Venus in the 4th house


Those born with Venus in their 4th house are aligned with the sign Cancer. They are most likely often nostalgic or working towards creating a better environment for themselves. They enjoy making their home the center of their lives, decorating it and making it cozy for themselves and others who live there. They need a home environment that is peaceful and promotes relaxation in order to be happy. A home in upheaval will lead this individual to also be in upheaval. They are often highly attached to their family, or those they consider their family, and want a family of their own. Their sense of love is imprinted onto them depending on their childhood and how their family got along. With difficulties on the home front, the individual may have grown up with deep insecurity and lash out in ways that they and others don’t understand when it comes to their property, the way they do things, or who they love. They are fiercely protective over those they love and will stop at nothing to make sure no harm comes to them. They are nurturing and are skilled at making others feel at ease, safe, and secure. They need a lover that makes them feel the same way. They may be jealous at times if their partner doesn’t spend enough time with them. They need a lot of reassurance in love, and will offer their own to their partner, too. They enjoy cozy evenings in most often. Those with their Venus in the 4th house tend to be seen as able to be trusted. They are seen as reliable partners and extremely loving and caring towards those in their favor. These souls crave stability in their environment and just want to be surrounded by feelings of peace- their home is their escape, they need some sort one in order to recharge from the negativity of the world.

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