Venus in the 3rd house


Those born with their Venus, the planet of love, in the 3rd house are quite the lively bunch. They are happiest when engaged in conversation, discussing things they are interested in or are learning about, and immersing themselves in the variety of every day life. These people are mental lovers. They may fall in love with another’s intelligence or the way they communicate. They need a lover they can talk to, one that knows a little about everything. They tend to be attracted to the sign Gemini, no doubt, because Gemini rules the 3rd house, and like Gemini, they are infatuated with words and meanings. They may love literature or poetry, journalism or lyrics. They are definite analyzers and want to explore their lover’s mind forever. When they find out there’s nothing left to learn, they get antsy. They need a partner that is either constantly evolving, has a vivid imagination and thirst for knowledge, or they will move on to something new. There is of course a way to have a long term relationship with those with this placement, but they need to satisfy this Venus in some way, whether it’s through friends, career, or hobbies. They enjoy connecting with others and linking interests together. They grow excited easily when another favors the same things they do. They are big talkers, or writers, depending on how social they are. They tend to be somewhat flirty, using their intelligence to charm. These people would be well suited with a writer or a poet. Venus in the 3rd house natives can be somewhat mischievous at times and get bored easily. They need a lot of mental stimulation and without it, their mind wanders, which is where the mischievous attitude can come from. The most important thing for a Venus in the 3rd house to learn is to be honest with their words and intentions- just because you can get away with something doesn’t mean you should. Have good intent, love honestly and openly, and embrace who you are without hiding behind any masks. You are a charming, witty lover and will delight whoever you decide to love.

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