Venus in the 8th house


Those that were born with their planet of love, Venus, in the 8th house are intense and all-encompassing. They contain the essence of Scorpio in the way that they love, and what they find attractive. When they love, it is a penetrating type of love. They crave the key to their lovers mind, heart, and soul, and will accept nothing less. Preferring a more mysterious partner, these natives tend to go after the dark types, possibly even those with an aura of danger or those that ooze sex appeal. In fact, these natives ooze sex appeal themselves. Others see them as the temptress, almost irresistible, and highly seductive. Those with their Venus in the 8th house have an air about them that promises a deep connection and mind blowing pleasures. With those that they love, they expect full commitment and loyalty. This goes with lovers, close friends, and even business partners. They don’t trust easily or give their heart up easily. They aren’t easily swayed and can be stubborn in their affairs. These natives are skilled at connecting with others and gain their trust by be so accepting of the dark side. They are interested in secrets, and though they won’t share their own willingly, they adore getting them out of others. Conversing with these individuals is rarely ever light. They don’t much enjoy small talk and prefer to get down to the depths of the soul. Venus in the 8th house can be slightly manipulative, especially with those they feel they are losing their power with. Power is important to them, emotional control is important to them, whether it’s conscious or unconscious. When they feel their partner slipping from their fingers they can feel a strong, contained rage. They can be highly vindictive when losing a lover. When having a lover, they get jealous easily. All this comes from their deep emotions, and whether they want to feel it or not, they do. They crave giving their own mind, body, and soul to a lover but rarely find one that they can trust that much to give all three. Letting go of past hurts, and letting go of things that need not be magnified, and trusting despite what consequences might come, are all lessons of the 8th house.

17 thoughts on “Venus in the 8th house

  1. Guillaume

    I got Venus in Leo 8th house. I have Venus conjunct Saturn which made it hard for me to express love when I was younger. I had sex for the first time when I was 25! I am very attractive and that is not the problem. I just take love very seriously. I don’t like games. I am blessed with Venus Sextile Jupiter, so I guess I got better overtime.

    With this postion of Venus in the 8th house in aconjunctiob with Saturn. I badically feel like I can love someone so much and so deeply till death that I am affraid of not being loved as much and I am scared of being hurt. So, I repress my feelings, etc.

  2. Guillaume

    Apparently I also have Asphard fix star conjunction to Venus which accordingly to your description:

    Great sorrow coming from relationships. Intense yearning and emotional attachment. Support of the one the native loves is often denied. May easily gain recognition, but needs to watch their actions in order not to sabotage themselves. Seen as ‘darkly’ alluring toward the opposite sex or just intimidating.

    1. Guillaume

      I also gave Regulus in exact conjunction with Venus. It is a bit confusing because Asphard is negative but Regulus is great.

      1. These descriptions aren’t concrete, so remember this, but Alphard does tend to bring more negative attributes to the planet it is in conjunction with but be tight with conjunctions. I’d take the smallest orb rather than both- but if it’s pretty much in the middle then it’s a blend. Some fixed stars manifest more in our lives than others so one may be stronger than the other in your chart. Either way- these can manifest at different time periods throughout your life especially when it is hit by a transit. So make sure you find what transits have hit in the past and ones coming again and how they affect your Venus. With Saturn in conjunction there is definitely going to be a strong ‘stunting’ going on with your Venus and I would put more weight on that than the fixed stars to be honest. If it’s negative, don’t look too deeply into just know there’s a predisposition there.

  3. Guillaume

    Thank you for your reply :-).

    I have read that Saturn was the planet of karma and that Saturn in Leo meant that I had to learn to have fun, entertain and not be affraid to demonstrate love. That is intersting because wen I was young I couldn’t atabd being touch. I was kind of scared of girls, etc.

    Now, I have learned to be more comfortable and actually be the one going toward people and spread warms and love. The more I age the easier it gets. That fascinating :-).

  4. Weedle

    I have Venus H8 conjunct Pluto and Moon. Yea, power tripping was in my early 20’s. When you are Plutonian, he’ll beat you into submission to drop that power crap. Good times!

    1. I know this reply is super late, but I was re-reading this article and saw it…Venus conjunct Pluto and Moon in the 8th! Wow, you are quite an intense person. You know, better than most others, how Pluto works…and you’re spot on. He does beat you into submission, over and over again until you get the lesson. And if you slip…he isn’t afraid to beat you again…hehe. Pluto is such a hardass when you’re not working along side him:)

    1. I didn’t though…I wrote this myself, thank you. If you have the webpage that this is on then go ahead and send it to me because that means they took it from me. Have a good day.

  5. shane wootler

    Hey theres this problem with me. Im a boy. And i gt moon conjuct mars and also venus in H8. I dnt knw why bt with the girls boys gt attractd also. Im still virgin. Bt i dnt knw till when. Bt i dnt wnt 2 fuck a boy. Plz help me….

  6. shane

    i have a virgo venus in 8th. and leo moon conjuct leo mars in 8th. i dnt knw whether im attractive. bt the thing is….. same sex guys cme after. i should fight them?

  7. I would not ‘fight’ them, I would simply use my words to let them know that you are not interested. Sometimes it’s difficult to turn someone down but both parties will feel better once the truth is spoken. Be patient while actively seeking a partner. Do not make it all about sex. Your time will come.

  8. Tarang joshi

    Yes it is completely true… I m jealous in love. I always want the complete attention of my lover. I have exalted Venus in 8th house. I love occultism.. N yes spiritualism n sex both go hand in hand for me. These all predictions are completely correct….

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