The comet Chiron is one of my favorite parts of a chart. It represents the ‘wounded healer’. You will hear me say this a lot because it’s the perfect description, coined by Carl Jung (does anyone else have a huge crush on him?), for this aspect all wrapped up in two words. Chiron marks the spot that we have deep psychological wounding. It is the area that overwhelms us with pain that we can’t seem to move past. It is where we lack confidence or where we try to overcompensate to seem not as affected as we are by it. But, it is also the place that shows where our greatest insight comes from. It shows us our ability to heal others. Wherever Chiron is placed, this is where your greatest source of wisdom will come from and that wisdom is best used in helping others with the same problems you faced. You can easily help others overcome whatever area Chiron inhabits with your insights. This is the beauty of Chiron.

Chiron was a well respected and highly intelligent centaur in Greek mythology. He was looked at as a teacher and brought up many great minds as well as taught medicine and the art of healing. The story goes that he was accidentally shot with an arrow with Hydra’s poison on it, but since he was immortal, he couldn’t die and so suffered in agony. He could not heal himself though he was regarded as the greatest healer in the land. Irony, and also ego wounding, is found here. He went into his self-made exile and wandered the land until he came upon Prometheus. Prometheus, as you might know, was chained to a rock and forced to have a bird tear at his liver for eternity unless someone was willing to take his place. Chiron came upon him and took pity on him because of his own experience of agony and told him he would take his place so he could be freed. When this decision was made, Prometheus was freed from his chains and Chiron fell dead. He was then honored by the gods by placing him in the sky as the constellation Sagittarius.

Chiron had his own pain but decided to take on another’s because he was going through/had gone through the same thing. In doing this, he freed the other and himself from the pain. This is the theme of Chiron. We can heal these deep wounds by helping others heal their deep wounds.

Chiron’s placement in your chart is heavily reliant on the house. Whatever house it is positioned in will show where the theme plays out. The sign it is in deals more with the energy of the sign- so Aquarius would be intellect, community, friendships, emotional detachment, ya know, one of those things! The rest follow suit. Where it gets fun is the aspects:

Chiron conjunct a planet in your chart (or on an axis) will affect you strongly. It will be hand in hand with the planet at hand (ha) and must be taken as part of that planets growth. It marks difficulty, but also strength, regarding this planet. The planet and its ruler will also come into play. Chiron opposite a major planet is also important. It shows more difficulty than a conjunction but also more strength, just a rougher course of action and possible set backs or added trials in ones life.

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