Venus in the 1st house


Venus is the planet of beauty and love. Wherever it is placed in your chart tends to denote what you find attractive or what you truly love. Venus has different temperaments depending on the sign, house, and aspects.

Venus in the first house is a very fortunate aspect. The first house goes hand in hand with your ascendant. It is your personality, how others see you, who you are on a humanly level, your ego, etc. With Venus in your first house, love and beauty is prominent. You will have definite ideas about what you find beautiful. These are unique from person to person, but the commonality is that it’s important to you. You may care too much about how others see you. This can be remedied by learning how to love yourself, which should be easy when you try, since your Venus is in your house of self. There’s a fine line here between feeling not worthy enough and feeling that no one is worthy enough for you. This can denote a big ego, but that is with a lower evolved person. With a higher evolved Venus in the first house, the person will be very loving towards everyone they meet. They will be charming and exude a beautiful vibe that attracts people to them. Others tend to fall in love with this person easily because their Venus in the first house reflects the other person’s beliefs on love right back at them. It mostly has nothing to do with them, but their mirror others see them as is full of beauty. They are mostly physically beautiful, but if not, others still find them beautiful in their mannerisms or their personality. They tend to make an impression on others that isn’t easily forgotten. It can be difficult for a Venus in the first house that has a compassionate nature to let others down with ease because they want to be able to fulfill others wishes. Those who aren’t as concerned with others’ emotions take this to their advantage in not so nice ways. The maturity of the person affects this position A LOT. Ones with a lower maturity level will be self-centered, egotistical, selfish, and expect things to come to them easily without any effort. Ones with a higher maturity level will be a light unto others, showing them how to love themselves and how to see and appreciate the beauty around them. These people are truly inspirational when they let go of selfishness. They can be somewhat lazy at times or adamant in getting what they want . This is because they find it hard to be happy if things they feel are necessary aren’t met. This doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t do these things for themselves because they definitely will.  When in love, they are fully committed and adore making their lover happy. They can almost fuse into their lover and need to learn how to keep clear boundaries between their own personalities and their lover’s. They adore making others happy. Beauty, in any way, is appealing to them. Whether it is the arts, nature, emotion, physical, etc. They tend to be open and honest about how much they care for others and aren’t shy about expressing their love. Venus in the first house has some Aries influence, so their love may be quick reacting and quick receding. A Venus in Aries in the first would make this doubly true. In other signs, the Aries influence isn’t as strong, but still gives that gift of attracting others immediately with a sort of exciting innocence or upbeat determination.

Of course all of this varies depending on aspects and what signs their Venus is in, but overall, this is the influence. If you have this position let me know what resonates with you!

20 thoughts on “Venus in the 1st house

  1. SunSkat

    Dear Vestalyn, thank you for your post. I have Venus in Aries in my 1st House and everything you write is true! I have many good planet positions in my birthchart but I really love this one, because it is really ME. Since I was born, I am very lucky especially in Love, and I say Love in general with my family, partner, friends, neighbours, colleagues, people I meet, with opposite and same sex.

    I am Pisces rising Pisces (I know, uff!! a dreamer ;-)), but not a typical shy one. On the opposite, I am self assured, popular, loving, open-minded, attractive, flirty lol, and passionate. I think it is because of my Venus in Aries, and…because I have a strong First House, with Sun, Mercury and Venus in it. Obviously, having a strong First House doesn´t help me to be modest hahaha ;).

    I consider myself a true water sign, Pisces (sweet and kind) but I have Fire as well in my birth chart (50%). I try to keep the balance. Curiosly, I´am a strongly attracted to Scorpio and Leo men and it is mutual.

    Above all, I describe myself as a lively sensuous woman, I have: Venus sextile Mars, Venus trine Moon, Venus trine MC, Venus trine Neptune, Venus Square Jupiter (aggressive), Sun sextile Jupiter (Jupiter in Taurus in Second House), Uranus in Scorpio in Eight House, Black Moon in Taurus…and Venus in Aries First House!! ;-). Thank you very much and greetings from Germany!

    1. Terran

      I have Venus in the 1st House/Taurus Ascendant with Venus in Gemini. This is basically true and with Venus in the airy sign of Gemini, I’m artistic with words. I’m in awe of how true this is! Thanks for the post!

  2. Nicole

    I’ve been really confused latterly, i have venus at the end of the 12th house and is therefore interpreted in house 1st house.
    Im really confused shouldn’t it be something in between the 1st and 12th house together?

    1. I always interpret them both ways. I’d read about both houses with Venus in them. Some people tend to sway toward one house or the other, but it IS in the 12th. I mix them together, give interpretations of each separately, and let the person choose which they believe fits them the most. This can also sway as time goes on, either back and forth or to mix the energy together. It’s not a constant thing. I’d also look at your progressed Venus for more answers at how it manifests in your life currently.

  3. Lavanya Deogade

    I have venus in aries, & me dob is 3/3/1996. On reading this article, I come in the less evolved category since I have a big ego & consider no one worthy of me. I thoroughly dislike bothering people & I really find it difficult to stay cool & not let anything negative get displayed on my face when things don’t happen my way or as i desire. No one should keep the door open when I am visible to others from outside; everyone should keep their things at place after using;keep my things properly after using them;dust the bed before sleeping;clean the sofa because I don’t have place to sit & because you did this mess on the sofa;DO NOT WATCH THOSE DAILY SOAPS; cover the food, why are you so careless idiot?; etc. In short, I might not be ebla to control myself & start crying if things are not done well enough as I want.I actually order my family to do things properly(my way) beacuse I think that is best.I bath, come & open my cupboar & SIT infront of it ’cause I cannot stand that long will I decide what to wear!!! I literally thought a few times whether I’ll ever be able to pick something to wear (when I go out). This is on of the biggest dilemmas.There are many more things but my memory is weak. And not to forget, my TEMPER oh gosh. There are other astrological reasons behind my temper like 3rd of marchmakes me aggressive, I think my Pluto in 8th house makes me aggressive & this position of Venus too contributes I suspect. So that said, will I evolve my position with time? Oh & yes, I am a girl !! 😛 If you could tell me more about myself now that you know my dob, I’ll be thankful!!
    Thank you.

    1. Though I haven’t looked at your chart, the things you are describing sounds like a lot of energy not being directed toward something positive. It seems like the energy just bounces around, irritating you easily when things are out of place because it affects the beauty you see in the world. The answer to your question is what you make of it. It can be a yes or it can be a no. As you get older, I feel you will mellow out, but you’ll need to consciously work toward accepting your reality rather than needing it to be perfect. There is chaos inside of you, making you feel like you need to keep the outside pristine to avoid more chaos. Try meditation. Try getting a little dirty. Next time someone moves something out of place, shrug it off. Eventually it will become easier and you’ll see how pointless letting all that stress over such trivial things affect you. Much love, VestaLyn.

  4. Maggie

    I have Venus conjunct Jupiter and Saturn in First conjuncting my Ascendant. When I was younger, I was selfish and spoiled because everyone, almost, would immediately like me, I have delicate features, and I am a good talker (Merc trine Uranus/square Nep). But as I grew up and embraced God, like you said, I began to help people to see their unique beauty, and how to celebrate it. I enjoyed doing this as a teacher. Also, true for the laziness, but less for me because I have Saturn and Pluto in the 1st as well. Great writing.

  5. Hi I have Venus in 1st house with squares to Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and MC. It’s sextile Mercury, and conjunct to true node..the little horseshoe looking thing. I think that’s what its called. Pluto in 7th, I was jealous and controlling. I’ve never loved myself, despite having many attractive males interested in me. Some have even reacted to me in odd ways, ways they wouldn’t normally act. I’ve always ran away from relationships, sometimes literally lol. I am finally learning to love myself at age 45. I can relate to the boundaries thing….I want to eat my partner alive figuratively speaking lol….b/c I am so into them. When I love I love. Thank you much for the insightful read on Venus in first house. I’m an Aries with Venus in Aquarius.

  6. Kevo

    OUTSTANDING..I wanted more lol. As I read low Scott this placement, yes I have it, I begin to Instagrams myself more and how to embody this energy constructively.

  7. sunny

    Hey I’m sorry my comment might be very late, but if you can see this question in the cybernetic abyss, it will prove true that I can have immense dumb luck once in while lol. I have Venus in first house Gemini but my ascendant is Taurus, my Venus has a tight opposition to Pluto,trine to Uranus orb of 2 degrees. Pluto in my 7th house.Scary crazy! What does this all mean I can’t even put a pin on it. Am I light am I heavy, easy to get along or difficult. Ahhhhg. Wish my feeling would stay in one place

    1. I see it! Immense it is 🙂 I actually enjoy the energy play of planets in different signs that their house cusp rules. Though, it does make it a lot less straight forward. The opposition to Pluto will definitely add some ‘heaviness’ to the energy you give off but Gemini will still try to mask that heaviness, especially with a Taurus ascendant. You protect yourself and are cautious and I bet you sometimes express these feelings and then sometimes regret over-sharing. You feel Pluto, but might want to keep it more internalized. Trine to Uranus will let out that energy every once in awhile (hopefully in productive ways). Love is transformative for you, deeply, and will transform your very being and the ways you relate to others. Relationships won’t be light and fluffy most of the time, but it’s likely you’ll have many of them (or perhaps the Gemini manifests in a different way?) Either way, I wouldn’t say you’re difficult to get along with. To me, your Gemini and Taurus might rope people in and then they realize you’re a lot deeper and complicated than they imagined. Probably too late at that point and your Plutonian energy has already got ’em roped :p Much light to you

  8. Calla

    Hi Vesta Lyn,

    Thank you for this post. I have venus in aries, pisces and black moon lilith rising, and capricorn moon. I always wondered if I was emotionally unstable because all my interactions with lovers before I met my partner happened so fast. I’d pull them in then just disappear. I couldn’t understand why for a long time I’d been this way, uncaring about the emotions of the men I was with, and then I met my boyfriend who was the first person I didn’t want to run away from (back then). Now I greet every person I meet with so much love which is big learning process since sometimes I have a hard time differentiating my thoughts and emotions from someone else’s. My venus in aries does not seem to meld well with my capricorn moon though. I want the stability but my definition of love has changed and my body has been signaling to me that I am due for a transformation once again, perhaps the fire of aries is coming strong. It’s been a struggle this past year in relationship. My temper seems to erupt randomly and I’ve now begun to feel like a caged bird.

    1. I hope you find exactly what you are looking for Calla, life is about the journey, the experience is what teaches us about ourselves and what we truly need. Embrace the experiences and go with the flow all while adding to your knowledge of life and love.

  9. Elizabeth

    Venus 3 degrees from asc line, and her big daddy uranus 2 degrees behind her, scorpio ruling the house, also the moon is hanging out 3 degrees above my asc line…. Mars in leo 9th house squaring them all….
    5’7, 113 lbs, blue eyes blonde hair, dainty French features on tiny delicate bones… A mouth full of crooked off white teeth, that are breaking as I age, but I love them because they are authenticly mine… I love every hair on my body, and consider all of them sacred. I disdain conventional beauty, and much prefer timeless beauty…. It s more potent and powerful in my opinion, and I think stretch marks and cellulite are amazing. I love full figured women who know how to throw and move their weight (belly dancing!) “its easy for you to say!” is all I hear in response. As if that invalidates my perspective! I do have a tiny belly, but I guess it doesn’t count…. I abhor peoples attraction twards me for the most part, if it’s based solely on my physical appearance, and they WILL be sorely dissolutioned as I enforce the bitter reality of my true self… Unless they’re very old or very young, and then I delight in it. Im truly a spiritual eroticist, and if your self awareness is lacking, don’t even day dream about me. It irritates me. Nobody can seem to recognize my true beauty (my strength of psyche and spiritual perception, my ability to heal and adapt and an emotional inhibition which allows me to remain truly vulnerable, and present ) I can’t seem to find that three fold man I crave… I did reproduce and domesticate for a cazimi murcury on the 29 degree of the 3rd house… With a whammy of a neptune Saturn uranus conjunction in the 4th.. Mars in the seventh… Lord have mercy!

  10. Nicole Bohm

    great post thank you Vestalyn, I am 7degreees cancer rising, sun in Taurus, moon in scorpio but have Jupiter 26Degrees cancer in first house natal, with progressed venus and leo in first house
    What does this mean for me? are you able to guide me?

    1. Hello love, thanks for stopping by. I would say the universe has big plans for you in your current timeline if Venus is matching up with your natal Jupiter. Ride the wave, accept abundance into your life, as always, love on yourself and embrace newfound confidence. Not much else I can tell you without a full chart analysis but I can assure you many blessings are to be had.

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