Wash It Away

“We are part of something special. It’s a crack in time-a wrinkle. Fallen from the nest, young eagle. I will pull my feathers out, stay humble. Uncle Mana taught us like an elder, took asunder older brother, he said this is powerful country, we felt like we were returning to our land rebels, and the shepherds in the sea. Takers are taking what the leavers will leave so grieve me the black prince cicada- such a loud voice for a tiny creature. Teach me to let go of all of my pain. I do forgive, I don’t forget these things.

We burn the bluegum for a safe passageway, drink of the earth, smoke of the dirt and my warpaint was red ochre clay. Our prayers igniting, cast out into the shire, and the song of our struggle came straight from the fire. It goes:

Holy, holy grandmother, we sing! Wash us clean of our pain and suffering. Give us strength for our new beginnings. From my deepest grace I sing- wash away, it will wash away.

In my dreams a whirling aboriginal man gave me your hat and your past in one hand. He said, you’ve come to be with rainbow serpent, red hands, red land, red worship- just then I heard bush mama crying in the chasms for the stolen generation and the children who haven’t come home, come home stay home.

My bullets are my words and my words are my weapons, so chain me to the pipeline for our rivers and mountains we sing!

Today’s a good day for my ego to die. Spirit live on in my heart, in my body, my mind. Then sister crow came with the murder that day, so he tattooed the bird nation onto our faces. She said we sing to let go of all of our pain. We dance the story to remember when things changed

We danced the ghost dance in two separate countries to this old song so familiar to memory. The road will teach you how to love and let go. It can be lonely but it’s the only thing that we’ve ever known. Our mommas told us- let go of jealousy. And for vagabonds and vagrants, that won’t come so easy. We’ve come from nothing.

I traveled halfway across the country and back only to find love undefined and I’m OK with that cause I’m gonna be a guardian, be a man among men.

Be my friend. Teach me to love you in a different way. Same cuts, same guts, same crazy. It’ll wash away, it will wash away- lift them up.”

This song speaks for itself. Nahko Bear is truly spreading medicine throughout humanity. Giving us hope and walking with us in our quest for ascending beyond our limitations.

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