Mars in our Natal charts

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. It is seen as a rusty red color, looking like a giant ball of blood. Volcanoes and valleys cover the surface. It has far reaching mountains and deep valleys cutting a deep gash in its side about a fifth of the size of the whole planet. This is all appropriate for what Mars symbolizes- the god of war!

In astrology, Mars is the warrior planet. It is the planet of action, and quick reaction. It is determination and motivation. It rules what riles us up, angers us, drives us. Mars is masculine in identity and rules our instincts and sexuality. Mars is usually ego-ruled. It goes along with the sun in this way, but it tends to be more selfish in its actions. It doesn’t like to let the moon have its say or Mercury pipe in, it prefers to act on its own accord and for its own accord. Mars is the warrior after all. He does the bidding of the ego and can even be slightly manipulative in of itself. This is not to say Mars is bad! Mars can be tamed, and needs to be tamed in order to integrate it healthily into our lives.

Many people don’t give Mars the credit it deserves in the makeup of our natal charts. When reading someone’s natal chart, I always take a quick peak at Mars and what house and sign it is in and if it is in conjunction with any other planets or asteroids. The sign it is in will show how one takes action in their every day lives. This is huge! We make decisions and take action every day. The house that it is in shows what part of the native’s life they are most focused on transforming or acting upon. With a repressed Mars, the house will show what one tries to avoid and has anger issues about. The house/sign can also show us a lot about what riles us up. For example, a person with their Mars in Cancer will feel quick aggression toward anything done or said negatively regarding their family or those they love and care about. Another example, someone with Mars in the 2nd house may aggressively react towards anyone trying to control their finances/possessions or even commenting on them.

Mars also rules our sexuality. It’s a huge part of our lives and must be explored and not repressed. I will do a separate post regarding Mars and sexuality at a different point in time since it is an important subject and one a lot of people are interested about.

Mars in Earth Signs

When your Mars is in Capricorn, Virgo, or Taurus you act with caution and precision. You are not very quick to anger. You may try to repress feelings of rage because you don’t believe you should be feeling them or expressing them but this must not be done. Do anything physical to release the aggression instead. You are quite sensual and practical. You are motivated through materialistic gain, physical gain, or gaining anything of value to you. You show your appreciation through giving people things they can use practically and enjoy receiving things of use. You are strong, determined, and earthy.

Mars in Fire Signs

If you were born with your Mars in Sagittarius, Aries, or Leo than you are spontaneous and quick reacting. You tend to act before you think. This may get you into trouble! You may have an explosive temper or feel offended quickly, but get over it just as quickly. You don’t like to be told what to do and barely have time to listen to someone tell you anyway. Experience is a must, but sometimes you don’t slow down to think about what you’ve learned. Make sure to self-reflect often and don’t put other people’s emotions to the side. You may be inspired often and love being active whether its in your mind or with your body.

Mars in Air Signs

If you were born with your Mars in Aquarius, Libra, or Gemini then you have a very active mind. You may over-analyze to the point of confusing yourself and then give up and just fling yourself into a situation. You must learn to balance your mind and not over think things. You have the ability to make rational choices. You enjoy mental stimulation, conversation, and connecting with others. You may try to rationalize everything but it’s important to realize that not everything can be rationalized. You are motivated by gaining insight and knowledge.

Mars in Water Signs

If you were born with your Mars in Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio than you are emotionally driven. You react emotionally to situations and find yourself becoming most aggressive when someone hurts your feelings. You are probably very creative and have sensitivity that allows you to know how to react to others on an emotional level. Your are motivated by being emotionally secure or helping others feel good emotionally depending on what kind of person you are. These natives tend to need more rest than other Mars signs and can be slightly introverted. It’s important to learn how to make yourself feel good rather than manipulating others into making you feel good.

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