Other parts of your natal chart-

Juno– How do you handle committed relationships? This position shows your patterns of commitment and what would truly get you to commit without fear. She rules marriage, serious relationships, and outer unions.

Ceres– What brings out your inner nurturer? Ceres rules what we deeply care about and want to protect. She is our mothering aspect, pointing us to where we crave to pour our soul into and nurture.

Pallas (Athene)- How do you approach solving problems that seem too big to handle? She rules our creative thinking in how to take steps toward achieving our goals. She is where we mentally jump into warrior mode to attack our problems head on instead of hiding from them in fear.

Chiron– Where is the deepest wound you carry? This shows where we have wounded ourselves and when faced with healing this wound, thus starts our spiritual journey. Many say this wound can not be healed, but that is defeating. This wound can most definitely be healed, it just takes a lot of self-discovery and acceptance which is why it sparks a spiritual journey.

Vesta– What is most sacred to you? Vesta rules our deepest self-commitment. She is the keeper of the fire of life and the sworn celibate priestess. She rules sacred sexuality and shows us how we express our sexuality on a spiritual level. She shows what we view as holy, and what we commit ourselves to throughout a lifetime.

Part of Fortune– What area of life will bring you the most success? This rules the area that we are most fortunate in, whether it is obvious or not. It can point to what attitudes one needs to cultivate in order to integrate harmony between your sun, moon, and ascendant, therefor releasing that beneficial energy.

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