Venus in the 12th house


When your Venus, the planet of love, resides in your 12th house, the way you love is complicated. You are in the house of Pisces, the fish that swims deeper and deeper into the abyss looking to get nowhere at all. Just enjoying the ride. Appreciating the surroundings and enjoying the feelings. You love things that touch your soul. You are sensitive and compassionate when it comes to love. You are one of those partners that will sacrifice all of themselves to the person they love. This can go too far, however, and you must learn to set boundaries. When in love, you need to distinguish between yourself and your lover on a regular basis. It’s too easy to blend into them and leave out your own wants and needs. There comes an unconscious feeling of unworthiness that you need to come to terms with before being in a serious romantic relationship. You are worthy of love, you are worthy of devotion, and you should not settle for less than what makes you feel happy and content. 12th house Venus natives tend to settle and live out their love through fantasy rather than face the dull reality of it (if it is dull). They can easily get wrapped up in lost love or unrequited love or long-distance love. They are the poets, and even though some may not be gifted in this area, their emotions are poetic enough. They are highly romantic. They may have high ideals in love and feel like those ideals are never satisfied with reality. This can disappoint them often if they don’t get settled back into reality (though, depending on the sign it’s in, this can be intense or almost nonexistent). Venus in the 12th house has the ability to love everyone around with the utmost compassion. This is an evolved trait, though, and lower maturity levels can lead to more a love of addiction or chasing fantasies that will never come true. With a more evolved type, the feeling of unconditional love comes easy to them and they may even be able to feel the universe sending that love back towards them. Self love is the key to dealing with Venus in the 12th house, because though it’s easy to sacrifice yourself if you care little for yourself, you can do much more good by thriving, loving yourself, and loving others than draining yourself constantly to try and comfort others.  Those with this placement also may feel the need to repress their need for love since it can cause a lot of pain for them. This is the worst thing a Venus in the 12th house can do. It doesn’t just stunt their progress, but sends them backwards, and it’s a slow process of gaining that progress back. Once you repress your ability to love, it’s uncomfortable trying to open yourself up and become vulnerable again and people can go their whole lives avoiding that. Be open, love freely, love yourself.

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