Soul sorceress


I want to flood over everything in white blooded bliss, drowning the stains that had cast a fog over my heart. I have no use for them any longer. I am being born again, waiting for the gold to overtake my flesh and become my complete being. A beacon of pure light- transcending personal to the collective, being a healer and seer. A walker through illusions, and a mind who’s words can help others see. Everywhere I walk, I want to expose shadows to their masters. Expose masters to their shadows; let them know that they are one of the same and they don’t have to be afraid. My stars unveil the frustration through connecting completely myself, and I don’t have to peel my skin of it any longer. The journey, remember, is the whole meaning. Every step should be taken advantage of. No apologies for genuine emotion. No apologizes for lack of it. My true self, always. I will be the earth’s cataclysm, ripping faces off the disillusioned. Getting to the core of compassion and being nothing but. Being the warrior of truth. Excusing pain from ignorance, knowing that foe can’t break barriers through my loving third eye. This is the end of the past suffering and the beginning of freedom.

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