Putting it into words

If something can move faster than the speed of light it is non-local. It has no signal. It cannot be measured except in theory.

Consciousness is the entity of which we know. A change in consciousness is a new way in which we know something or see something. That means there is consciousness inside of consciousness, molecules must be within consciousness- in waves of possibility. Conscious choice can change possibility to actuality. Non-local communication proves there is a matrix in communication outside of space and time. We cannot measure it so it seemingly ‘doesn’t exist’, but, we know that it does.

The sound of one hand clapping- there is no sound until it interacts. There’s just possibility. The medium is consciousness, which chooses the possibilities, thinks them up and explores them. The observer is essential for considering the possibility, for actualizing these possibilities.

The process of looking creates the object and the subject.

Non-locality collapses with an observer.

Matter collapses without consciousness.

We create a web of consciousness that creates our world.

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