. If sex is getting dull in the relationship, finding the house, aspects, signs of Eros (and Mars of course) can show where to add some flavor to get things spiced up again.

Overall, Eros is an important part of our charts to get to know. Especially in order to find whether we are truly going crazy falling for someone who is definitely not the type of partner we have always wanted- or if it’s just pesky Eros shooting his arrows into you and getting you all love drunk. I know in my own life, this has been a real eye opener and I always look out for those in the same degree and sign as my Eros just in case those ‘crazies’ pop up again! Eros is great in moderation, but too much can be…well…too much!

15 thoughts on “Eros

  1. Mabia

    very interesting! I think Eros is quite fascinating. my Eros is tighly conjunct my Midheaven in Aries and in draconic chart my Mars is conjunct Midheaven and Eros. but I have never understood Eros/Midheaven conjunction quite well. do you know how I could read it?

    1. Perhaps your job will be your passion, or you are very passionate about your ambitions and want to do something big with your life. It could also go toward meeting lovers through work, or others in the work place seeing you as their ideal. Perhaps lots of short, but intense, flings. It could go so many ways 🙂

  2. momiji

    Hello, greetings from Slovenia. Great site! Could you tell me something about Eros in Sagittarius conj Venus in 4th house please?
    I love your work, please keep it up!!! Much happiness 🙂

  3. Eros conjunction sun and lucky point.. and mercury, uranus, pluto and venus in house seven, libra. Opposition AC / Moon and trigone mars and saturne.
    My main point is reflection. Not eros.
    Of course I recognized somehow a sex appeal but !
    mainly I recognize the total misconduct of sexuality in human race and society.
    Eros without love is crap. Leads to violence, harassement and abuse.
    Take that in mind.

    1. I can see noticing the pattern after awhile and the energy turning more into reflection, or getting caught up in the energy and it turning into harassment and abuse, but it all stems from the obsessive arrow I believe. The focus you have on the misconduct in society is probably due to you focusing on intense sexuality because of your strong Eros placement. It’s very close to home so you’re familiar with the energy and seem to want to transform it with love. I like that.

      Thanks for your insights 🙂

  4. kani

    Hello 🙂

    How would you interpret his Eros and Pluto exactly conjunct her Black moon Lilith?

    very interesting article thank you

    1. Thanks for taking time to read. Eros/Pluto/Lilith together makes for one powerful combination. Check house placement and aspects to further your understanding on where this raw, primal power will show itself. The individual must be careful with those that hit on this combination in synastry and transits. There needs to be conscious decision making rather than giving in to impulses when it comes to dealing with sexual relationships and feelings of jealousy, anger, deception, rejection.

      1. kani

        Thank you so much for your reply dear Vestalyn, but that constellation I was asking about is synastry and not natal. It’s his Eros (which is tightly conjunct his Pluto) in conjunction to my Lilith (we are not the same generation either and I have another Pluto sign, so my Lilith is not conjunct my Pluto).
        Lilith is Scorpio in 5th house so his Eros/Pluto hits my 5th house.
        What’s your take on this?

      2. Ah, synastry. I apologize for the miscommunication – I’ll go ahead and blame Mercury retrograde 😉
        Take the same approach in synastry but with less intensity as you’ll see more strength with personal planets hitting Eros. His Eros/Pluto in your fifth activating your Lilith could still show obsession, jealousy, possessiveness but it can also show an increase in your sexual power (if energy is funneled positively). I wouldn’t put too much weight on this specific placement though 🙂

      3. kani

        Thanks for your reply 🙂

        The thing is that we have an insane sexual attraction. And we were both quite vocal about it (we slept together the day we met in real life -we were connected on social media before – and I’ve never done that before). He was trying to get with me for a while and I gave in and met up with him. The energy between us was intense, so mesmerizing. It’s just pure sexual attraction though, my heart’s not in it, just my lower body part lol and I keep fantasizing about him. We do have Venus conjunct Pluto though (I’m the Pluto) and his Lilith conj. my Pluto. I’m used to intense energies, being quite intense myself but also having experienced a very intense out of this connection before, but he seemed a bit scared.

  5. alex_is

    in synastry, is eros opposite ascendant/eros conjunct descendant (at 3 degrees) felt by both people? same with eros opposite north nose/conjunct south node.

    we also have eros conjunct venus and square mars…

    1. The energy with synastry charts will be felt by both partners, but not usually in the same way. Eros in conjunction with an angle as well as the North Node can be a fated attraction. Eros on the South Node usually indicates a past life lover but not one that is meant for this lifetime (of course take a look at the rest of the chart). Remember we move away from the South Node (area of comfort) to the North Node (area of growth and our destiny).

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