Venus in the 10th house


Those born with Venus in the 10th house are the most likely of all the Venus natives to be successful. The reason is because their sign of love is in their career house, giving them the motivation to go forward and create something that makes them happy. These natives are most likely liked by the majority of those who meet them, at least those in power, and are seen as charming yet determined. They feel the most happy when their work, career, or goals are being sought after. This gives them incredible stamina and the need to succeed. Once a goal is met, they tend to go right on to the next one. Those with Venus in the 10th house can fall into the trap of being workaholics and ignore their need for human connections or other humanly pleasures. This is not always the case, but if you have this position and see yourself heading that way, be sure to make room for human connections so that you don’t find yourself lonely and regretting not paying enough attention to those that loved you. These natives are also attracted to those in positions of power. They find ambition and drive very attractive in the opposite sex (or same sex, depending on their preference) and gravitate to those who are wealthy, powerful, and successful. They may have a lot of role models that they look up to, or denounce role models in favor of making themselves the one to be looked up to, but in any case, they want to be recognized for their efforts. Though not always true, these natives tend to be respectful of society and the structures with which they are surrounded with. They tend to be more conservative in the way they they love and don’t enjoy excess of emotion. Positively, those with their Venus in the 10th house will prefer to work their whole lives, or, only decide to relax when they have finished what they felt was their destiny to finish. These people have great talents waiting to be discovered and will succeed if they decide that’s what they want to do.

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