Venus in the 9th house


Those born with Venus in the 9th house are blessed with the adventurous spirit. They are broad-minded and have a love for expansion. Those with this position, no matter what sign their Venus is in, have a Sagittarius flare to how they love. They may fall in love easily with those who offer them new experiences. They are the lovers of life, the experience-junkies. They enjoy variety and trying out everything, this includes relationships. They can easily fall in love with more than one person at once, or even places, topics of learning, etc. They have a need for knowledge. They are lifelong students and soak up as much information as they can in every way that they can. They enjoy having a good time, and others around them having a good time. Those with Venus in the 9th house will most likely adore traveling, learning about new cultures or even participating in them. They may feel they have had past lives somewhere far away and travel to find that lost connection. Making friends with everyone around them, they don’t let any information slip through the cracks. Other people’s experiences are their learning materials. They may not be physical travelers, some are mind travelers, expanding their knowledge over a wide variety of subjects or learning things from others. They are optimistic normally. They love foreign ideas and anything to do with changing up the way things work for the better. They’re seekers and will listen to what you have to say. They will also have a lot to say themselves.

With those born with their Venus in the 9th house, it may be hard to stick in a relationship for too long. Craving newness is a phase all relationships go through, but with this position, they are most likely to act on it rather than waiting around. If they don’t feel a relationship can expand their awareness, teach them more things, or offer anything else to them, they feel the magic gone. It can be hard to deal with the reality of commitment once things run steadily. They aren’t the type to enjoy routine. These are also the kind of people who can fall in love with their teachers, or anyone offering guidance. They do strive in relationships that work towards a similar goal, and love those who have similar wants and want to go to similar places. If a lover is as spontaneous and fun-loving and open minded as a Venus in the 9th house, then they can stay hooked for a lifetime. Never stop exploring, you love souls:)

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