Pure happiness

The ether closed me in, as in the womb, and the panic I expected turned to comfort despite claustrophobic tendencies. It turned from caged closeness to flexible freedom. I became an innocent child wrapped in my mothers arms. I became the lone wolf, blanketed in the blood of the earth. I could escape my skin and return unscathed and unperturbed. It was all still sticking to my flesh as freshly as before. No cuts, no bruises, no sore legs from the wandering. Only my heart was beating faster than normal. I ran as I laid on the grass, through the wind and the passing bodies I roamed over in search of inspiration. I found it everywhere I touched. Without constraint the walls crumbled. I tunneled into the rubbish and chalked my energy with the remains, laughing as they clung to nothingness. They withered. They became dust. I covered my naked body in corpses of shredded fear. I danced until they shook off, hit the ground, and disappeared  They never existed in the first place. I laughed more and more. The light inside my chest exploded. They said my aura was light green/blue, and I could feel the presence of my true self glittering in their vision. My own vision became blurred. The tree branches begged for me to join them, the sun kissed my skin and warmed my face. I lifted myself up to the tops of their heads and became a single leaf. Browning at the ends and losing my strength, slipping slowly down, spiraling on the wind, gently resting on the ground and staring at the home I’d lived in forever. Decay came close but I left the leaf’s soul and entered into the lake as a drop of water, weaving stories of the way I had died. The veins I’d left behind sung out to me with a loving tune. I meshed with the other drops and turned them into blood, portraying their funneling of life within a creatures vessel. They liked that. I like it. The sun rose me from my wet abyss and I became a million misting gems. I fell upon my nose and jolted awake inside my body, awoke to the blinding rays. Laughter ensued, touching ensued, love ensued. I got up and walked on my feet…embracing the beauty and complicated existence of humanity, blowing kisses to the sun, the lake, the leaves, the trees, the dirt, the ground, and the nature surrounding me, eating me alive blissfully.

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