Venus in the 11th house


Those who have their Venus, the planet of love, in the 11th house are blessed with adoring friendships. This is an important part of their lives and they need it in order to be happy. Regarding falling in love, a Venus in the 11th house will need to create a genuine and loving friendship. If the friendship isn’t thriving then the relationship will fade quickly. These people can fully love through their friendships and don’t need a partner to fulfill them, so any partner they do choose will be one that perfectly fits their criteria. They always look at the unique qualities of people and pick out those parts that they love best to focus on. They adore variety in their friendships and want to be able to have friends over a wide variety of areas. Love for their friends exceeds anything else and this might leave their partner feeling a little left out if they aren’t part of that ‘friends’ group. The fact of the matter is, Venus in the 11th house loves to bring people together. They are encouraged by group activities and want to make sure everyone, including themselves, is having a good time. Inspiration comes from connections with other people, and talking about common interests and finding similarities. These people tend to have many different groups of friends and get along well with all of them. They are a social chameleon in that sense- they can fit in well anywhere and are loved in a variety of different groups. They will feel they’ve fallen in love with someone who shares their same interests, has new and exciting things to add to the conversation, participates in their different groups of friends with ease, and believes in the same causes that they do. It’s easy for this person to fall out of love if interests shift, but to them, that’s okay, because people change and so can love. These are the most widely loving, and may be interested in multiple people at once depending on their signs and aspects. If all aspects point to, these people are high candidates for poly-amorous relationships and can thrive in them. These are the people that ‘marry their best friend’ or don’t marry at all hopping from one compatible relationship to the other. They are fun loving and share their love with anyone who shares it back and they’re favorite thing to do is spread good feelings throughout.  The 11th house rules Aquarius so these natives most likely have humanitarian values and are always bettering themselves in how they love.

5 thoughts on “Venus in the 11th house

  1. irene

    This reading was so accurate that for a nanosecond, I gasped! I had just made a fantastic professional connection for two people and I was thinking how thoroughly gratifying the experience. I was trying to think about the future and what would be the best way to continue more connections. Came up with the a blank for now but definitely hit on something great. I do have great live for my friends. Am,definitely not a romantic “hopper” but when I am in a love relationship I am the happiest. Good work, Vestalyn!,

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