Regulus is one of the most benefic fixed stars in a chart. If you have an orb up to 5 degrees (most astrologers use up to 2 degrees however to be more correct) then you were born with the metaphorical blood of royalty in your veins. This is said because Regulus is one of the brightest stars in our sky, as well as laying on the ecliptic. In ancient times, Regulus was seen as the fixed star of royalty and the giver of great riches and success. He is the heart of the lion. The embodiment of Mars and Jupiter’s combined energy. He is fierce, but fair. Generous, loyal, and deeply respected. Though there is risk of going to far- those with Regulus strong in their chart may be too tempted by ego and let it get the best of them. In their rise to fame they may falter because of arrogance. If they do reach successful heights and let fame get to their head (either ignoring Jupiter’s goodwill or pushing boundaries too far) a steep decline can take place and a fall from grace. This can be avoided by being true to your heart and using your passion for the benefit of others instead of feeding your ego.

There is definitely an aspect of courage and honor associated with Regulus. This can be open, physical bravery, and the urge to jump into action when you or another is in danger. It can show military honors or intense respect by others for things you have accomplished that others dared not to try. This is especially so when this fixed star is in conjunction to your Midheaven. It may be more of an internal energy when coupled with your moon, yet the desire is still strong to be recognized for that internal bravery since you may not have the means to show it. Either way- you’re a great person to have around in high pressure situations.

For those who don’t have Regulus in aspect, the house placement will show where you will use this Mars/Jupiter combination energy- therefor where you can be successful and find motivation to expand this area of life. It will add a destined sort of vigor to that house and its affairs.

29 thoughts on “Regulus

  1. CW

    I was born with my natal Mars conjunct Regulus. Like within minutes. Less than
    half an orb. I do feel regal. Maybe somewhat brave. However I just don’t have any fame and definitely not riches. It is at 29 degrees Leo in my first house. My ac is 18 degrees Leo. I will be 50 this year and have desired to be wealthy in my life for awhile now. I was born with a 3 planet stellium in my 2nd house, Pluto conjunct Uranus conjunct the moon. But I also have Saturn in opposition in my 8th house. I read that delays rewards until later in life. I am a Libra. I’ve had two heart surgeries and have another coming in a couple months. I’ve always worked hard yet I am not successful. I have a no kill animal shelter with as many as 40 dogs at a time to care for. The desire of my heart is to provide a better life for me and my dogs. I play the lottery but always feel like I’m waiting for something good to happen to me.

    1. You can be wealthy in other ways, not just monetary. It seems you have a big heart and lots of love and that in itself is true wealth, as many seem to not be able to find happiness or compassion. Much healing to you and blessings for your future.

    1. I don’t look at trines often with fixed stars, but being exact, it does lend some of its energy most beneficially toward your career and outer life, others might see you as embodying this energy when you carry out certain deeds, but it doesn’t shine consistently. It’s like a little shimmer that people remember and know resides inside of you and makes you special.

    1. With Regulus together with the IC, it’s possible that you have this energy buried deep inside you and it might be difficult to let it shine. It’s also possible that it relates to a close family member or your home life, but I go more toward the IC being the deepest part of the soul, so you might have to dig but eventually you’ll find the diamond.

  2. Susannah

    Any insight on Regulus conjunct Venus in 10th house? I read on another page that it was an indication of “Many disappointments, unexpected happenings, violent attachments, trouble through love affairs” 😦

  3. Aneretic Anamoly?

    You offer one of the most clear cut descriptions I’ve read, thanks for this! Looks like this is a star only used conjunct, yet I have aneretic asc trine aneretic regulus in 8th house between 2 retrograde heavies, no orb; exact. Noting in my life has ever been what you might call normal. Any wisdom to impart Dear Lady? Am I trying to read something unsubstantiated into this? Muchas Gracias!

    1. Thank you greatly for your lovely compliment, I am pleased I came across clearly.
      As for your question, I know many astrologers that use fixed stars, asteroids, etc. only deal with conjunctions within an extremely tight orb, but there are many that take into account other hard aspects if the orb is tight enough.
      My feelings on the matter is that if you feel the energy in your life, it’s worth adding to your reading. If the chart becomes a little too muddy with smaller points, then omit some and only work with the ones you feel called to. I think this is a good one for you as it does exactly trine your ascendant (and how far away are your retrogrades? I’m unsure if you mean your trine is exact or there is also an exact conjunction). Either way, use your intuition and decide whether to use it or drop it. You won’t be wrong:)
      Much love and light to you ❤

  4. I have 2 sons with Ascendent less than 2° from Regulus, but on opposite sides. One has its Ascendant in Leo at 27°03′ and the younger one in Virgo at 0°54′. Could you give me your view on it, please? What does it mean and what difference does it make ascendent being in different signs.

    Thank you.

  5. kimlovemuse


    1. Id have to see your chart to really interpret any of this, I apologize for the delay. I would like to offer you peace, understanding and positive energy for the eclipse tomorrow as it does indicate for us all a time of change and self-renewal.

  6. Colleen

    I have Regulus conjunct my sun at 28 degrees Leo in the 12th house. Some of what I’ve read on this aspect sounds a bit bleak “ultimate disgrace, sickness, benefits seldom last” However, your blog focused more on the positive side of Regulus. Would you have any advice on how to handle this aspect? The solar eclipse at the same degree this year is amplifying my sun and all that comes with it!

    1. It can be easy to fall from grace with this strong in your chart, but we cannot focus on the negative and see it as an ending point. We instead need to observe any negatives that happen and decide what we’re being taught. We will not have sickness or ultimate disgrace if we do not use this energy in a negative way. Get to know yourself and your relationship with fame, success, etc. If it’s a healthy relationship and you do not step on others or allow it to control you, you are safe from the negative effects. Use your power for the greater good. Much love, this can be a very rewarding time

  7. mintuzz

    hey i have my mars in 26′ 10 degrees leo, do you think that’s within the regulus range? do you think that the energies of the star still extend a bit to farther degrees not within the 2-3 range? haha, also does having your venus in 29 degrees leo count as well? or is that an unfortunate planet to have it in?

    1. I wouldn’t complicate the chart any further by widening the orbs, especially with bodies such as Regulus. There is no unfortunate degree- 29 degrees Leo can show heavy ambition, always on the move and coming up with new ideas. It starts a lot of projects relating to its sphere.

  8. HI thanks Vesta Lyn very much for this article I was looking up mercury conjunction to MC orb 4’01 I’m only just under the 5! I relate to this aspect Regulus described, I had not heard of it until now, 🙂

  9. John Williams

    Great info on Regulus here! My curiosity piqued, I have Pluto/27° conjunct Jupiter/28° in Leo (Regulus was 28° at my birth), and all square a Sag. Saturn (3° orb). Any thoughts?

  10. Toñi Garcia

    hi my name is toñi and im from spain, i love your page! i have a dude if i have my sun conj regulus and my nort node 2 house , have i proteccion or something like that? i have regulus trine saturn and square mc too, thanks so much!

    1. Hello! Thanks for visiting. Without looking at your entire chart it’s difficult to make any legitimate statements. With Sun conjunct Regulus, you will emody that energy. North Node in the 2nd house shows your destiny related to 2nd house affairs — security, self-love, resources, feeling secure emotionally/spiritually.

  11. Doug

    I have come across a couple of women with vesta conjunct or close to conjunct. Regalus ( around 24 degrees Leo ) house unknown. Conjunct my natal Pluto within One degree.One is a female friend that I’ve known for several years.There has always been a mutual attraction.There are other contacts of attraction between our geometry.My question is : How would this be interpreted in our synestry ? I have found nothing on vesta conjunct Regalus nataly.

  12. Ace King

    Hi VestaLyn,…thanks for your interpretation…just found out I have a 2+ degree conjunction of my natal midheaven/Pluto conjunction to Regulus. I’ve always had ambition for fame and fortune, which I suppose is the Leo way. I am starting a couple of online businesses in the next couple of months, and I have a loose Mercury trine my Pluto/midheaven/Regulus conjunction in the second house, so we’ll see where it all leads to. Blessings to you into the age of Aquarius!

    1. Hello there, thanks for stopping by! I am pleased to hear you are inspired toward an ambitious path and hope for nothing but success for you and your new venture 🙂

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